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  1. Matthew Muir

    How much longer can Bob Chapek keep up this relentless price gouging before the board loses faith in him?

    I just hope Sue Arnold does eventually realize….

  2. Fran

    Abigail is NOT going to like this…

  3. Bob Boogie

    Long term or short term profit? You price gouge and lower quality services you will make more money short term but screwing people over has long term consequences.

  4. john

    As long as guest keep spending money on the Genie & whatever Disney has to offer through payment, Disney will keep on selling it & even raise their prices!

  5. Adrian Hall

    I’m from the UK and booked to go 18 months in advance assuming at the time that the new system would be similar to the old Fast Pass system which we used to get as part of our 2 week package. From what I’m seeing now, I regret booking as I will not be able to afford the extra $75 per day per vist for my family over our two week stay. I know we don’t have to pay for Lightning Lanes but it will not be the same experiance we have had previuosly. This will probably be our last visit!!!

  6. First let me say our family or just my wife and I have been visited Disneyworld since 2004 and been coming back almost every year and sometimes twice a year from Maryland and both my wife and myself had annual passes which we did not renew after our last trip in February 2021 because of the disappointing time we had after the changes were first being started. 3 different families have since went to Disneyworld with the latest visiting January 26-February 3rd and to a tee all were complaining and informing us they will not be returning also. If not for promising to his 2 grand daughters of a Disney trip he would not have gone based on the info I gave him on our 2021 trip. 3 rooms at $500 a night at the wilderness lodge for his family of 8, plus tickets, food, airfare, transportation to and from airport[no magical express], genie+, no parades, no Fantasmic, long lines, cast members not as friendly as before pandemic. His total cost for this trip and are you sitting down, drum roll please, was just under $15,000. Needless to say his family will not be returning also. Disney executives enjoy your profits now because in the long run it will not last after families see what their hard earned dollars get them in return .

  7. Lisa

    Of course you’re going to see profits WHEN YOU CHARGE FOR EVERYTHING. Going in April but not sure when I’ll be able to go back.

    Seriously I hate Chapek.

  8. Dan Heibler

    As a small shareholder I am forced to ask: With so much profit; where’s my DIVIDENDS?

  9. Julian H

    Disney Attributes Booming Profits To Disney Genie+, Lightning Lane Usage – Bob Chapek must be so proud of his greedy self – What a Knob Head.

  10. Shirley Frykman

    My son and his wife just took me to WDW about three weeks ago as a Christmas gift. Granted being so cold there was not fun but our hotel, Rivera, left much to be desired as well. Almost feels like they opened it before they finished (at least planning). I was disappointed that there was nothing to write on in the room. There are usually small note pads and a pen by the phone at most hotels. There were no coasters. We used paper towels for both. For a luxury hotel I was really disappointed. The Bay Lake Tower and Animal Kingdom Kadani, and at least one other we’ve stayed at before had a second bathroom by the door. I’m not sure those were even luxury villas.
    I don’t know the prices he paid for our tickets but from what I observed, not including our airfare, it must have been a bundle. Yep and he rented a car from the airport to park four days. At least Rivera is not one they are currently charging to park at. OOP! If they read this, they will see their error and start charging. Sorry guys. So, YES, Bob Chapek is gouging their guests and DVC members, I doubt my son will be able to go back with his family or five for a long, long time, if at all. I doubt board members will vote Chapek out; I’m sure he has connections. I’ll miss WDW, really … .

  11. Bob

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again – Disney is killing the Golden Goose. Keep up gouging prices and after demand is met with pitiful supply (underwhelming), Guests with retaliate with no-shows. Disney is getting away with this because demand has not been satisfied. Rides that break way more frequently than they should, crowds pushed to fewer attractions, super spreader possibilities with no masks and rowdy guests are all signs of a decline in showmanship and quality. The cast is trying to do their best, but it is becoming obvious that they are getting stressed out also. It will end not with a bang, but a wimper.

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