Comments for ‘Star Wars’ Fans Rejoice Over Gina Carano’s Potential Cara Dune Replacement

Gina Carano as Cara Dune in 'The Mandalorian' (L) / Janina Gavankar (R)

Credit: Lucasfilm (L) / Janina Gavankar Instagram (R)


  1. JAY

    So they want to replace an Alderaanian freedom fighter with an Imperial lackey who more repeats their bigotry. Sound about right for Lucasfilm these days. They’re so out of touch, they don’t realize that they’re the badguys.

    1. Wayne


    2. Ryan

      Who the character is is completely irrelevant. And Lucasfilm aren’t bad guys for firing someone who repeatedly went against the word of her employers. Welcome to capitalism where companies have the right to fire their workers.

      1. Alex

        Piss off hypocrite. Other across voiced their political beliefs and don’t get fired. Heck Pedro made comparisons to the Holocaust same as she did. This is political censorship plain and simple. You like it now but once you give them enough power they’re gonna censor you too.

        1. Lefty

          How is it censorship when Disney isn’t a public company? Gina has always been (and STILL is free to say what she wants.

          1. Tom

            Appropriately named for an idiot boy.

      2. Dragon

        She didn’t say a damn thing wrong. She spoke out against fascism. Pedro compared illegals being treated as illegals should to concentration camps. He should have been fired if that was the standard. Leftists are brainless hypocrites filled with hate. Get woke go broke. Screw Disney and Kathleen “Lucas Hater” Kennedy.

        1. Lj

          Doesnt matter what anyone thinks as she has been rehired and will be back in the ashoka series and she will be in mando season 4.

        2. Yasmar Notlob

          “Go woke go broke”…
          uh I’ll be waiting for the news on Disney going broke…

      3. Backcountry164

        Having the right doesn’t automatically make it right… duh

        1. Lefty

          You are free to leave

          1. Ke

            Sad that companies fire people for political reasons. Disney has that right, but now we know why most viewers pirate the movies and shows.

            1. Tom

              They Fired her for being STRAIGHT!
              Let that Soak in for minute!!!
              Disney of Permanently Off Limits in my house!

      4. nunyabusiness

        So I take it you’re just fine with Spotify keeping on Joe Rogan then?

    3. Alex

      We need to all vote with our wallets and cancel Disney +. I already did. Hurt them in their wallets until they realize that most Americans aren’t onboard with this PC garbage and that if they try to please this loud minority then the loud minority are the ONLU viewership they’re gonna get.

      1. Lefty

        How many years has it been since you all said you will cancel Disney? How is it working out for you?

      2. Yasmar Notlob

        You believe that you are somehow a majority… Lol. Majority of the world has more pressing concerns right now than about who is getting ‘cancelled’ and who isn’t. Though I agree with your principle in cancelling your Disney subscription.. hopefully you will get to see the impact you make on their bottom line…

    4. Wing

      Indeed they are

    5. Lefty

      You are free to leave. Maybe you can buy out Disney because thats the ONLY way you will get Gina back.

  2. Julian H

    Loved Gina Carano’s as Cara Dune. Still wished they would bring her back. I am open minded for her replacement and open to see how that goes. But for me Gina will always be Cara Dune.

    1. Wayne


  3. MaybeDoneWithDisney

    I signed up for Disney+ based on rumors that Gina might be coming back. They recast that role, and I’m done with Disney, Lucasfilm and everything related.

    I was a fan of Gina’s before The Mandalorian, Gina being there was icing on the cake.

    No interest at all in her so-called replacement, and in fact, after reading this, I am not sure I even want to keep my Disney+ subscription.

    1. Wayne


    2. Ryan

      What made you think that she was ever going to come back? Do you not know what the verb “fire” means? It means that her work with Disney was terminated, of course she wasn’t going to come back which you would realize if you clearly didn’t get your sources from Mike Zeroh and Doomc*ck.

    3. Lefty

      I’m sure Disney will miss you

    4. Yasmar Notlob

      This isn’t an airport, no need to announce your departure 🙂

  4. Jake P

    Yeah I call bull whenever I read “fans” bc nobody wants this. Just using the word fans to legitimize utter nonsense.

    1. MaybeDoneWithDisney

      I was questioning the “fans” thing myself, but it still peepee’d me off.

      You’re right.

      1. Scott

        The “fans” want Gina! No one else!!

        1. Wayne


        2. M

          Exactly I mean weren’t these the same “fans” who wanted Rosario Dawson gone from the role of Ahsoka Tano too? And not for nothing but I firmly believe Dawson did tremendous as Ahsoka in the Mandalorian season 2 if you don’t think so that is fine. Just trying to maintain a civil standpoint, gotta ourselves separate from people like this Ryan fellow

          1. That’s really stupid and probably racist if they wanted Dawson gone. She did a great job!

        3. Lefty

          What have you thought of her other projects since the Mandalorian?

    2. Ryan

      Maybe if you left the internet and experienced the real world, you would realize just how little fans meet your criteria of a fan. Most people who actually know Gina’s takes and know why she was fired are perfectly ok with her being fired.

      1. You being a member of the “most people” the brainless folks who lash out about every little thing. You don’t know Gina. She’s a wonderful person. You just need somebody to hate.

        1. Lefty

          Im sure YOU don’t have a need to hate the “brainless most people”. Gina is gone. Its been 3 years. Deal with it.

      2. David

        Pedro called the migrant facilities concentration camps and got away with it. Dont be a hypocrite. Demand Pedro be fired too.

    3. Stirling

      This fan didn’t want Gina fired in the first place.

  5. Bob

    The ignorant morons who sacked Gina shot themselves in the foot. Who are these idiots? Everyone misses Gina.

    1. Ryan

      Citation needed because as far as I’m concerned firing someone as stupid and dense as Gina Carano is actually helping Disney in the long run and no amount of stupid Gina quotes on High Republic YouTube videos is ever going to change that.

    2. Luke

      KK had a hand in it. She saw Cara Dune as a threat

  6. Namster

    Not at all.

  7. Wing Z

    Every time I see this article I always question the validity of these “fans”. Were these the same “fans” who wanted Carano out? How do we know these same “fans” won’t turn on this replacement too in case she says something they don’t like? Gina will always be Cara Dune to me

    1. Luke

      “Fans”; Code for the SJW/Cancel Culture mob

  8. I love Gina Carano, she shouldn’t have been fired. You can’t voice your political views or do anything these days, they just want you to be a damn robot. Smh

  9. Oz

    The other person is not a the level of Carano.

    1. mike

      ignorance must be bliss… this is insane. of course disney should have dumped her… after her insane spouting.

    2. S

      No she is not, heck it’s only a matter of time before this “replacement” says something that they won’t like and will want her out too. No one should be losing anything over a lousy difference of opinion.

  10. Alexandra Mesghina

    Maybe crazy thought, rehire Gina and have a new rule that no one can spout political opinions on either side. Disney is already accused of having a political bias based on how Whoopi Goldberg was treated and James Gunn making pedophile jokes then still coming back after Roseanne got fired. Here is their chance in showing people they aren’t the hypocrites they truly are.

    1. Wing Z

      That’s actually a pretty good thought not crazy one. The thing is the higher-ups are too stupid to consider it. Chapek already failed when he allegedly renewed Kennedy’s contract

  11. Mike

    Gina Carano kicks ass !!!! No Replacement needed .

  12. Flovejoy

    Lmao this is a rumor at best and an attempt to make fans ok with it at worst.

    3k updates on some random reddit post is NOTHING compared the the hundreds of thousands that canceled their Disney+ accounts.

    Even of the 35 posts on here maybe a handful ACTUALLY liked it. The majority thinks it’s idiotic.

  13. Azagthoth

    This is so ridiculous,she should not have been fired for what she said, or f anything she says on social media. She is actress not someone runing for office ,though if she was then lying,cheating ,is all perfectly acceptable. she said nothing bad she mearly compaired the treatment of republicans to the treatment of another group of people who have been misstreated. actors should not be fired for anything they say on social media unless they reveal secrets or other secrets pertaining to a job they are on or wrongly defaming their employer.

  14. Matt

    “fans” only trash thinks that Gina’s comments which amounted to “don’t demonize your neighbors” was worthy of he getting fired.

  15. Lefty

    Fact: You all will still be front and center with or without Gina.

  16. Jason

    What fan is rejoicing? Ridiculous puff piece. If The character is recast, I walk.

  17. dragontrumpetare

    Disney is just great these days. If They put in another character isn’t going to let us miss Ginas character less. Seems like Star wars isn’t for every one anymore. Because Sydney didn’t seem to want there old fans.

  18. Jason

    Disney should bring back Gina along with a huge apology for being a bunch of hypocrites.

  19. Jason n

    I’m ok with bringing in versio, imperial turned rebel is a good story to tell, something they really messed up with Finn. But no one will ever replace Gina Carano. The fact that Pedro still has a job, and whoopie only got slapped with a suspension just shows they had something personal against her. Disney just wants mindless robots and not people to think for themselves. Believe me I worked at Disney world for 10 years so I know all about that.

    1. Luke

      How come they fire Pascal? His rants was just as crazy. Oh that right he a liberal.Rules for thee but not for me

  20. Ron

    Who exactly is “rejoicing”?

  21. Crash_Test_Dhimmi

    Disney does not listen to their fans, it is obvious to anyone paying attention to their disasters. The corporate boards have cut anything magical out of Star wars.

    Gina is the only Cars Dune. The firing of Gina, the disaster of Book of Boba Fett, the disaster of anything Kathleen Kennedy touches, has removed Star Wars from anything I care to watch. Enjoy your corporate content, and ‘zoomers on scooter’s, holy fcuk that was bad.

  22. Drew

    I don’t really understand why people are so confused about WHY Gina was fired. It wasn’t because of her beliefs. It wasn’t a political attack. It wasn’t because Dis are hypocritical. Gina was fired because when her EMPLOYER told her to stop doing something she not only didn’t she double downed and did it more. All of these other examples people keep posting of people who kept their jobs after creating bad PR by posting something controversial either apologized and if not at LEAST stopped. No employee in the country would someone be able to do something their employer asked them not to and continue to keep their job (including you reading this). It’s really quite simple.

  23. Solo Bacca

    We are not rejoicing. Anyone other than Gina is a massive disappointment.

  24. H

    What I see here, is a lot of ignorant fools. Disney is hypocritical and arrogant. When Carano made that comparison they literally proved her point. A point that still being proved today. They say Disney listen to its “fans” well I’m inclined to agree. they only listen to the “fans” on Twitter who do nothing but hate. Certainly this fan didn’t want Carano gone, cuz this fan understood what she said. And like the other guy said these so-called “fans” might turn on this “replacement” as soon she does or says something that they don’t like

    1. Luke

      These so called fans arent watching or supporting SW. Disney is just bowing down to the narrative

  25. Claymore

    Iden Versio is an awesome character. More badass than Cara Dune. I hope she joins the Mandalorian.

  26. Ke

    Sad that companies fire people for political reasons. Disney has that right, but now we know why most viewers pirate the movies and shows.

    1. NW

      They may have that right but they were wrong for doing it. No need to give the two-faced rat a cent, they’ve already made it clear that they don’t need my money

  27. MaraJade

    They shouldn’t replace her, they should have just kept her. Do I agree with her stance? No. But she’s still a good actress and she was Cara in the show.

  28. Claudia

    Laughable paid propaganda …..haven’t turned back on since and don’t miss out facsists

  29. L

    And pray tell who are these “fans”? Might they be the cancel mob who deluded themselves be virtuous and tolerant? What’s the stop one of these “fans” digging through this replacements past tweets and reposting something they see “offensive” getting her fired? Ultimately destroying her life and her career we’ve seen it happen before

  30. Jamie Coughlin

    That isn’t a replacement, they are not going to recast Cara Dune. It’s just another character and as someone pointed out below, a rather odd one since she was an Imp. And I’m sure there are a few fans that do like the idea but not the majority.

  31. Sean

    Boooooo total fail.

  32. Johnny Bewdaa

    Fans rejoice?
    Sure we’re SOO HAPPY Gina Carrano was fired and canceled. That’s how Star Wars fans roll…

  33. Patriot

    Gina Carano is just another fascist, terrorist supporting POS who’s anti-science and anti-democracy, and helps perpetuate a horrific pandemic, along with racism, bigotry, and violence. ANYONE who supports traitor trump deserves to be fired from whatever job they have. Deplorable animals. Her acting was utter crap anyways. Good riddance.

    1. Tom

      Wow! Another “Trigger’d” Gay Boy ….

      There is NOTHING Special about you boy …
      except the short Bus you Rode to school.

  34. Tom

    Ha Ha Ha DISNEY & Star Whines Lost me and My Family when they Fired Gina 100% because they Loathe anyone with a Conservative View on any issue.
    It’s all part of the DISNEY/Gay Push that’s been prevalent for 30 years at the House of Ouch! Ha Ha Ha

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