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  1. Walt

    Yeah we will take back. The old fast pass system and parks that are better maintained.


    1. D

      None of this was caused by Chapek. LL, changes in APs we’re all done under Iger but executed by Chapek. Both bobs are to blame!!!

      1. F

        You are aware that Chapek became chair of the parks and resorts in 2015, right? He owns all of this.

  2. Donna

    A magnet?
    Wow! My kid can make one w her computer, nothing spectacular there!
    How about you give us back no reservation so we can pop in for a couple hours to eat dinner and go home. Oh wait.., you dont care THAT much.
    Chapek needs to be GONE.

  3. Jim


  4. Terry

    A magnet is meaningless with all the other cutbacks this isn’t a perk. It’s just another bean counter cutback universal and the other parks have so much more value than Disney. Fire bob chapek change.org

  5. Thommy

    The state of Orlando Annual passes:
    Seaworld: we want you, your money, and your friends
    Universal: we want you and your money.
    Disney: we don’t want you. We want your money, but only when someone else with more money isn’t there to take your spot.


    1. Thommy


  6. Donna

    Bring back Fast Passes.

  7. Christine

    This article is ridiculous. First, the new “price” as stated is not the actual cost it will take a prior plat plus AP to gain the same features as before. With photo pass and water parks now being separate add-ons, we’re talking a couple hundred dollars more.
    Second, to say that a new magnet design comes close to making up for that is insulting. Any crafter can make the same for a few bucks.
    Come on, Disney, really?! What happened to the Magical company I grew up loving? 💔

  8. David

    Many are going to pass on the pass because Genie+ made Disney a “pay to ride” park like a cheap travelling fair that blows through town. The magic is gone, sadly (not just because of Disney’s mis-steps, but the visitors are more stressed and rude than ever).

  9. Jessica

    I’ve had my magnets (first ever in almost 12 years of being an AP) for a couple months now. This isn’t a perk! Stop cutting off days that we can get reservations. Can’t go with my mom when she visits
    bc either tickets are on hold or AP’s. I used to be
    platinum…the new tiers are awful and I’m not paying
    hundreds extra for water
    parks and we lost Disney quest. As much as I love Disney..I feel like I’m wasting my time and money anymore and getting little to no value. Not even discounts are the same:(

  10. Kathy

    A perk? You have got to be kidding me! Chapek needs to go.

    1. Novak

      Now THAT would be perk I would like to see.

  11. Alex

    Not getting a pass again for a LONG time. Bring back fast pass and get rid of the stupid reservations.

    1. 👍👍👍

  12. Peggy

    Bring back the passes. Long time annual pass holder until Covid hit. Can’t go 3 times like before with out one. Might as well sell DVC. There are other places we can go that will appreciate return consumers

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