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Caesar and Nova in War of the Planet of the Apes

Credit: 20th Century Studios


  1. Lego

    It’s worth noting that although our culture places a lot of significance on trilogies, both duologies and quintologies are valid formats for storytelling, if the movies themselves turn out well.

  2. Lassulus


  3. Georges

    Yes, I think you’re right, since I saw the first movie I think what happened to that “first Mars mission”. A logical conclusion is the return of them in a strange planet ruled by apes, as 68’s movie!

    1. Bry

      Disney buying Fox was a bad idea. I love both companies. But Disney “Disney-fies” other projects instead of keeping them in line with the originals. They don’t give fans what they want. They take a franchise aimed at adults and PG or PG-13 it so more people can spend money on it. They also have no respect for live action physical media. They completely ruined the 4K blu-ray of Pirates Of The Caribbean.” They care more about rushing a product to shelves than making it something people actually want to own. Love original Disney movies, especially the animations. But keep them far, far away from franchises that didn’t originate with them.

      1. M

        Yes yes it was a bad idea.

  4. Rob

    It would be nice to see a creative team BE CREATIVE, rather than reinventing old projects. Rise, Dawn and War.. are fantastic films! To continue the story only dilutes the suggestive nature of the ending of what is, as described above, a perfect trilogy.

  5. CJ

    I’m old enough to remember seeing 1968’s Planet of the Apes at the cinema, followed by it’s 4 sequels =

    Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1970)

    Escape from the Planet of the Apes (1971)

    Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (1972)

    Battle for the Planet of the Apes (1973)

    Along with the TV Series Planet of the Apes (1974)

    And the Animated TV Series Return to the Planet of the Apes (1975–1976)

    So let’s just say the original Planet of the Apes truly was the first franchise (from the board game to the toys for kids!), More than a Trilogy, and 20th Century Fox appreciated the profits (they needed it!)

    Any future Planet of the Apes needs to be a Fox only (theatrical), or Hulu (streamed) – because enough of us have seen how Disney+ neuter’s Content!

  6. Errol

    I think disney should not make any remakes of planet of apes movies period. For example original star wars films were good but when disney bought Lucas films & made other star wars movies it just wasn’t as good or the same as originals were. So disney should stick to its animated or comedy movies & family based movies period.

  7. Wing

    Disney ruins everything they touch, so they will ruin Planet of the Apes. They break what was never broken. We all know how it is they don’t have imagineers they don’t even have “writers” nobody with Creative Vision they just have activists. All they do is just rehash the same movie that was already done, cuz they’re too lazy to come up with anything else different

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