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Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom

Credit: Disney


  1. Tom

    In other news, water is wet

  2. Sarah

    No I don’t. I think Disney still thinks of itself as King and won’t truly be blindsided until after Epic Universe opens.

  3. Aaron Cobb

    They should put the Indiana Jones right that’s in California in the empty space left behind at animal kingdom

    1. Adam M.

      Indiana Jones is the same thing as Dinosaur right by that empty space in Animal Kingdom. The rides are virtually identical except for theming. They even use the same track layout!

  4. Adam M.

    Universal is already working on new attractions for their other parks that will open before Epic Universe. Most likely a new Minions ride where Shrek 4D was and a new Harry Potter VR ride where Fear Factor Live was. And I’m sure they have others planned as well.

  5. Fred Savagery

    Disney has to cater to a younger audience. That’s a fact that a lot of people forget when comparing them to Universal. No matter what Epic Universe ends up being, I think both of these companies will continue to pull in record profits for many years to come.

    1. Bryan

      I see what your saying, but Universal also has rides for their younger audience

      1. Cameron Debartolo

        You clearly have no kids they don’t and the ones they do my kids hate

  6. Deb

    I agree that Disney should cater to a younger audience. But Disney should also cater to the older, mature audience. When I think about the number of attractions that have been loss that both the very young and the older could go on it baffles me. Grandma can’t go on roller coasters, but could go on Horizons etc. There is no balance..Grandma could go on the Great Movie ride, but the shaking involved with MMRR might be too much for her. Just saying. Many years ago we spent a day at Universal and I have a distinct memory of saying that they put 3 puke rides right next to each other. There is a balance and taking the Universal bait that there needs to be more thrill rides just won’t cut it.

  7. Scott

    Disney has nothing major in the pipeline for the next 4 years.

  8. Patches

    Given their absurdly long construction times, they would have to begin construction soon. The Mary Poppins ride at Epcot was scrubbed, but could be resurrected. The open area from Primeval Whirl has opportunity as well.

  9. Rachel Winiecki

    As a now senior citizen that was there for the Grand opening in 70 and returning probably 50 more time over the next 40 years in getting the impression that Disney is not for me anymore. To many thrill rides and long long lines. Not to mention in 70 it cost $12.00 Admission and now its what?? $150.00?? Oh well Bermuda here I come.

    1. Craig

      I’m with you! I’ve decided the nickel and diming AND the cost escalations have ruined the “magic”. The corporate greed has destroyed Walt’s vision.

  10. EK

    Once Epic Universe is open, we will probably can Disney. Been to both and have a better time at Universal and Disney water parks. The thing—Disney is now way too expensive for the hassle. The Genie and junk-no thank you. Universal also has much more affordable and very nice hotels. We were very surprised that we had so much fun during our last stay.
    Disney is Disney, but with their current 5-year construction time per attraction and movie-ification of Epcot (aka making it really not Epcot) and taking out all of the family rides—It’s just not worth the money.
    Universal will become King once Epic is there. It just will. Disney has lost its vision and overall fun. Just the fact that they added a $5000 per short stay hotel and only allow Deluxe hotel people have Magic hours at night—-tells you everything you need to know about the direction Disney is taking.

  11. Jason

    Disney won’t have anything for when Universal’s new park opens. It takes them half a decade or more to build anything that isn’t Toy Story Land quality. (that’s the two new carnival rides – not the anchor which was almost a decade old when they made it a part of this land)

    They just gutted their imagineering team so unless unthemed third party coasters are their future, there will be nothing new of note for quite a while after the batch of known things under construction finally open.

  12. Kaedance

    Yeah… This isn’t “OMG Universal has a Harry Potter theme land, let’s make an Avatar/New Fantasyland/Toy Story/Galaxy’s Edge land” kinda response: this is “new park? We have more rides coming in (late)” kinda vibe.
    I’m not saying that Disney “should” make a fifth park to help compete with its neighbor and rival, but I won’t be surprised if they do get a new park eventually. Issue is, by then Universal would have the majority of tourists going to its resort as Disney is losing fans due to the magic being drained slowly but surely (not all Chapek’s fault but he’s not helping the situation anymore than dousing the fire with kerosene).

  13. Mark

    Why has Tron taken so incredibly long?

    1. EK

      Thank you for asking that! It’s crazy how long Tron has taken! It’s not anything “new” as they have already made one of these coasters—should have been up in a year. Yes, the pandemic slowed things down but Universal will have a whole park up in the time it took for Disney to build one coaster and a terrible Ratatouille ride.

  14. Zara

    As much as I love Disney, it’s ridiculous how long it is taking to open Tron and Cosmic Rewind, Universal will truly be the lead in entertainment once Epic Universe opens

  15. I am going to flourida this year. I can’t wait to see the densley

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