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Cinderella Castle 50th Anniversary lights

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  1. Amelia C

    Okay I’m honestly terrified right now. I’m going to Disney World on Monday for the first time, and Im spending Monday at Magic Kingdom. I was nervous before all of the crowds, and now I’m scared. And with covid and everything (I am vaccinated) this is going to be a disaster!

    1. Lynisa

      This is sad news. I’ve been to Disney World many times and I don’t see myself going back. The 60+ minutes wait are just miserable. Guaranteed they will be longer now. Too many people.. it’s not fun anymore.

    2. Alex

      Yeah. We’ve had passes for the last 2 weeks, only went 4 times as it was far too crowded. If we had the 2 weeks again I would not have bothered. Probably taken the financial hit and gone to Sea World or universal instead. Queue times were long, and even early day 10 mins queues turned into 30mins queues. On top of that you need to buy fast pass tickets but they only offer value if you plan to stay in the parks from 9-9 (as most of your fast pass rides will be in the afternoon) which is hard to do when it is that busy and you have small children.

    3. Chris

      If you’re terrified about crowds and covid, why are you going to a theme park at all?

      My daughter and I went to DW in December for awhile week d had a blast. Neither of us came down with anything.

      1. Amelia C

        Cause its my first time at Disney??? Im going.

      2. Ashe

        I’ve just got back from WDW a week ago. Most of the time the crowds were awful and we’ve just tested positive for covid. Be aware of what you’re getting into and temper your expectations, that’s what I’d say.

    4. FL-Dad

      Well since you’re vaxxed, you are invulnerable, right? The vax protects you, right? And it prevents you from passing it too, right? I have some oceanfront property in Arizona for sale– real cheap. Just for you.

      1. Jarvis


      2. Anna

        Can you please tell me where you have oceanfront property in Arizona?

      3. Eddie

        If you do not understand – as proven by your words – what a vaccination does and mean, why are you talking about it?

    5. HQ

      Should you have picked a different week? Probably, it is notoriously busy during Feb vacation. Sure, you will likely wait in some long lines, but keep your spirits up and have a blast! Dont make this a self fulfilling prophecy thinking you will have a terrible time and get sick to boot. Keep positive and you will have fun and stay healthy.

    6. Jarvis

      Yes, don’t go. Give your ticket to someone who isn’t scared. Stay home and watch CNN.

      1. Jordan

        Yeah, because everyone worried about going to a packed theme park watch CNN.

    7. Malachi

      Yes . My advice is don’t go.. I was there 2 weeks ago and it was hell on earth. It was a quiet day in January, a Monday.. people was shoulder to shoulder all around the park .. 90 waits on ride that are old and poor .. very very terrible experience and place … don’t do it and don’t waste that money.. there are other parks to go to … you can’t get near any characters and if you do it’s a photo as they are behind a rope and you aren’t aloud to take your mask off for the photo …… avoid at all costs.. seaworld and universal was lovely

    8. SAM

      Disney is not taking the precautions they are advertising. Anyone who goes to Disney right now is foolish.

    9. make sure you take out an equity loan on your house before you go to this WAY overpriced park,disney anymore is sickening,ripping you off at every turn! it use to be enjoyable and now that’s all gone,it’s all about the dollar!
      honestly,universal studios gives you more for your money! family of 4 pays $500 average at the gate to go into THEIR park and spend MORE money! no wonder why that mouse is always smiling!

  2. Chris B

    Fast pass tickets arent a “need” unless youre the type that just gives Disney your money just because its Disney. I was at Disney World from feb 4th through the 9th and I didnt pay for anything extra like lightning lane and I did just fine. You’re already paying enough to get into the parks so why pay even more?

  3. Marcella

    We will be there Tuesday through Sunday. We are running in the Princess 5K fun run! I can’t wait!

  4. B

    I am an AP and at Epcot today. Crowds are insane. We are leaving today. I can only imagine what tomorrow will be like.

  5. Stacie

    It’s twirlmania week

  6. SueS

    Just FYI – AP with the “old” passes have access 18 thru 21.

  7. Kate

    We are going Monday. Wonder If we can parkhop.

    1. Melanie Durham

      You can park hop after 2pm if there are openings and to only one park after 2 per day.

  8. Chris

    Let ’em all pack in until people are overflowing out into the street like diarrhea from a congested colon.

  9. Al

    We went yesterday and today, I am so glad we are going home. It was 85 degrees and packed everywhere

  10. This is our son’s first time going to Diney and I have to say it is the most stressful vacation I have ever taken in my life. In order to get on any ride in less than an hour you have to stay up until midnight to purchase genie+, then get up at 7 to make one reservation which the earliest I got was for 5:25. I made this at 7 am. You have to use your phone for everything from using lightning pass to ordering food, so you are basically looking at your phone all dayninstrad of being in the moment.I do not plan on coming back if I have to plan every moment of my day otherwise you are just wondering around the park because everything is full. Disney use to be fun, now it felt like a job. I seriously need a vacation after this.

  11. Amelia C

    Why are y’all being so damn rude? Okay let me rehearse cause I guess my comment can’t get through your thick skulls. IM going to Disney World for the FIRST time and next week is my winter break from school. Ive always wanted to go to Disney so I will. I am not worried about covid, I’m worried about the lines and crowds because I’m a very impatient person. And to the person who said don’t go and see your tickets, Im damn well going and I’m not selling my tickets.

    1. Lynn

      I agree with you. Today this country is ate up with nothing but rude ppl!

    2. Eddie

      I can fully understand you and I wish you despite the crowds a magical time! I think it’s still possible, if you are not fixed to go on everything ride, instead enjoy the park itself with the characters.Sadly, it will not be the same experience than 10y ago, but nobody can change that, so get the best out of it, and I’m pretty sure this is still possible. I was there in December, it was also very crowded and when I got annoyed by that, I just tried to find a happy character and started watching Joy/Micky/Buzz… For a while. Disney World is not just the rides. Maybe that helps a little.
      For the next vacation I can recommend Shanghai/Hong Kong/Tokyo (if travel there will be possible again): in my option the crowds are much less and the Disney experience is better. Also everything is cheaper, so that the additional costs for travel will be compensated.

      And ignore the bad comments! Look at the people outside: there are people who even would kill other humans just because they believe in lies of a corrupt person. Look at the radical anti-vaccination people, who who do not believe facts or the attack of the Capitol. And it is not USA only: Look at the Taliban, look at Palestine and Israel, look at the AFD in Germany… The word is full of rude people, whose Intention is to spread false information up to hurting or killing other people just because of wrong information. I even saw a guy hitting an other guy with a child on his shoulders in Magic Kingdom during the fireworks. We can’t do anything against these stupid radicals, so don’t listen to them and have fun in Disney World!

      1. Sahana

        That comment turned down the wrong street.

        1. Eddie

          Why? Do you belong to a hate spreading and/or violent group?

    3. samuel

      Sounds like pretty poor planning on your part if its your first trip and you decided to go during a school holiday. That right there is a rookie move and you guaranteed yourself to hit huge crowds.

    4. you will learn the hard way,don’t forget the wheel barrow of cash you will need!

  12. Robin

    Enjoy your trip and the Disney magic. Yes, it will be crowded and some people there (and in this thread) will be rude. That’s about them. My family and I have been there multiple times (primarily in the height of summer so I KNOW about the crowds). 😉 You know it will be crowded going into it – like most things in life, it will be what you make of it. Relax, breathe in the Disney magic, exhale the worry, and HAVE FUN! It’s DISNEY!!!

  13. franklin

    Anytime there is a rundisney event you can guarantee the parks will be crowded. This was true even before covid showed up. People come into town a few days early to hit the parks and that inflates the crowds and makes the wait times for everything skyrocket.

  14. I’m surprised Disney doesn’t have a home equity loan window at every entrance, because you will need it! this place is out of control,with stupid prices on EVERYTHING!
    we use to go every year with the kids,no more,that rat has picked my pocket for the last time,,greed for the CEO’s making 30-40 million a year, will destroy disney world!

  15. Art

    We will be headed to Hollywood Studios Tuesday and Animal Kingdom Thursday. Yes we will purchase the Genie Pass.

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