Comments for Fans Speculate Beloved Extinct Universal Attraction Will Return in a New Format

Credit: Universal


  1. Racky Duke

    Sounds Great !

  2. christopher newberger

    As long as they don’t go the way of screens for the ride, like fast and furious, Jimmy fallon and king kong

    I want to actually ride the movie not just a screened motion simulation.

    Please take it back to ride systems like king Kong and jaws and even et, a true immersive experience, please don’t mess this up if you bring bttf back

  3. CJ

    Back to the Future is still strong intellectual property that Universal needs to take advantage of …. they can do a Maze for Halloween, then incorporate a Dark Ride into their brand new 3rd Them Park under construction … I am with everyone that misses the IMAX style simulator (and you can thank the late great Douglas Trumble for those types of Attractions) and prefer state-of-the-art audio animatronics vs digital screens.

    1. Michael

      Just go spider man ride route for back to the future

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