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  1. Emma McQuillen

    I loved Disney world. I can no longer go, I just can’t afford it. I have a booking for September I cannot go too as I can’t get the same experience without finding more money. It’s not a case of not willing to pay more, its I just don’t have it.

    There was only two of us, but travelling from the UK is in addition its just impossible.

  2. Denise Edgell

    For Disney’s 2 billion plus in profits, I don’t have a good word for how disgusted I feel for their obscene price hikes, and how terribly sad I feel for me who is now priced out of the parks where I used play in for over 60 years.
    Shame on you.
    Profits over people! I am not saying the shouldn’t make a profit but over 2billion and we get the price hikes!!! No thank you

  3. George

    Disney has become a place where they control you now.
    You can’t even go at your own pace. Everything is scheduled by you but it’s doing work for them .
    That’s not a vacation.
    The money I spend going there and staying there for a week now I spend at a resort close to home and enjoy all the high end amenities in the area for a longer period of time and with out the challenges .
    Thanks anyway Disney ; it was good while it lasted .

  4. William Wells

    We are watching the ruination of a once spectacular theme park(s) by Bob Chapek and the bean counters. Price increases, indifferent service, fewer perks, ride closures, fewer amenities. Disney used to be the pinnacle of theme parks, guest services and making its’ guests feel both valued and appreciated. No more, now it is quite simply, let’s see how much they’ll pay.

  5. ryan

    we are big fans of Disney but not that big all Disney is interested is making big bucks who cares about the returning customers. the only way to get rid of the Disney money hungry CEO is to boycott Disney which is what we will do. we cant afford these prices and until more people do that nothing will happen.

  6. John DeJones

    As PT said there’s a sucker borne every minute….. a fool and his money are soon parted!

  7. Laura Newcomer

    We have come a long way from “Disney Magic.” The only magic left is watching your money disappear at an alarming rate. I watched a you-tuber explaining Genie+ while she was at WDW. Good grief! Forget enjoying your day when you spend most of it looking at your cell phone trying to figure out how to beat the crowds… UG. Annual passholders no more. Sorry my spending in the parks wasn’t up to their expectations but I will happily take my $$ elsewhere.

  8. No reason for the price increases but greed! Prices have doubled in a 10 year period! Still got papers from a trip 10 years ago and checked prices with the same stuff now against what we had 10 years ago! Doubled! After 34 trips through the years all there is to do now is look at photos and thankfully we could afford to go and have such lasting memories! Would love to go again to WDW but see that will never happen again is very disappointing! If we do, will be staying off grounds and eating off grounds! Universal packages look tempting for a third of what Disney charges!

    1. Chris

      Similar here though shorter time frame. Been going yearly for twenty years but are now priced out. Went Nov with my family of four. 550 to get into Epcot for the for of us… At that price is hard to justified with the lack of everything versus a few years ago. Sorry to say or years of yearly visits are done

  9. John

    We canceled our vacation there. We’re willing to pay 8k for what Disney used to be but not for what it currently is. We’ll try again next year and hopefully it’s in a better state. Otherwise our previous trip will be our last.

    He would have been better off keeping everything as it was and just raising ticket prices. I don’t want a vacation spent on long lines and requiring daily strategic planning.

    1. George

      Couldn’t of said it any better.

  10. Sigurther

    This has no effect on my life. I’ve been to Disney maybe three times total, and seen all I need to see. The “Disney experience” was already notorious for being expensive, even the one time I got to see it for “free” when I was in the navy. Even then, anything outside rides was still expensive. Paying exhorbitant fees to stand in line for most of the day and then pay even more for food or souvenirs doesn’t sound like a fun time to me. I’ll take six flags or a local water park any day. At least then i can go in all the rides for under $100.

  11. Tee

    The price at DL works out to be about $70-80 per ride but I would feel better about paying it if the “cast members” were paid a living wage.

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