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remys ratatouille adventure

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  1. Walt

    It is a scam 100%. People will continue to pay so they’ll continue to collect the extra profit.

    1. Lisa

      You pay extra to get through 1 line faster and wait that much longer in all the other lines. Nobody is special just have the regular lines. It is more enjoyable for EVERYONE that way

      1. Emma

        Genie plus total waste of money can’t get lightning lanes for any new rides is disappointing 4 hour wait for ratatouille no thanks…save hard to come here from Scotland and have to say this time disney didn’t have the same feel everything way over priced more than 2 years ago and then paying extra for genie plus it’s crazy.

  2. Amie

    Hate, hate, hate the new system! We go to DW every year. Unfortunately this will be our last. Never seen wait times this bad even in higher crowds. Seems like it isn’t working very well. On the other hand it seems to be working much better in DL where you can ll one or hour compared to 1 per 2 hour increment. Might need to change coasts.

    1. Agreed. In busy summer 40 minute wait was unheard of (pre covid). Too many people. Used to go yearly and the crowds are like spring break with Jersey week and the cheerleader weeks all at once. Sorry Walt & Roy but it’s done. No more pixie dust. And meaness. Oh my people are out right terrible. Line jumping, rudeness.

    2. Emma

      Couldn’t agree more genie system total waste of time..we are here from Scotland totally disappointed with it all complete waste of money and lighting lane for Remy ratatouille ride couldn’t even get on then a 4 hour wait in standby no thank u

  3. Heather

    This is exactly what happened to us with Space Mountain AND Frozen. It was an absolute disaster. PLUS the people waiting in the standby line are tortured even more as they wait twice as long for them to get through a 40 minute lLL queue. It’s a mess – our whole trip at the beginning of the month was dealing with this / heads in the phone trying to get the LL organized / talking to cast members and guest services when they wouldn’t scan right for the whole party. The whole trip was such a disappointment . The magic is gone.

    1. We bought genie+ and used it for one ride. By the time we could book another one nothing decent was left. This system stinks! Bring back fastpass!!!

  4. Walt disny

    Disney us trash. Run by trash for trash people. Disney fans r the textbook idea of tr kidof people who ruining the world with thier handy jealousy and selfush ego driven behavior Disney fans r the worst kind of people cuz they al think they r special n deserve special treatment where ever they go mcds, wow, concerts, anytime thry think they r the only ones who matter SCUMBAGS!

    1. AH

      Hate destroys the hater and you are most assuredly a hater.

    2. Peter

      Let me get this straight: Chapek says people like the idea of paying to get to the front of the line as opposed to the old system when it was free. Hmmm, I’ll have to keep thinking about that!

    3. Willow

      You need to either learn to spell or proof read before hitting send. This is nonsensical

    4. Deb

      WOW I hope u feel better soon

    5. J

      So, you don’t like Disney and you say it is for trash people….. What the h… are you here for? Throw hate? Just go

  5. Joe Grimes

    Worst thing that ever happened to Disney! Don’t pay for something that you can’t utilize and they will have to change. It’s all about profit and they don’t care the guest don’t get to ride the rides as long as they can make money. $15pp is strap when you can only get one lightening line the whole day and that’s what’s been happening lately.

    1. Miguel De Jesus Jr

      All of it true and DL DOES NOT care. Save your money. I had six guest who got duped by Disney grreed.

    2. Drew

      You can ride a bunch using the new system but you have to strategize better unfortunately. Need to be up before 7 to book the most important rides that day. Then try to get to the park early and get on some rides with short waits while you wait to book another pass. Even if rides say they no longer have any passes left keep checking throughout the day because they’ll pop up with new times every once in a while. You also have to ride rides during peak eating times and shows to get the most done.

      1. KevinS

        People don’t actually want to work for anything. They want everything handed to them and then complain when it isn’t.

        1. Kimfl

          Isn’t the whole idea of a vacation, or a day in a theme park, to NOT have to work?

  6. I think a big issue here seems to be properly understanding what exactly you are buying. The misconception here seems to be that people think you are buying the ability to “skip the line”, when in reality you are buying the ability to skip the standby line – and thus giving you a shorter wait time. You will still have to wait.

    If you want to buy the rights to skip the line, you will need to book a VIP tour. Which may still have a bit of waiting due to ride closures.

  7. Doug

    Recently went to Disney World and was able to experience both sides of the Lightning Lane system. In my experience of it, it was poorly thought out and executed – for *everyone* in the park. Disney should just discontinue any paid use system like this, or at least pause until they can figure out how to keep rides from breaking down. They may also want to relabel to the Thunder Turd system as it takes a giant dump on the rest of park goers when big rides inevitably go down every couple hours. Disney should flush their Thunder Turd system and extra fees, bring back the Fast Pass system, and limit park entry levels to reflect reduced staffing. If they have to offer better wages to increase staffing, the recent record profits might be best used for that. Until they figure out how to keep rides operational, expect ride wait times to be 20-30 minutes longer than posted (at least in Hollywood Studios) as there will be floods of lightning lane users rushing to any option in the park when (not if) something like Rise of the Resistance goes down.

  8. Anthony

    Genie+ and individual Lightning lane grants you expedited entry compared to Stand By and they prioritize Lightning Lane when the line becomes impacted. There is a ratio that is followed. Also if the line is impacted they your Lightning lane pass will be honored when the line becomes less impacted regardless if your time has passed. Also individual Lightning lane purchases don’t restrict you from booing another Genie+ ride since it is separate.

    1. Chris Wood

      Again i don’t blame Disney for this, i blame the people who continue to pay these outrageous price tags to think they can skip the line. If the people don’t go to Disney and refuse to pay the price tag, then it will stop. Now all this can be avoided if we as consumers actually read what we are getting what we are paying for. I don’t think its a scam, people aren’t reading there contracts when they book these vacations. I learned the hard way last year, when I had to pay for an extra ticket to get into Halloween horror nights. Horror nights was separate from normal park hours and and cost extra. So people need to read the fine line of their contracts and see what they are buying

      1. Joe P.

        Hardly the case. I read the fine print, I knew what I was agreeing to & it doesn’t make it any less of a money-grabbing scam. It might be hard for you to believe, but park patrons looking to bypass long lines don’t have superiority complexes, or are just too lazy to read, we have young kids, or dining reservations to meet, or a set time to hit the road for the drive back from the park that day. There are a myriad of reasons why people are cornered into using the new G+ system & to suggest that the 10s, if not 100s of millions of annual guests across the Disney parks just need to coordinate and agree not to pay for an available option is just outrageously impractical.

      2. Pat

        Planning a trip this summer. Now concerned about using genie pass. It’s a long way to go not to get to ride the attractions. Really disappointing to pay pay extra for the rides that genie pass should include

  9. Josh

    When we went, we were curious how long we actually waited in line vs the advertised times and at Disney found that their times were almost always inflated quite a bit.
    Finally connected that high wait times make people more willing to pay for Disney Plus.

    1. Julian H

      This is so true Disney inflate their wait times I guess to trick you in to buy the rubbish Genie + system, they have been in the business for long enough they must know how long a queue is estimated to be give or take 20 mins, but they inflate them to get you to purchase something you do not need or want, that’s FRAUD and Disney should be ashamed. Replace Bob Chapek and his board, for goodness sake. The Trust is gone we see you Bob and Disney for sadly what you have become. Shameful.

  10. Drew

    Okay I’ve read a lot of your comments and although the new system has it’s issues, if used properly it can work really well. The new system is very similar to the Max Pass that Disneyland use to have that was $20 per person. It’s probably why it was easier for me to figure out and deal with than DW regulars who were used to a free system. Either way, when we were at Disney World a couple of weeks ago we used both the individual LL and regular LL at all 4 parks. Never waited more 35 minutes for anything and both times we waited that long was in Standby for Big Thunder late at night and Slinky dog first thing in the morning. If the ride is broken during your return time you can use that fast pass for any other ride, except individual lightning lanes, and then book another pass. Now for the individual ones if the lighting lane is really long because it was broken down you can just try at different times or contact a guest service person and see if they will refund your lightning lane pass. They did that for us when the Space Mountain lightning lane was really long. And since we had already been on it (got on right after it opened up again after being broken) and explained we didn’t want to wait that long for a paid ride she said she would refund us this one time. Unfortunately the new system requires a bit more strategy and research than in the past. But if used correctly it can definitely be worth it and will save lots of time. Keep in mind that even if the return line looks longer they will move that line at a faster rate than standby. Also you can book a new Genie every 2 hours after park opens or whenever you use the pass you currently have. Whichever comes first. It’s unfortunate the way it is but hopefully they work out the kinks and make it more like Max Pass.

  11. Joe P.

    Genie+ is 1000000000% a scam & the worst part about it is that Chapek & company can just look at numbers & make empty statements about how poplar it is even though most, if not all, par guests hate it.

  12. Don Lutz

    I paid for Genie+ for three days of my trip. And will never buy it again. Plus, my biannual trips to WDW are on hold because the parks are a nightmare.

    After paying for Genie+, I was able to use it on average ONCE per day.

    First, mea culpa. We are older guests and didn’t understand that to use Genie+, you had to get up at 6:30am in order to use it. We tend to enjoy the night entertainment, so 6:30 was near impossible. The only attractions I could get Genie+ for were late at night. Plus, we enjoy the WDW restaurants and available Genie+ reservations conflicted with those reservations. Even Lightning Lane were unavailable. Probably my fault again, as I purchased Park Hopper reservations as my girlfriend has never experienced Disney at night. So I lied a bit; Lightning Lane reservations were available. If I stayed in the park until near closing.

    As it ended up, I paid close to $500/day to go to ONE restaurant and ONE ride per park. I was very good at planning before the change (6-10 attractions & 2 table service reservations) but feel totally scammed by the new system. Disney’s corporate mission has changed for the worst. And I am a VERY long time Disney fan. My first visit was in California in 1964. My first trip to WDW was in 1972 (the year after it opened) and I’ve gone more than a dozen times; recently twice a year for 7-10 days per trip.

    Next year I’m going to the Caribbean instead.

  13. Missy

    Went to Disney 3 days last weekend..what a rip! Expensive tix that just went up again this week! Parking in every part same day $25 each park! Can of Pepsi & teeny bag of chips $9.00! Genie & lightening lanes we’re slower than regular lanes & rides broken, closed. Disney is now ripping guests off!!! May be outlast trip to MK, Epcot & Ak!

  14. S

    We were at Disney World Feb. 12-18 2022. We bought Genie+ and used it when possible but it was rarely possible. The rides we really wanted cost extra even if you have Genie+ and even then rides were broken down so much it was impossible to get on them. Twice we had to walk out of rides that broke while we were on them, several other times rides stopped working while on them and we sat until they came back on. The last two days so many rides were broken in multiple parks we left early.

  15. Nicole

    I can’t believe people keep falling for this idiotic scam,how about you pay one price at the gate and that’s it! No genie+ no lightning pass,no quick trips to the front of the line nothing this is just absurd

    The only reason you should be at the front of the line is if your handicapped. And yes it is idiotic because if you can pay more money just to get ahead of line SO IS EVERYONE ELSE! so you’re just out extra money and guess what they’re still a
    line. And if your kids have a hard time waiting in line maybe they shouldn’t go until they develop more patience. That’s just making wait times twice as long because we have two lines instead of just one.

  16. Alley

    The new system is TERRIBLE. It was a total waste of money and time. The system glitched nonstop. I will never ever waste my money on it again.

  17. Roosh

    We were recently there for a seven day trip and we came from California where Disneyland is our homebase. We have been annual passholders to Disneyland for years up until the last two years when Covid hit. We decided to try out Walt Disney World and as much as I love Disney and the magic it offers I felt none of that here. I paid for lightning passes for two days which cost me $80 per day and we only got lightning passes for three rides because everything else was taken. And this was even when I was online at 7:04 in the morning trying to get passes. We felt we had been cheated and when I contacted customer relations they said they could not reimburse me because technically I had gotten at least one lightning pass. Disney World has seemed to have lost its magic and become all about profit and making money which is sad. And not only that, but those who spend a fortune on these trips usually cannot afford the lightning passes and when we were there wait times were at least 90 to 100 minutes. Chapek is a criminal and has bragged on multiple occasions how people will continue to buy this fast pass and he doesn’t care about the legacy that Walt Disney was trying to leave. This trip was very disappointing I’m sorry to say we will probably never go back to Walt Disney World. These CEOs and people making a huge profit off Disney and its customers should remember what it feels like when you’re a kid walking into Disneyland or Disney World. It used to be all about the magic and the fun, not making as much money as you can while alienating those people that save up for years to take a trip to Disney. We all need to remember that Walt Disney created this place for everyone of all ages and for most of Us that grew up with Disneyland keep going back because of the way it made us feel. But if this continues, Disney will lose its most loyal fans eventually.

  18. Lucy Gojich

    I was furious last week to purchase Genie+ and was only able to use it for 2 rides. As the day goes on it becomes unavailable on most rides. There was no instruction on how to use it. If you pay for it, ask alot of questions! Will not do this again. Not sure I’ll return to a Disney park again either. Way too many people at times that there used to be no one there.

  19. Dr. Emmett Brown

    Paying high dollar $$$ to get into a Disney Park…check
    Paying high dollar $$$ to dine at slightly above average restaurants…check
    Paying high dollar $$$ to stay at average hotels…check
    Paying high dollar $$$ to watch Disney take away immersion, bloat park capacities, and shove ‘lightning lane’ privileges to wreck all guest experiences…check


    Do people really need guidance what they can do for vacationing around the world with their money? Great Scott!

  20. Mike

    Of course the lightning lane system is a scam. Let’s look at the original FREE system of ‘Fast Pass’, with that you would have to get a physical printed ticket and they had a LIMITED number for the the ride per hour so only so many could get onto the rides faster. Then there’s ‘Lightning Lanes’ a PAYING system where anyone can buy a virtual pass to skip the regular lines but the parks don’t limit the passes you’re gonna have lines longer than the regular lines

    1. Nicole

      They most certainly do limit the number of lightning lane passes. Time slots book quickly, so you can’t just walk off one ride and onto another. The next available lightning lane entry for any particular ride might be several hours out (or even fully booked for the day)

      1. Mike

        The limit I was talking about was how many people are getting the same timed passes versus the old limited number of fast pass tickets

  21. KevinS

    Unfortunately Rides break down. Sometimes it happens to popular rides. It’s not Genie+ fault and you didn’t get “scammed”. Chill out.

  22. Mel

    What I don’t get is why they changed the fast pass system. It worked great and if they were so worried about making more money they could’ve started charging guests for fast pass instead of overhauling the system.

  23. Krod Mandoon

    “My kids aren’t good with huge lines” implies that there are kids that are good with them, which I find very hard to believe

  24. ben dover

    Dummies keep paying for it.

  25. Laine

    I find Genie+ to be a very negative experience. I’ve tried it a few times, trying to give it a chance, and even had successful experiences with it, but to be frank, even the best experience I had was not significantly better than just standing in the standby line. I think the fundamental problem is that the money is just too attractive to the current leadership. If there were a reasonable cap on the number of Genie+ passes sold, the value of the pass would increase dramatically, since those who purchased would be able to get more rides. If that cap existed, the impact on the standby line would be much less intense. Throughout Covid, I saw people standing in lines for hours and not getting angry or frustrated, but as soon as they can see the lightning lane being emptied, only to allow just one party through the standby line, the tension just keeps rising and rising. I counted three rounds at Kilimanjaro Safaris, and the ratio was approximately 60 people from the lightning lane to 5 from the standby line until the lightning lane was empty, which didn’t happen much. I know this is an unpopular opinion, but if shorter waits need to be monetized, they need to be a heck of a lot more expensive to reduce their negative impact on the overall experience.

  26. Ramsey

    So my husband and I honeymooned at Disney for a week in Jan 2021 during the height of the pandemic. The decreased capacity was wonderful and we loved our time there. We just went back for our 1 year anniversary to Hollywood studios because we wanted to experience the Star Wars rides finally. We were there the entire day and were only able to get on 3 rides. It was so crowded and totally not worth it. We did purchase the genie however we’re severely disappointed. We checked the app in the am and some rides were unavailable and the only available time for the tower of terror was 2:30. So from 9am to 2:30 we could t use it any other time or risk losing our lightning lane for the TOT. It did only take us 20 mins to get on the ride where standby was almost 2 hours but was severely disappointed with only being able to schedule one at a time. Won’t buy it again.

  27. Sarah

    Used it at California Adventure and DLR this past weekend. It was worth every cent we paid for it. We were able to take advantage of much shorter lines and loved that Photo Pass is included. We had no issues at all!

  28. Alex G

    The way the system is designed makes it practically useless. With Genie+, you have a small chance to snag one spot on a busy ride if you are lucky at 7 am, and maybe one more spot on a less popular ride at 11 am. That’s it. Two hours later all lightning lane spots will be sold out. The only ones that might be left by then are for the rides that have 10 min standby, and shows.

    Individual lane passes might as well be unavailable for out of park guests, because by the time they can start booking at 9, all lane passes that matter (Flight of Passage, Rise of Resistance) will be sold out to resort guests who can book at 7.

  29. Craig

    We got Genie+ for 4 days the week of the 14th of February, 2022. What a royal pita. Every single day it said my wife didn’t have Genie+ on her account and every single day we had to waste our valuable time in line at Guest Services while they scratched their heads and had to call tech support. Then we park hopped and broke it again. Definitely not working yet. Oh and our dining reservations never worked on the regular genie system either. Give it a few years before you go.

    1. Craig

      P.S. This trip was to WDW.

  30. Jay Nielsen

    Nice try, Mickey. 😂

  31. Heidi

    I never felt so ripped off at Disney as the last time we went. My did the Genie+, AND purchased those stupid STUPID lightning lane tickets, because otherwise, the line was SUPER long; HOWEVER, the lightning lane was a very long wait as well!!! I HATE THIS NEW SYSTEM!!! We have been making regular trips to WDW almost every year…. But after this, (and overpriced food that is sub-par quality and on top of that, smaller portions!!!) we BOTH decided that we are going to give WDW just one more chance…. If it is tacky and overpriced and cheap food again, we are going to just go to the local theme park instead here in Minnesota; there is now basically no difference.. It has lost its “magic” for us- the grounds were littered, some staff were short with me (REALLY?!?) and we just plainly weren’t able to get that Disney giddy feeling that you all know what I’m talking about…SAD!!!!!

  32. Suzanne Swabowicz

    Back after NH Feb vacation. Spent extra money on the new fast pass system. Truly a scam for more money.
    Once you got the first ride all others were taken and only rides with small wait times were available. Hardly did any rides. In the past this never happened.
    After attending with grandkids almost every year for 20 years. We are done. Complained to Disney world. No response
    Over priced for everything.

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