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  1. Julian H

    It does not say in the article, did they not ask for the food to be warmed up at the least? Microwave it or something? I know Disney did the right thing and evacuated the guests, but not to offer to re-heat/replace is a little off.

    You were expected to pay $55 per guest I think it is at least acceptable to have the food warmed up.

  2. Captain Mcobvious

    What a ridiculous article. “Guests told to evacuate, Food goes cold.”. Well no sh*+, Sherlock”.

  3. Julian H

    Loved your response Captain – Did make me laugh out loud.

    1. PAULA ALLISON Allison

      I would not have paid for that meal under any circumstances.( But I wouldn’t have ordered and eaten dessert either.)

      The meal was ruined. And while not the restaurants fault, the way it was handled afterwards, was.

      1. Julian H

        100% agree with you Paula

      2. Koz

        I feel like Disney would’ve offered compensation if people asked for it, most likely… but not everyone is so direct. It’s a shame that it wasn’t just flat out offered to everyone. That’s a really expensive meal and sometimes a pretty hard reservation to get.

  4. Kevin M Sharkey

    Going to WDW at the end of July with a family group of 12 with ages ranging from 1-76. I am expecting anything BUT a perfect magical time.

    1. Koz

      Oh man… good luck! Managing a group of four between 26 and 66 was a headache some of the time during our visit. I can’t imagine that. I hope everything goes as well as it can and that no major mishaps like this happen during your stay!

  5. Koriander

    The problem is the guest didn’t ask for compensation. Modern service industry takes an approach of if you don’t ask, you don’t receive. That’s just part of the “new norm” for a post-pandemic society.

    1. Koz

      While I absolutely agree with you, I do think Disney should’ve just offered it in this instance.
      That specific place is really popular and can be hard to get into, wait times are long and reservations aren’t always easy to get.
      That’s where kids get to meet Lilo and Stitch and it’s usually a big deal for families.
      Disney’s service usually goes above and beyond to make things happen without you having to stress or go out of your way to resolve something. It’s a real shame if that’s a pretty standard change now. :/

  6. MP

    Guests told to immediately evacuate expensive Disney meal? – so they were asked to throw up their meal? That is weird. 😉

  7. Walt's Ghost

    Service best practice would have been to proactively offer freshly made food, comped the meal, or both. Sadly, Disney has demonstrated recently that they have no ambitions of providing the best service.

    1. Koz

      Agreed. It’s been a while since I’ve stayed on property but while I have it’s been very smooth. Everything is handled with no extra effort or stress on your part, normally. Even getting an item sent back to me that I’d left behind was a surprise, they contacted me to double check if I’d left it behind and sent it out right away for free. It arrived very quickly too. It’s so relaxing when they proactively anticipate guests needs and take care of things without being asked. A while back this likely would’ve been comped with an offer for a priority reservation for somewhere else or their best efforts to get us back into the same place.

      If those days are long gone… I’m very sad. ):

  8. Tom

    I Worked on the permanently moored Queen Mary ship in Long Beach for 20 years. I worked in the most expensive restaurant there, Sir Winston’s. We had a stupid glitchy fire alarm system on the ship. A few times a year a false alarm would go off. I agree the guests should be offered new hot food. However it is an absolute nightmare for the servers and kitchen staff. Some people would just leave without paying. Often those at the desert stage or end of the meal. It was a real hardship for the staff and, exhausting. Most people made the best of it but, I always felt terrible for the guest celebration an occasion or just trying to have a nice dinner.

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