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Universal Orlando Islands of Adventure

Credit: Universal


  1. Harrison Edinger

    Hard to believe that the Caro-Seuss-el is still down. Great attraction for children. Wondering if parts needed for repair are difficult to obtain. Perhaps the attraction is being redesigned or configured.
    Hopefully it will soon reopen!

    1. Bryan

      What happened it that while they were refurbishing it, part of the roof broke, so they now have to fix that

      1. Bryan

        By it I mean is

  2. Emily

    You do realize that you are just restating the attractions that pretty much everyone knows is already down for refurbishment or is permanently closed, already from like a year or so ago? And the title of your article is very missed leading.

  3. Kendra

    Someone seriously needs to change the title of this article. Had a great stopping moment when I thought “every Universal attraction” was closing in March…

  4. Rcj

    Wow what a huge mistake changing the MUMMY!! People travel near and far to experience that attraction. Clearly Universal is not really in tune with what the people enjoy !

  5. Wow! Universal! You mismanaged the timing. The world be in CONVID-19 pandemic over 2 years plus and park was closed some and had limited visitors why wasn’t this taking care then. My be question is that will the prices go down. Management did bad job within situation. So to all the travelers beware of limited rides at Universal Studios Orlando, Florida.

  6. Robbie K

    Park figured out it can sell more express passes if they create more demand by limiting supply. Horribly expensive, but if you only have a day to ride rides then pick your 3 or pay up!

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