Comments for Marvel Star Canceled: Defends Canadian Trucker Protest, Blasts Trudeau

Evangeline Lilly as the Wasp (left) and Paul Rudd as Ant Man (right)

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. I love Disney

    “Every Marvel fan and actress is entitled to their own opinion, but the world of social media is a dangerous place to share your personal views and beliefs.” Exactly. There is no such thing as freedom of speech. One must always state the popular opinion and obfuscate the truth to promote one’s own status. Do not tell the unpopular truth – people don’t want it and don’t deserve it. Smart people know how to play the mob.

    1. Daniel

      Telling an ‘unpopular truth’s is NOT equal to spouting utter garbage and misinformation about a GLOBAL PANDEMIC that’s killed MILLIONS of people.

      1. GamerNerdess

        Lmmfao Millions? Might want to read the CDC website, sheep. Only a few hundred thousand have died OF covid. The rest have died WITH covid.

        1. Kay

          Yeah because Covid caused their organs to fail and their heart attacks and strokes. Millions have died around the world and about 1 million have died in the US. You go off about sheep, yet spout off the same drivel as others with your belief system. No facts to back yourself up. Covid causes pneumonia which the people then die of days, weeks, or months later, you moron.

          1. Sue

            Go back to the CDC. 96% of the desthsxall hadothet underlying conditions that they would have died of anyway. There is a huge difference between dying from Covid and dying with covid. This is not a pandemic.

            1. Walt

              Yes like my friend Rosa who had cancer for the third time and refused treatment again and at the end contracted covid – guess what the official cause was- COVID. When families get $8,000 for a death IF its listed as covid, if hospitals get bushels of money for listing deaths as covid what do you think will happen. Isolated case? How many more examples that I know of would you like to hear? Yes its a disease but it was WA overblown – for reasons I beleive but will not get into here.

          2. Kevin M Sharkey

            You obviously do not know what a ‘comorbidity’ is Kay. Look it up sometime.

          3. Jeremiah

            The heart attacks and strokes and blood clots and many, many other health issues are being caused BY the Vaccine.

        2. Daniel

          Gamer. Millions have died due to complications from Covid, just as people die from the Flu. It affects the respiratory system. I am overweight and only one kidney with hypertension since I was a baby. I am someone who grew up around medicine and to those who dislike the mask mandates. Tough. Anyone who has worked or functioned in the medical profession knows that it helps prevent infection. I still have to wear a mask working on a computer at a center to answer banking and credit card issues. Wear a mask eight hours except for lunch if you are eating. The nurses and hospital staff have to much longer then I do.

        3. Chris

          Actually, it has killed 6 million people worldwide and the number is actually thought to be around 18 million. Your comment of WITH covid is just plain ignorant. If they did got get covid then they would still be alive.

      2. Es

        Part of what is wrong with society today , The juvenile inability for people to not have the ability to listen to an opposing viewpoint .

    2. Ro

      Freedom of speech is a privilege of the left only.
      Fascism 101.

      1. Jeremiah


  2. George

    That was a brave act! Glad she is sharing a message of truth and standing up tyranny!

    1. Joem

      When Trump was president people like you always claimed that Hollywood stars should keep their liberal mouths shut when it came to politics. Now you think a Hollywood star is brave. Which is it going to be?

      1. Troll

        Blah blah blah go to your cry corner soy boy

        1. Brad

          Very proud of her standing up for freedom and realizing she is still free! It’s a shame more celebrities are to afraid to do it!

      2. Jeremiah

        I and millions of other Americans have always said it is freedom of speech, and that the Constitution does not ever remove those rights from anyone, regardless of their job/profession, ethnic background, etc. We are ALL covered by the Constitution.

    2. Troll

      Same here

    3. peterparker

      EL is a class act in all of what she does. Nothing but respect for her people-centered empathetic view and her acting ability.

  3. It’s a sad world we live in when people aren’t allowed to speak thier minds or people are afraid to open thier mouths because they are afraid of being cancelled. I don’t care which way you lean but no one has the right to tell anyone they can’t have free speech and all these people that use cancel culture as a weapon don’t realive that only divides this country more & more. Just look at Berkley College, the place that fought for free speech way back now fights to silence the students that have a different opinion and use rioting and violance. and all the elites that use cancel culture and try to destroy others lives well I don’t give them a penny of my money anymore, I don’t go to the movies I don’t watch football or basketball anymore I don’t buy from certain stores anymore, I have chosen the side of freedom just as many Americans have

    1. kay

      They MEAN to divide us. This is a planned strategy of the liberal socialists that have stolen our government. Our only weapon is the polling place. This November we will decide to fight for our constitutional freedoms, or lose them forever. Vote as if your life depends on it.

      1. Daniel

        You conservatives snowflakes with your DOOM and GLOOM fear mongering about Socialist agendas are HILARIOUS…LOL

        1. Free Thinker

          You sound like a typical short sighted liberal. Stop the trucks, put ’em in jail… Take their money. Then in a short time you’ll be crying about starving and not being able to get what you want because no drivers/trucks. Then you’ll cry about how the conservatives/truck drivers have screwed YOU and the rest of your idiotic thinking cronies by sitting at home without their trucks or in jail. The best thing that could happen is to split this country in half. Let you and the rest of the lefties have your country of lawlessness and government teat sucking and the rest of us in ours… See how long before you want to jump the fence.

          What an ignorant buffoon.

          1. TJ

            God bless you for this comment. These SJW internet warriors, who support socialism or worse, should be given the entire northeast and California, where they can continue to curse the name of Trump with impunity as they look upon row after row of empty supermarket shelves… And before any SJW attempts to “cancel” me, I am a “POC”, so that would make you a racist by your own logic.

      2. Kay

        Yes our lives depend upon Republicans losing until they regain their sanity. I’m still a registered Republican, but am voting independent from now on. Conservatives have lost their damn minds the last 14 years. Enough is enough. Now you put our health and lives in jeopardy.

  4. Robert

    No one who speaks the truth should be afraid of the leftist idiots who have their SJW pussarmy rant and rave on their behalf.
    I will make an extra effort to support people like her every chance i get.

    1. Daniel

      Good for you. Send her all your money, bub…lmfao

  5. Swesal

    I consider myself liberal or left of center but when I see what’s going on with the whole SJW thing….. I just think to myself “I’m definitely not what those guys”. They literally make me support whoever they aren’t supporting.

    1. James A Simpson Jr

      Very well spoken Ms. Lilly. I genuinely pray in Jesus’ name that your words will be well received and pondered by all who will listen with an open heart. Thank you for speaking to this grievous situation.

    2. Daniel

      Spare us the LIES that you’re leftist, Neo-Liberal Fascist…lol

      1. GamerNerdess

        Says the censoring, anti freedom communist.

  6. Lee

    Umm…and who decides to “cancel” her? Please…you don’t like someone’s opinion so you throw a tantrum and say “cancelled”! Grow up

    1. Chris

      Agreed. Adults should realize just as I tell my children, there are consequences, good or bad, with every decision that is made. So they’re allowed to speak their mind, but we’re not allowed to feel the way we feel???

  7. Lee

    Btw…Trudeau is an idiot! Don’t mess with someone’s hard earned cash!

  8. Billie

    Well spoken! The truckers, some from other repressive countries, decided to risk a lot and stand up for the freedom to decide what is best for themselves and their families. How refreshing that a well known person, such as Lilly, is willing to take a stand on their behalf! Why is it controversial to voice your own opinion? I say thank you and stay free!

    1. Joem

      Back when Trump was president people like you always claimed that Hollywood stars should keep their liberal mouths shut when it came to politics. Now you think a Hollywood star is brave. Which is it going to be?

      1. You’re repeating yourself – Evangeline has freedom of speech or SHOULD have – you SJW snowflakes think you have the right to cancel anyone who doesn’t agree with you… grow the hell up!

      2. Mike

        No one “cancelled” them, did they?

      3. Patrick

        What a stupid question to ask

  9. I agree and support with Evangeline. The statement/quote “if you don’t stand for something, you will for anything “. Our worlds biggest crisis is racism, Please cancel this instead!

  10. Jamie Coughlin

    I am so sick of SJWs and their cancel culture. I wonder how many of them even work in the real world. They spout off anything they want but if someone disagrees with them CANCEL them! I’m sorry, who put them in charge of anything? I used to be slightly liberal and now suddenly I’m a conservative. I didn’t change, the line did. I’m glad people like Evangeline and Gina Carano and well there must be a few more, dare to think for themselves and are not afraid to state their opinion. After it’s just an opinion and we all have a right to one.

    1. Daniel

      Says the clown who likely cancelled Nike over Colin Kaepernick, or Mr. Potato Head, or Sesame Street, or a million other things.


      1. GamerNerdess

        Liberals invented cancel culture you mentally ill communist. You freak out over food logos. Even though eradicating African Americans and other minorities from representation is racist as hell. Something you liberals did.

        1. TJ

          Twitter is not a real place, as Dave Chappelle said, and these leftist nitwits carrying on here SURELY spend hours every day in that unreal place, spewing their nonsense to similarly uninformed, if not willfully ignorant, SJW dimwits. How many years since Trump left office? Yet they still blame him for a rainy day. Who’s been in charge of cities where people are getting shot to death in the dozen or hundreds year after year? Yet they claim Republicans advocate racist policies. THE LEFT IS WHAT THEY CLAIM THE RIGHT TO BE.

  11. Katrina Dymond

    Makes me like her even more. We used to be able to have conversations with people. Now if you are not part of the “woke” group or don’t just blindly follow your government, you must be cancelled or silenced. The government is in Canada is saying “screw your rights and freedoms, screw the constitution”. Everyone is born free. We all must stand up to tyrants.

  12. Brian

    Wanting someone to lose their job because they don’t have the same political beliefs is you is ridiculous. Cancel culture is ridiculous. If everyone who didn’t believe the same as me got fired, we would have 50% unemployment. Why can’t we live in some sort of Harmony while still having different views on different issues?

  13. James Wright

    Sorry she’s doing the right thing. Standing up for human right. You can’t ask anything better than that. All the comments and reply from people on Twitter are just sheep listening to the twisted world of mainstream media. One day everyone will wake up.

  14. Jrad

    She seems a bit LOST

  15. Mike

    Just another in the endless list of examples of The Left’s tolerance for opposing views, their live and let live ideology, and their strong desire for unity and compassion. NOT. The Democrat Party’s mascot should no longer be a donkey. It should be replaced by a bulldozer to reflect the party’s attitude towards dissenting voices.

    1. Mike

      A different Mike. Actually an A$$ is the perfect representation.

    2. Daniel

      Says the clown cancelling Nike over Colin Kaepernick who doesn’t have a CLUE what the Paradox of Tolerance is…LOL

  16. MSF Playa

    THIS ISN’T A STORY. It is sad that cutting and pasting Twitter reactions. which are, of course, all over the place, is passing for information. No one is “cancelling” anything, there is no outcry over her comments. Just more “ComicGate” idiocy. Politicizing comic books because they think people “at this level” are easily fooled and will fuel their pop up ads.. Hard to argue, judging by the comments.

    1. ChrisG

      It is really sad and a little ridiculous how most of these comments are just plain ignorant and some are 100% ENTITLED. I don’t agree with her but I also wouldn’t remove her from my movie or my platform for having different views but I would also have a conversation with her and attempt to educate her a little bit. But the people in the comments here are flat out ignorant and hypocritical in their hateful bs. What most of you simply don’t understand is this has nothing to do with free speech. She is free to say whatever the hell she wants and other people are free to agree or disagree with her and they are also free to not want her in their movies or on their social media platforms. That is their choice. But what your entitlement shines all the way through on is if the people that own these platforms or make these movies don’t want her using their platforms or don’t want her in their movies then they are FREE to not have her on their platforms or in their movies. That has nothing to do with free speech. Why do you feel so entitled to other peoples platforms and/or movies? They are not yours and you do not have a right to use them. When you make your own social media platforms then you can dictate who can or can not use them for whatever reason or reasons you choose. When you make your own movies then you can choose who you want in those movies and who you don’t want in them. That is freedom. It is also hypocrisy for one to say she can voice her opinions and say whatever she wants but other people can’t voice their disagreement. That is a fact. It is an entitled mindset on display that you feel like it is your right to use other peoples platforms, services, or to be in their movies. You most certainly do not have that right. You are trying to take away their freedom and their rights to their own platform, service, movie or whatever. It is not yours.. Some of you need to educate yourselves on the constitution and what rights people have. This is literally one of the main things wrong with America. Hypocrisy, ignorance, entitlement, greed, and an overwhelming lack of empathy and compassion for other people. I will call out these things every time I see them whether it be liberals or conservatives or anyone else. Education in critical thinking, logic, and reasoning is ridiculously embarrassing in America. So is the overwhelming lack of empathy or willingness to even listen to opposing views. I will listen to your views and do my best to understand your point of view but I will educate you with truth and facts every single time. 💯

  17. Mike

    Who needs the idiots that cancel free speech. There is a special place you can go live. I think they call it China.

    1. Anonymous

      Or North Korea

  18. Patrick

    The media and the socialists are afraid that this is bigger than they expected
    She’s 100% correct and is every right to speak out against this piece of s***

    1. Troll

      I 100 percent agree

  19. SmarterThanU

    This issue really is overblown. Whether it be ‘cancel culture’ or the trucker convoy blockade crap. Over 90% of Canadian truckers have been vaccinated. It’s always the minority screaming that they’ve been treated unfairly that somehow managed to push the conversation their way.

  20. Barry

    The organizers of the Canadian truckers’ rally (which did not have the support of the Canadian Truckers Association, were demanding that the elected House of Commons be dissolved and they would run the government (along with the unelected Governor-General and unelected Senate). This was a lot more serious than just a protest, although it really didn’t have any chance of succeeding in overthrowing Canadian democracy. Still, anyone that wants to support a group calling for the end of democracy in Canada deserves to be canceled, not because they voiced an opinion but because they want to destroy my country and install an unelected junta of anti-vaxxers. (By the way, before anyone calls me a Liberal, I’ve been conservative since my teens and am currently a card-carrying member of the Conservative Party of Canada. One of the hallmarks of conservative philosophy is respect for the rule of law and that is something the trucker convey was completely missing).

    1. Troll

      Maybe the truckers could do a better job

    2. Sue

      You are wrong. The Trucker Association is backing this protest. And it is about freedom. And yes, it is high time that many officials start admitting how they lied about covid19 and step aside and let the common people take over.

      1. ChrisG

        You are a fool! Keep parroting your Russian propaganda. Ignorantly trying to spread bs that weakens democracy. People voted for these government officials. They should vote differently if they don’t like them. Such ignorance

  21. Troll

    FVKkkkk cancel culture.
    Leave this brave woman alone, also bring back GINA

  22. Navyvet50

    Lilly is an idiot supporting the minority of truckers who are flying confederate flags and are driven by Q nuts. Stay in Canada moron.

    1. GamerNerdess

      Lmfao Pure ignorance.

    2. AH

      The rebel flags were plants by the government goons to smear the truckers.

    3. Kevin M Sharkey

      Why would CANADIAN truckers protesting CADADIAN mandates IN CANADA fly US southern confederate flags? Jeez, think for yourself for once instead of listening to the MSM.

  23. GamerNerdess

    More need to come out and speak against Jooish communist Trudeau and the elites. Full support of the truckers in Canada, the US, New Zealand, the UK, Australia, France, and everywhere else. End this communist takeover!

  24. David graham

    Good for you, it more high profile people would speak out especially Canadians we may not have even gotten to this point. And I won hundred percent agree with you regarding Prime Minister Trudeau .Canadians have always been viewed as one of the kindest people on earth, peacekeepers. It’s such a dark rabbit hole we are going down.

  25. I stand with Lilly. At least so.e of the Stars aren’t Brainwashed peeons

    1. Mary

      You mean fighting for privilege, not freedom. No freedoms have been lost. I’m all for peacefully protesting, everyone has the right to do so. However the occupation of a city for weeks on end while berating others for their beliefs and pushing your own agenda is not only hypocritical and not peaceful but it turns people against you.

      1. ChrisG

        Thank you Mary! You are 100% correct and I agree. Finally, someone with some sense

  26. Sue

    The left has no idea what they want. These same liberal idiots that call for Gina and Lily to be canceled are the same idiots who defend Johnny Depp (who said at an awards show we need to kill president). Don’t get me wrong I like Johnny Depp, but those kinds of opinions lead to violence but he wasn’t arrested.
    We need to stand behind the Canadian truckers because what Trudeau is doing will lead to violence and I guarantee it is coming to the USA.

    1. ChrisG

      Not to resort to name calling but who are you calling an idiot? Do you not understand that your comment is completely hypocritical and pretty ignorant? I for one had no idea Johnny Depp said those things but I also wouldn’t try to “cancel” him as you so put it and I certainly never jumped up to defend him. I’m also not trying to “cancel” her. From what I understand they are protesting a vaccine mandate, correct? If they don’t want to get vaccinated then they can find another job. It is amazing the level of hypocritical ignorance people show. If a person wants to not allow someone in their movie or to work for them for whatever reason or require their employees to be vaccinated then that is their RIGHT. You do not have the RIGHT to be in other peoples movies and they are not obligated to employ you when you don’t comply with their job requirements. That is about you feeling entitled. And then you speak of violence coming to the US while at the same time condemn Johnny Depp for the same. Such hypocrisy and ignorance

  27. Alison

    She has the total right to her opinion and voicing her opinion. If you agree with her or not it has nothing to do with her acting!

    1. ChrisG

      I agree with you. I don’t agree with some of her opinions but I don’t mind her being in Ant Man. It’s also not my movie and not my choice to make if they chose to recast her role. That is their choice and their right

  28. Kevin M Sharkey

    Libbys obviously can’t handle the truth. They scream for anyone that has a different opinion than themselves to be canceled then say that the ‘cancel culture’ is a device made up by the right.

  29. Jeremiah

    So, a few, a small minority of people are upset that she has spoken truth to power, and all of a sudden it’s time to cancel her? No, the BOTS do not count.

  30. LISTEN UP….Forced Measures LEAD to Other FORCED Measures. I ENDOR SE EVANGELINE LILLY. Anyone I LIKE is NOT BAD. GOD is Against the DEMOCRATS…LIBERALS. THEIR WAYS are NOT HIS WAYS. P.S. The HEALING ANGELS are STILL Making HOUSE CALLS on GOD’S Planet EARTH. From SamuraiQueen…Appointed by GOD. 😄😄😄😇😇😇

  31. RICH

    This is a lesson in “Cancel Culture.” It is so sad that in the “land of the free and the home of the brave” one can no longer be free to express their opinions under the First Amendment rights (whether US citizen or not) if they are brave enough to do so. The apparent MCU Disney belief is “IF said individuals do not fall in the “party” line expressing the required rhetoric then these individuals must be eliminated.” IF you believe the prior line, then you are a part of the problem, not the individual expressing opposing thoughts.

    As much I have enjoyed and adored MCU and Disney it is becoming difficult to endure their “Cancel Culture” ideology. The powers that be at MCU and Disney do not appear to reflect the values of their creators. MCU and Disney appear to value the voices of the haters rather than recognize the talent provided by individuals singled out for their opinions rather than their talent as seen in programs and movies.

    This is indeed a slippery slope. Yet another wake-up call to see the evil in every nook and cranny of mainstream media.

    1. Sal

      Amen to that! Walt Disney would be pissed off at the commie pinko woke snowflakes telling his company what they should do.

    2. ChrisG

      Who did Disney cancel? She still has a job. If they chose to fire her then that is their choice. It’s their movie not yours. You are ignorant and entitled. Go sit in the corner

  32. Mickeymouse3

    Apparently Disney, ala Paycheck, does not believe in personal opinions or free speech. They are canning anyone who says anything that goes against “woke”.
    So much for their new 5th rule of inclusion.

  33. Mandi

    What happened to freedom of speech?

    1. ChrisG

      Nothing. Free speech has nothing to do with this other than people attempting to say they have the entitled right to be in other peoples movies and use other peoples social media platforms. She still has a job and a Twitter account and even if she didn’t she would still not have had her right to free speech affected in any way. Do people not have a right to who is in their movies?

  34. Chester Merrifield

    I just wish people would just worry about their own opinion and not worry about what someone else’s opinion is. Cancel culture sucks!!!!

  35. J

    Yawn, I am so over this cancelling nonsense. Why don’t the keyboard warriors go get a real life of their own?

  36. Rod Thompson

    Sheep is not correct , more like lemmings lol! Trudeau is a wannabe dictator implementing the emergency act to protect his job and silence any opposition!
    The vaccine is pretty useless against the new variants but he wants 100% vaccination and mandated boosters to rack up millions in kickbacks from big pharma who get protection against any health issues arising from vaccines.

  37. James

    I think she’s right & everyone should be able to express their thoughts. If anyone complains or wants her gone they can move to China or somewhere else that doesn’t want people to have any rights

  38. Mark Grosso

    I think it’s adorable how the whiny leftist snowflakes believe they can “cancel” talented and intelligent people who can think for themselves. Note to liberals: conservatives love and appreciate Barbra Streisand, Bruce Springsteen and the rest of the left wing entertainment industry REGARDLESS of their misguided politics!

  39. SAL

    Good for her. Tired of seeing these snowflakes try to cancel her. I enjoy Marvel movies and enjoyed her in the Ant Man and the Wasp as well as Avengers End Game. She should not be replaced for supporting blue collar workers.

  40. Pash

    I will be playing Ant Man on repeat- as always! Her eloquent post to simply have a conversation showed emotional intelligence. Showed humanity. If you’re in doubt, please watch the police announcement
    of hunting people down?!?!

  41. Jim Asherman

    The little fascists cannot stand anyone having an opinion that is counter to their programming.

  42. Ken Brenner

    Don’t understand why she can’t state her own beliefs without a few speaking out so hard. Almost leads one to believe that freedom of speach is limited to the left…

    1. ChrisG

      I don’t agree with some of the things she said. Free speech has nothing to do with this other than people attempting to use it to say they have the entitled right to be in other peoples movies and use other peoples social media platforms. She still has a job and a Twitter account and even if she didn’t she would still not have had her right to free speech affected in any way. The creators of the movie and owners of the social media platform would just be excercising their right to choose who is in their movies or who can use their platforms. Do people not have a right to who is in their movies? Do the people who don’t agree with her not have the right to voice their opinions as well? No one is trying to take away her right to free speech but to attempt to silence those who disagree is hypocritical

  43. Jay

    I dont see how asking Trudeau to listen to his people is spreading misinformation. On what grounds should she be “cancelled”? Stop equating unchecked compliance with morality, they are not one and the same.
    I think she is a beautiful soul and wish she was part of my inner circle. This is everything I would say to Trudeau given the chance.
    From here in Canada, thank you Evangeline.

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