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  1. Drew

    Best news in a long time! We’ve postponed our trip three times. Finally going to go now!

    1. Covid got us

      Just got back from Disney, had all three shots, wore the mask the whole time and guess what… I have Covid now. So it doesn’t seem to matter what you do to prevent it.. mask/ don’t mask/ vaccination/ wash your hands/ be in a bubble… I did everything except skip Disney (we rescheduled this trip 5 times) and I still got it. Thankful it isn’t too bad.. and I’m recovering nicely… but it showed up about 5 days after we returned.

      1. Emily

        Well that sucks! Get better soon and I am sure you aren’t the only one!

      2. Ken Brenner

        God Bless you with a full recovery with few/no symptoms!

        1. Shirley Evans

          Glad you are recovered. However unlikely you caught at Disney if it was 5 days after you ended your vacation.

          1. Charli D'Amilio

            Ohh look at ole Shirley Fauchey over here..

          2. Mike Clinghopper

            Wow, look at ole Shirley Fauchey over here..

      3. Bill

        Your right mask don’t work yet they are still torturing children which are the least subseptible

        1. Shirley Evans

          Don’t know what numbers of children infected in Florida but here in UK all schools have children absent because they have Covid. The latest variant seems to infect children more

      4. Dawn

        Sounds like airport/plane transmission. It’s risky to travel anywhere still.

      5. Marvin

        It greatly REDUCES the chance of you getting it. It’s not 100%. Because you caught it, doesn’t mean it 100% doesn’t work. Feel better.

      6. carolone

        The shots wont stop you from getting it. They are so c of you get YOU WONT DIE!!!

  2. Jeff

    Great news! We are going next month so I was hoping the masks would be gone by then.

  3. James

    It’s about time! Welcome to the real world Disney.

    1. Kevin

      No kidding. Better yet, Dump all restrictions. Period.

      1. Pat

        sucks. ridiculous as vax people get it and spread it. no science was apparently used in this decision. glad i sold all my vacation club locations

    2. JJ

      Isn’t that the truth! Bout time they made it optional as it should be.

      1. Jody

        About time

  4. Sen

    Good to news hear, but how would they know if the guests are fully vaccinated or unvaccinated? Are they going to go by the honor system and trust what they say? Or will guests need to show proof of vaccination?? Let’s just say some unvaccinated guests go to the parks and just say they are fully vaccinated(when they actually aren’t) just so they don’t have to wear a mask?!?!? Do you think that’s right?!?!? Just curious on how they actually will handle this on that day.

    1. Sue

      Good. And if you are so worried about someone not wearing a masks who is not vaccinated then don’t go.

      1. Rj

        Maybe just keep those unvaccinated from gaining entry to the parks. If they can’t do the right thing for humanity’s sake they shouldn’t be allowed.

        1. Em

          So you want to go from wearing a mask to show us your papers? If you are vaccinated don’t worry about who is wearing a mask, you are protected. That is the whole idea of getting vaccinated. If you’re not vaccinated and don’t wear a mask it is your fault if you get sick.

        2. Kay

          Clearly you are not aware (because you only watch MSM and they are actively censoring the truth) of all of the adverse effects associated with this injection. Pfizer wanted to keep info about their injection product secret for 75 years. Why would that be? There have been deaths, neurological problems, heart problems, blood clots, strokes, athletes dropping dead. The concoction (exactly what is in this mixture?) is an EXPERIMENT. No possible way to know long term side affects but plenty of frightening short-term affects including death.

          1. Kevin

            You are a moron

            1. Marvin

              You are correct.

        3. John

          Don’t worry. Cast Members will be checking vaccine status for those who are not wearing a mask.

        4. Master

          Hey you get it and spread it vax or not, mask or not….Doesn’t matter

      2. Kim

        People who are scared of the unvaxxed need to get have #4. If the faxes work you’re safe from others. If you’re not safe they don’t work. First time I’ve heard of a vax working only if others are jabbed. SMH. Crazy logic of the vaxxed. I’ve had Covid and a monoclonal treatment and was told I’ve got immunity for 8 months. Boosters are only good for 4 months. I’m less of a danger than the booster.

        1. DB

          Excellent response!!

    2. Drew

      So, what about the nearly 80 million people who have recovered from Covid? The CDC announced they have better immunity than those who are vaccinated. There’s no way, under any logical or scientific explanation, that those millions of people should be discriminated against for choosing not to get the vaccine.

      1. Manny

        @Drew what is the reason you need to quote false information and blatantly lie?

        1. AH

          True info.

        2. Kevin

          lol false info? It’s out there in the world for you to research. Go use a search engine.

        3. Drew

          Directly from the CDC website on 1/28/22:

          “By early October, persons who survived a previous infection had lower case rates than persons who were vaccinated alone.”

          Check for yourself.

          1. Christophe

            Whoa there, Drew…..that’s supposed to be buried information!

            We’ve already postponed our trip 3 times. For the amount of money spent on a WDW trip, especially now that everything cost so much more and the experience is still quite degraded from the past, I want my family to be able to enjoy themselves without restrictions.
            Just FYI – I’m not anti-vax. I just don’t trust this one just yet. I, and my family, have all received other vaccines that underwent decades of research, development, and testing.

        4. Terry

          He’s not lying. It is now acknowledged by the CDC that natural antibodies are more effective and longer lasting than the shots. (Released 1/20/2022) In addition to the CDC study another primary study that confirmed this was conducted by Johns Hopkins. The mRNA vaccine is not actually a vaccine in the true sense of the word, such as those developed for polio, small pox, diphtheria, etc which actually ends a virus’ effects over a populace. This not been the case with these “vaccines” any more than the flu shots that have been offered to the public for several years.

        5. Candy

          Actually manny there are over 90 research studies that have stated the same thing. And CDC has quietly admitted this. They can’t ignore all of the studies done throughout the world. Not to mention natural immunity is true science. But hey stay in your bubble and keep listening to the same media. And not use any critical thinking 🤦🏻‍♀️

      2. Candy

        THANK YOU! I have been asking this same dang question for over a year now! The true science is natural immunity is and has always been the strongest! I’m not vaxxed but I have r covered from a moderate to severe case of Covid and have long haul. Don’t need to get a vax now. Evidence? Actual science

    3. Rj

      Most not vaccinated are also anti-vax and anti-maskers so they still represent a danger to the public who are vaccinated as breakthrough contamination and infection is not uncommon. This will force those already vaccinated to keep wearing masks to protect themselves from those who lie.

      1. Jarvis

        Hey RJ, give us the scientific study that proves cloth masks stop viruses. Been waiting for two years.

        You are such an expert..

        1. Manny

          @Jarvis there are 2 meta studies which looked at 121 studies which were peer reviewed that showed mask a part of regime to prevent infection. It is very telling you single out cloth masks since that is a recent development. The point is mask work as part of a multi layer approach.

          Lastly, as mentioned earlier Disney is using an honor system which does not work since the anti Vader’s and anti mask people will be the first to violate that edict.

      2. C

        By your logic of most unvaxxed being anti-vax and anti-mask, then most vaxxed should be pro-mask and therefore shouldn’t have an issue continuing to wear a mask if they believe it will protect them. 🙂

      3. Candy

        Not even true. I’m not an anti vaxer. I just chose not to get the vax because I’ve already had COVID and recovered slowly. Science has always said natural immunity is stronger and better.

      4. Sue

        You listen to progranda much? Most people are anti-mandates.

      5. Kay

        Oh puhleeze! Most un-injected have the gift of discernment. “Here inject this substance into your body, we won’t tell you what is in it, we do not have sufficient studies to know what it will do to you and if something does go wrong, you cannot hold us accountable”. Rj says “Okay, where do I sign up for this EXPERIMENT?”

      6. Master B

        The danger to society is a moron like yourself. Don’t like it, please move to France.

    4. JJ

      You do know many vaxxed have transmitted and gotten Covid. They can’t ask vaccination status so they will not know. They have to allow guest in and if youre sick, don’t go, if you’re scared to go don’t go. It’s quite simple!

    5. Dawn

      There is no way to know. It’s ridiculous and people cannot be trusted to be honest. Sorry, but it’s true. People have been saying they are vaccinated when they haven’t been since the vaccines came out, that’s not going to change.

  5. Phil Davis

    Would NOT go until all draconian mandates are lifted. BTW, the vaxed are leaking the virus. It was predicted to happen, but you know the science being followed is political science.

    1. Ken Brenner

      Hi Phil.
      I like that – political science vs science
      Very good!

  6. Pap

    Great news! I agree unvaccinated guests should be monitored somehow! Guests should shoe proof of vaccination. We’ve come this far… let’s go the extra step!

    1. Kevin

      Are you visiting from Germany circa 1937?

    2. DeLaunhardt

      “…papers please!….” spoken in my best german accent-circa 1937….

      Its a MECHANICAL IMPOSSIBILITY for masks to protect you! Fauci helped engineer it that way! Covid is .0125 microns in size. The holes in your or so precious masks are .700 microns in size-or better put-the holes are 600 TIMES TOO LARGE to stop Covid from passing thru….

      And as far as your “oh so holy” vax-They have killed MORE PEOPLE THAN ALL OTHER VACCINES-COMBINED!! You can get this info at the VAERS report!

      So my advice: If you are scared-STAY HOME!! None of these things have worked except GOD GIVEN NATURAL IMMUNITY!!

      Covid is STILL 99,998% SURVIVABLE unless you have any co-morbidities! The CDC estimates that 90% of the population HAS ALREADY BEEN EXPOSED-and many NEVER KNEW THEY HAD IT!!!

      So, until the “Black plague” comes back around (where it does exist in the homeless camps in democrat run SFran and LA) I will stay the way I have always been: RESPONSIBLE FOR MY OWN HEALTH and no one else’s!!

      1. Sue

        Totally agree.

      2. Terry

        Excellent rendition, my friend.

      3. Eugenia


    3. TCee

      So, Pap, do I show proof I had COVID and now have antibodies that are way better than your triple vac’d? What’s next? All of our medical records? You are one of those people who don’t understand or care for persons freedoms. There is NO extra step. The vaccines are ruining your immune systems. Yes, keep getting that next shot, and the next, and the next. That’s your choice, not mine. How about not letting the vaccinated into the Parks? Once everyone finds out that you are the weak link now with your destroyed immune systems.

  7. lee

    I am very concerned about guests being honest about being vaccinated. I am not happy with wearing masks all the time; however, there are many people who are unvaccinated and refuse to have their children vaccinated and refuse to wear masks. To me this is selfish for others. I am very concerned that this will allow COVID to spread more at Disney.

    1. Kevin

      Don’t be concerned… Your vaccine works, right?

      1. Rj

        Don’t be stupid. Nothing is 100% effective. Try to do the right thing for humanity’s sake.

        1. Kevin

          You know what’s 100% ineffective? Masks and your vaccine. I have two neighbors, a friend and a family member who have all been fully vaxxed and STILL got COVID.

          Your science is fantasy. Do the right thing for humanity’s sake, and stop pushing draconian measures that only make things worse. Fresh air is good for you. Getting Sun is good for you. The transfer of bacteria/germs from one individual to another is good for you. We do that every single day, when we’re shaking hands, hugging and kissing.

          Your immune system has been weakened over the last two years, because you listened to fantasy science. Get back to life. It’s good for you.

          1. DLand

            Bravo Kevin, well said. One of my good friends from high got vaccinated, her and ALL OF HER FAMILY, but guess what? SHE DIED even AFTER she was TOTALLY VACCINATED.

        2. Eugenia

          Since our immune systems are 99% effective in battling Covid, as per the survivability rate, then technically the only vaccine we should want at all would have to be 100% effective. But forget logic, just continue to buy into the fear, believe the scary number of “cases” that are not even sick and forget that data, media and our lives can and will be manipulated for profit as long as you let it happen.

    2. CampbellScot

      Do you watch the news? Do you listen to anything beyond CNN? It is now widely acknowledged that vaccines do not stop people from getting covid. They do not stop people from passing it along. The community safety element no longer exists as a possibility. It might stop someone from being hospitalized. Which means that having a socialist monitoring system for those dirty unwashed masses who are not vaccinated (and likely have better immunity than anyone else vaccinated or not) doesn’t make a lot of sense. Other than to further highlight the virtuousness of the selfless individuals are GOOD PEOPLE vs the people who are BAD. Even though the vaccine never did and does not now stop or even control community spread. At all. Even a tiny bit. You are not special bc you have been vaccinated. You should not get to keep people out bc they didn’t follow the masses. We are all human beings on this planet. Viruses existed before covid. They will exist after. You live your life. If you are so afraid of the unvaccinated evils out there, then you should most definitely stay home. Or move to China. Bc Disney is not going to further alienate revenue sources by having a “monitoring” system. If covid was a dangerous and terrifying as we were all told the theme parks never would have been reopened. But it’s not really about that is it? There is no stopping covid. The fact that you don’t seem to make that connection is baffling to me. You want to take your child to a theme park that is TEEMING with people. Wall to wall people. Has pretty much. Been that way since the parks reopened. There has never once been any huge covid outbreaks attributed to a theme park. Hmmm. Weird. If you are scared stay home. The evil selfish folks will be out in the world living their lives.

    3. Sue

      It is MORE selfish to expect everyone to do what you want. Not everyone can take the vaccine. And there is zero science to prove masks work. You are that concerned please stay home.

  8. Tammy Millerf

    It’s about time.

  9. Jeanne

    Please get rid of ALL MASKS !! They are USELESS !!!

    1. Rhonda

      I agree MASK are useless. Whether u wear a mask or not u can still get Covid so I say let the people be comfortable and not have to carry a mask around. Only person that can STOP Covid is the GREAT man upstairs.

      1. Ken Brenner

        Amen Rhonda.
        We need to return to a praying nation…

  10. Kevin

    It’s about damn time! They must have been feeling the pressure from Universal’s updated mask policy.

  11. Kevin M Sharkey

    Just goes to show how arbitrary and useless masks are. And such a random date. Why doesn’t the new policy go into effect Feb 15 (today) or Feb 27 or back on Feb 8 or sometime in March? What makes the date Disney picked so special? Is COVID ending that day and no one was notified?

    1. Kevin

      I had a friend, an engineer who did freelance work for the Mouse House. He said there were 3 ways to generally do things: The right way, the wrong way, and the Disney way.

    2. SH

      The reason was that they only started letting Cast Members know on Tuesday the 15th. They started by letting the area managers know, then that was passed down to work room managers etc. The day was selected to give a few days to let the front line workers know about the changes.

      I have a friend that is a manager and she was informed during a zoom meeting on Tuesday. Tuesday seems to be the day that most Manager meeting are held for whatever reason.

      There is no conspiracy as to why they chose the 17th.

  12. Dee

    Mask should be a choice NOT a demand. Some people cannot wear them.

    1. Sue

      Totally agree!!!!!!!!

  13. I am just curious to know how they will know the vaccination status of anyone. How will this be monitored?

    1. Kevin

      It better not be monitored at all. It’s none of their damned business.

    2. Dawn

      They won’t. It will be like playing Russian Roulette. My friends and family will still wear them, I cannot trust that people will be honest.

      1. Master B

        People like you who wear masks thinking it will stop a virus is whats wrong with society

  14. JaDe

    I’m vaccinated along with my wife. I’m glad to see the masks go. If you worry about those who are unvaccinated then the only safe place to always stay would be your home and that isn’t healthy. I have family that isn’t vaccinated and I still interact with them and still go shopping. I am 76 years old with underlying conditions and have been to Disney 4 times since they reopened on summer 2020.

    1. Kevin

      It’s nice to hear from a vaccinated person, who utilizes logic/reason.

    2. Ken Brenner

      JaDe – Thankful to hear you both are doing well.
      We’re 70 and have been waiting for no mask requirements before going (which we used to do annually).

  15. Jarvis

    Make it simple. Democrats must wear masks everywhere. Everyone else, no. That should make everyone happy. 😁

    1. Denise

      Exactly. They’re the only ones pushing this nonsense.

    2. DeLaunhardt

      ,,,you made me laugh up my Mountain Dew!!

    3. Ken Brenner

      Jarvis – VERY Funny!
      I like that idea…

    4. TCee

      LOVE THIS!

  16. Susan

    ANY face mask requirement sucks! We can virtually go anywhere and do anything without in my very strict state, so why not be free at Disney!

  17. Denise

    Disney World is just about the only place in Florida still pushing any kind of masks and vaccine mandates. Florida, itself, does not have any mandates or restrictions. We’ll stick to Legoland, where we can enjoy ourselves without such BS mandates and restrictions.

    1. Sue

      That is because our wonderful Governor made it the law – Disney should have dropped the mask mandate long ago.

  18. Dolores Whitfield

    You do realize that even if you’ve been vaccinated and had a booster you can still get COVID! So it really doesn’t matter if your vaccinated or not, you still can get the virus and pass it on.

    1. Stacy


  19. SGiff

    My wife and I decided to get the vaccine in July 2021 once we were confident that the fast tracked approvals were proved out in real data.
    We also have received a booster within the last month. We wear surgical masks or N95 masks when we will be in close contact with others regardless of their vaccination status. We do this to better our chances of remaining Covid negative without the fantasy of being “safe” We know 4 people who were vaccinated, wore masks and practiced social distancing who caught Covid and subsequently passed away with the primary cause of death being respiratory failure. Each person has to make decisions concerning their health and safety. My body, my choice.

    1. Ken Brenner

      SGiff – I concur with your conclusions. God Bless to the families of those that passed, hoping you will reamain well…

    2. George

      Your choice and we should all respect it.
      This comes down to a personal decision.
      A vaxed or unvaxed can spread it.
      Smart move on the n95, if you are going to wear one you might as well wear something that works. Paper and cloth are worthless. Read the independent studies.
      Just glad the charade is almost over.
      Still have to wear a mask in the open air skyliner??
      They must pull this crap out of a hat.

    3. Master B

      You obviously know nothing about masks and what they can’t do. Go ahead wear one, your doing nothing but looking foolish

  20. Wayo

    Just another Trump mandate.

    1. Kevin M Sharkey

      Is that why its ALL Dems who are pushing mask and Vax mandates? The TDS is strong with you, Wayo.

  21. Terrie

    It’s “Magical “ thinking to expect people who aren’t vaccinated to adhere to any protocols designed to keep others safe.

    1. C

      I think “any” is quite a stretch. Just because I won’t inject myself with a questionable SHOT that doesn’t even work, doesn’t mean I don’t make my kids wear seatbelts.

      1. Stacy


  22. Wayo


  23. DeLaunhardt

    “…papers please!….” spoken in my best german accent-circa 1937….

    Its a MECHANICAL IMPOSSIBILITY for masks to protect you! Fauci helped engineer it that way! Covid is .0125 microns in size. The holes in your or so precious masks are .700 microns in size-or better put-the holes are 600 TIMES TOO LARGE to stop Covid from passing thru….

    And as far as your “oh so holy” vax-They have killed MORE PEOPLE THAN ALL OTHER VACCINES-COMBINED!! You can get this info at the VAERS report!

    So my advice: If you are scared-STAY HOME!! None of these things have worked except GOD GIVEN NATURAL IMMUNITY!!

    Covid is STILL 99,998% SURVIVABLE unless you have any co-morbidities! The CDC estimates that 90% of the population HAS ALREADY BEEN EXPOSED-and many NEVER KNEW THEY HAD IT!!!

    So, until the “Black plague” comes back around (where it does exist in the homeless camps in democrat run SFran and LA) I will stay the way I have always been: RESPONSIBLE FOR MY OWN HEALTH and no one else’s!!

  24. C’est Moi

    I believe that Disney does not have any desire to know if you are vaccinated or not. Nobody will be wearing masks that are not vaccinated.

  25. Wayo

    Saw the Super Bowl halftime show was coming to DW.

  26. KenR

    About time they stopped requiring those useless masks! And for the teeny tiny minority of neurotic mask lovers out there, feel free to continue to wear yours 24/7 and in the pool too. Nobody willfully going to a major theme park with millions of other people can say with a straight face that they are truly afraid of Covid-19.

  27. Wayo

    Going to charge more if you don’t wear a mask.

  28. Cory

    I just love this thread! So many freedom loving people. If you’re scared of the unvaccinated, then you’re going to be left behind as the entire world moves forward.

  29. Karen

    Still won’t be going to Disney… they have no right to know who is vaccinated and who is not so I guess you will have to wear a Red Letter on your shirt to show you are unvaccinated so they are sure you are wearing your mask indoors and if parents are vaccinated but their children are not then I guess these kids will still be forced to wear masks. Shame on Disney… they just can’t seem to do the right thing.

  30. rick

    mask= biden follower
    no mask=adult who can think on their own,
    this is how they can count followers

    1. Ken Brenner

      I like your logic rick!

  31. Tim

    It’s ridiculous a 2-year old will have to wear a mask when other do not. It doesn’t make any sense even with “science”.

  32. Delourde

    Hope that you will give wristbands to those that are vaccinated so cast members can influence the mask with unvaccinated. I would feel comfortable with new policy. I know from experience many unvaccinated feel they do nit need to take vaccines or wear a mask and can share covid to the rest of us

    1. Marie

      Unfortunately, it is the vaxed getting sick. Talked to all my vaxed friends. All got through 2020 without getting sick. Got their vaxed in 2021, and most of them ended up very sick. One hospitalized with blood clots. I’m sure you will deny or say I’m lying, but I’m still the only one in my group who hasn’t missed a day of work and hasn’t been sick. No mask ever and no vax. Vit C and D3 as per my dad’s cancer doctors suggestion in 2021.

      1. Ken Brenner

        I like that solution Marie. I’ll add Elderberry Gummies – which our nurse granddaughter recommended.

    2. CampbellScot

      Hate to burst your bubble of virtuousness…but vaccinated or not, you can pass and contract Covid. To further burst that bubble it is now proven fact that natural immunity is the only real immunity. Everything else is shaky at best. People who have been vaccinated are getting Covid and passing covid to one another. Maybe you need a 4th booster? Or a 5th? When does it stop? There is a reason we don’t give boosters within a year of getting an initial vaccine. There are consequences. They aren’t always survivable. You need to understand that your vaccine does not protect you from passing or contracting covid. Unvaccinated people are no more a threat to you than any one else. Accept it. Stop with the divisive I want government monitoring and the non compliant people who think for themselves should have to wear Scarlet letters so people who know who is good and who is bad!!! No. Stop.

  33. JMH

    Nah, I’m just going to wear my mask even though I’ve had all three shots. I don’t have time to be sick.

    1. Ken Brenner

      JMH – I respect your decision, since the decision is to be made by the individual, not others…

  34. Stacy

    Why would vaccination status change mask policy? Fully vaccinated people can still get and still spread covid. And how will they know which guests are fully vaccinated and which guests aren’t? None of this makes sense.

  35. A

    Great news! I have pushed back our trip three times in hopes that masks would be gone for good. For those wondering “how will Disney know who is not vaccinated?” The answer is, Disney doesn’t care and won’t be asking. It is just lip service to say that the unvaccinated have to wear something. We live in such a lawsuit-happy society, no big company wants to be the first to go completely back to normal without all the boilerplate legalese to cover their butts. We are getting there though. Thank goodness for that.

  36. Karmaking

    I think it’s just a lite premature. Spring will be here soon. COVID’s rates are just starting to go down. I would wait until April in the least

  37. ERIC

    Thank you for seeing the light. With the best president, we now have the best mask policies.

  38. Marie

    Still won’t be going until it is 100% back to normal, including no park reservations. I was a little girl when Disney opened and I was there. Would have loved to have been at the 50th. Unfortunately, this still does not persuade me to get my resident pass back again.

    1. DK

      Agree. Show me the numbers.

  39. Prohibition is over!!! I hope they end it on transportation soon. At this point, it looks silly.

  40. Rosenberry Rich

    Once you get into a park, how will they know? I surely hope it doesn’t come to a rubber stamp or something like that.

  41. JD

    It is more than fair to announce or acknowledge that those who have had Covid within 90 days should be considered fully protected and not spreaders of the virus. Masks are magical talismans that might protect you from the boogeyman. We certainly need to soak up some FL sunshine and fresh air that is good for our bodies. I pray for those who are addicted to irrational fear and behavior. Humanity has existed for thousands of years and survived plagues far worse than this. Your virtue signaling will not inspire someone else to follow suit. Here’s hoping and praying for WDW to permanently move on from mandates.

    1. Ken Brenner

      Concur JD.

  42. roz lagges


    1. CampbellScot

      Well…since it’s none of anyone’s business and illegal to ask…no one needs to worry about it. Disney does not care. At all. Any one who has happily eaten in a restaurant yet continues to insist on mask mandates is living in a fairy tale and their relationship to science is non existent. Covid doesn’t magically stop spreading when people are sitting down and eating. That is the biggest piece of hysterical bull that has come from this insanity. If you believe that then I would invite you to visit the ocean front Unicorn ranch in Arizona. Disney DOES NOT CARE about vaccination status. At all. They arent going to ask for vaccine passports or rubber stamp people to make sure that the cast members can harass them or pressure mask wearing. The violence that has come about bc of that kind of nonsense would make cast members very wary of being mask police. Bob Chapek is a left pandering boot licker. That is why mask mandates have persisted at disney world. Now that the blue states are starting to repeal masking Disney World is following suit. The science has changed!!! Hallelujah!!! Please. It’s political. And none of it matters. Do some research. Make choices based on your personal comfort level. Let others do the same. Live your life. Go!

      1. Jason

        Incorrect. Cast Members will be checking on your vaccine status if you choose not to wear a mask. Please either bring your properly filled out card with you or have your approved mask on.

        1. Master B

          No we will not be ‘Checking ” your card or asking you anything….Don’t pass lies. 17 year cast member here

  43. Ken Brenner

    Thankful to hear this. They need to take the last step and make it optional in all areas (including transportation).
    And, as an annual visitor who always stays at the Dolphin Hotel, I’m waiting for Marriott to lift their mask mandate inside the hotel. Not paying $300+ per night to be told to wear something I don’t believe in.

  44. George

    Here is the “science” behind their decision.
    1. Their $2,500 per night dress up star wars hotel opens in 2 weeks. Can’t have masks ruining the photos and videos.
    2. Universal did it a week ago, can’t have people going there instead of Disney.
    3. They are scared to death the truckers in the US will pull a Canada and not deliver their Figment popcorn buckets.
    See all science.
    Went ther last October cases were 5% of what they are now and we had to wear masks.

    1. Master B

      George, your spot on. Science = money only

  45. Mask up, there’s always break through cases and you can’t trust everyone to do has they should.

    1. Master B

      Go stick you head in the sand, you want to’ mask up” go ahead… don’t tell me what to do…Stay home if you don’t like it

  46. DLand

    Whoever wrote this 👍🏻 was on point!
    Stolen from a well educated friend: #nurse
    “Among all the vaccines I have known in my life (diphtheria, tetanus,measles, rubella, chickenpox,hepatitis, meningitis and tuberculosis), I want to also add flu and pneumonia. I have never seen a vaccine that forced me to wear a mask and maintain my social distance, even when you are fully vaccinated. I had never heard of a vaccine that spreads the virus even after vaccination. I had
    never heard of rewards, discounts, incentives to get vaccinated. I never saw discrimination for those who didn’t. If you haven’t been vaccinated no one has tried to make you feel like a bad person. I have never seen a vaccine that threatens the relationship between family, colleagues and friends. I have never seen a vaccine used to threaten livelihoods, work or
    school. I have never seen a vaccine that would allow a 12-year-old to override parental consent. After all the vaccines I listed above, I have never seen a vaccine like this one, which discriminates, divides and judges society as it is. And as the social fabric tightens… It’s a powerful vaccine! She does all these things except IMMUNIZATION. If we still need a booster dose after we are fully vaccinated, and we still need to get a negative test after we are fully vaccinated, and we still need to wear a mask after we are fully vaccinated, and still be hospitalized after we have been fully vaccinated, it will likely come to “It’s time for us to admit that we’ve been completely deceived.”

    One of my good friends from high was fully vaccinated, her & her whole family, but guess what? SHE STILL “DIED!!!”

  47. J

    We are sad that you need to wear a mask I guess we will wait till no mask I can’t imagine wearing a mask all day on rides in the heat sounds like no fun not worth the trip.

    1. Carol

      It’s not as bad as you think!!! Go in winter or cooler months

  48. Carol

    I will do like I did in feb 2021. Wire my mask all the time inside and outside. Only took off when in bathroom stall, and eating or drinking!!! Will never get vaccinated

    1. Ken Brenner

      Hi Carol.
      I respect your right to do what you want, since it should be up to the person to decide.

  49. Mike

    I live or die by the fact that there is an appointed time for each of us to die……………….yes we can take precautions, but I refuse to curl up into a fetal position and go to my closet and shut the door! Everyday we leave the house we risk being run over by a truck, carjacked, robbed, a tire coming off a truck and slamming into us a drunk driver killing us or a road rage incident or a disgruntled employee killing us at work and on and on……… and lets not forget about cancer, heart attacks, strokes , etc. Life is a risk! Go back to living your lives.

  50. teacher

    Won’t go to Disney until I can enjoy it free of mask. There are other places to visit!

  51. Marc

    My only question with this new policy is, how is Disney going to know which guests are vaccinated and which ones aren’t? Are they going to check for vaccination cards?

    1. J.

      No Mark. They really don’t care and aren’t going to ask. They didn’t do any such thing when masks were gone during that period last Summer. The issue is that with lawsuits as rampant as they are in our society, no large company wants to be the first to admit that masks did nothing and just go back to normal. Therefore, they do a little lip-service to say that the rule is only the vaccinated can go mask free but the truth is, they really don’t care. Just go and have fun. Anyone who wants to continue to wear a mask to make themselves feel better, have at it. The rest of us are more than ready for the return of normalcy.

  52. Frank

    Cast members will be checking vaccination status for those choosing to no longer wear masks starting 2/17/2022.

    1. KenR

      No they won’t.

    2. Ken Brenner

      Hi Frank.
      I looked briefly at their new policy, did not see anything related to them checking our vaccination status. of course, I could be wrong. However, I seriously doubt they will do so, it would be MORE bad publicity for WDW, and would need more people.

    3. Master B

      No we won’t. That is a lie !

  53. SG

    How is Disney going to enforce this new policy? It makes no sense.
    I’m still wearing my mask, I don’t trust that people with masks off don’t have COVID, vaccinated or not.

  54. Master B

    Anyone who believes in a mask to prevent a disease is a moron. The ‘vaccine’ is Not .

    1. Jordan

      Unless you have a medical degree, you shouldn’t be calling people morons for wearing masks since they do help prevent the spread of disease.

  55. Carolyn

    Best news ever! We can finally enjoy and have fun. Finally Disney has done something right. Keep up the good work

  56. Susie-Q

    Sigh. This argument, judging and calling people names because they do or don’t is so old. Today… this was not the happiest place on my computer. Still, since we’re all experts here, let me share my “experience with statistics”. The only ones that I care about.

    Husband and I – 70/66.. Fully vaccinated, wear good fitting, and approved masks = So far.. so good. No Covid. No positive tests.

    First Born – Daughter Vaxed, Husband not vaxed, sent home from work testing positive, doesn’t have symptoms. 2 days later, whole family goes in to get tested. Husband: negative, 10 yr old negative, but comes down with covid symptoms. 8 yr old negative. doesn’t get sick, daughter positive and only one vaxed becomes the sickest. No one ends up in hospital.

    Second born: Son, both he, his wife and 2 adult sons, all not vaxed, and all four tested positive for Covid and all got really sick, no one ends up in hospital. The boy’s, Mom’s family of 3, her the only one vaxed, all 3 got sick, all tested negative. No hospital.

    Third born: Son. no one vaxed, He, wife and 5 year old, all tested positive and all came down really sick, but no hospital.

    Fourth born: Son, both he and wife not vaxed, not tested, both got Covid, but wife was worse. No hospital. His sons (23 & 12) live with their Mom. She & her husband, and boys are all vaxed, all tested positive and all got sick, light cases except 12 yr old, sicker. No hospital.

    Fifth born: Daughter, both she & husband fully vaxed, did not get sick.

    Random siblings (mine) and their families on the opposite coast from me = approx 80 people, 23 of whom all tested positive for Covid, and were sick with varying degrees of severity. None hospitalized.

    My husband has10 siblings, (parents deceased before Covid) that at last count, between the sibs down through their great grands number at least 180 family members, (hard to keep track) not part of my research but I know of a handful that tested positive for Covid….

    Here are MY scientific findings…. It’s a flippin’ CRAP SHOOT!

    I don’t care what side of this virus you walk on; I only wish people could be kinder and non-judgmental toward their fellow humans. It is so disheartening to see people ridicule those who believe they are doing what’s best for them, no matter what side you stand on.

    That is all…

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