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premier access sign disneyland paris

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  1. THX1138

    Stand in line, wait you’re turn.

  2. Meg

    Paying extra on top of my already costly park ticket makes this way too much for a family of 4. Disney is becoming so unaffordable. Disney is losing the magic that made it such a great park.

  3. Len

    So, what happens if everybody buys these passes? Nothing changes except the amount Disney collects in revenue? Seriously, people should simply boycott Disney anything for an entire year until prices are lowered.

  4. Jose Antonio Maestre Alvarez-Buiza

    ¿Volverán las pulseras de colores en disney genie/fast pass?

  5. X Wing KC

    Disney’s price point may be a cheaper option. Universal’s Express Unlimited for 2 parks is like $119 per person per day in addition to park passes. That cost covers both parks and all rides. There’s a cheaper option at $89 for *most* rides. The prices for single dat tickets are $109 park pass, $79 Express Pass. We normally don’t have time to do both parks in one day. Now we are UOAP holders so after 4 PM “Fast Pass” is free to us. I’m also AP at Disney. So I would not mind paying $15 per ride at Disney compared to Universal’s universal pricing. In my experience you can never ride all the rides in one park anyways. If you have a large family, these express/fast passes may not even be affordable. But if you decide which ride you most want, it might be a good option to pay to not wait in line.

    1. Steve-O

      Wow–I think if I had laid out the money for annual passes and knew I could go whenever there’s zero chance I’d pay extra to skip a line I (presumably) knew would be there…

  6. Claudio Grande

    The Genie (Fastpass) product is out of control. On top of having to pay to get into the park, now they want to charge you what used to be free as part of your experience at the park.
    I have been a Passholder for over 20 years, and the price hike that Disney has imposed on Passholders and public in General is outrageous. Disney now has become a money hungry corporation that takes advantage of the “Magic of Disney”
    Their products are going downhill, such as the food, the parades, etc. everything in general is more money, less quality and less fun.
    I will never pay additional money for the Genie pass or Premium Access, etc.

    1. Steve-O

      We’ve discussed maybe going back someday,but the more I see and read about things like this and all the insance new fees the less I think we’ll be going back—that, or I”ll save the money and put it towards a trip to Tokyo Disney. If I’m going to spend a fortune to visit Disney might as well get a whole new experience in the meantime…

  7. Lee

    They also push the Genie when they do the DAS interviews. I’ve had a DAS since 2016 , my health hasn’t gotten better but worse and this time they told me no DAS, but she sweetly offered me to buy Genie ….

    1. Steve-O

      Sorry for my ignorance, but what is “DAS”? Disney Annual….something?

  8. Jorge

    I’ve been to Disneyland Paris almost every year since 1992…some years with annual pass, we went two weeks in a row…I told my kids last year it would be sometime now before we return as the magic is simply gone…just money grabbing feeling all around…well, it was fun…let’s move on

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