Comments for Disney Surprises Families With Free Voyage on ‘Star Wars’: Galactic Starcruiser

Galactic Starcruiser concept art

Credit: Disney


  1. Kevin Hayes

    Disney doing something they’ve been doing for over 4 decades doesn’t change the fact that low income children are still financially locked out of Disney parks. Nice try, but still completely out of touch.

  2. Jason

    1) I kept reading that name as “Revan” who is a very cool Star Wars villain so now I”m sad that he’s not part of the experience. 2) I don’t think that someone who got to do this free rather than pay a minimum of $6000 for two nights (or is that just one night?) can really compare–I’d rave about it too if they gave it to me free…who wouldnt? For my family of five the cost of $12k + isn’t really doable, and even if it were I could go to Japan for a week and spend two days in Disney there –INCLUDING FLIGHTS–for close to the same price. You better believe I’d scrutinize every freakin’ second of those two days.

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