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  1. Tom

    Good. No one cares about The Princess and the Frog. Leave it as is.

  2. Princess Tiana deserves her own ride and restaurant by retheming Tom Sawyer Island better than retheming Splash Mountain in Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom

    1. DisneyFan


    2. A Thiel

      That is a great idea!


    3. Savannah

      Totally agree if they take out splash mountain do it in disney land where they’re splash is close to theyre French courter in the park make the east and west coasts different. But I do agree if something is popular leave it be make something doesnt have excitement and revamp it to draw people to it

    4. Scarlett Elizabeth Cressel

      I totally agree !! There is more space at Tom Sawyer’s Island and it really is just as controversial as Song of the South. Tom Sawyer’s Island could be a whole little “Princess and the Frog” area; and keep Splash Mountain; as what is displayed there is not as controversial as what is in the movie…. IMO

      1. JC

        Amen! Leave Splash and Tom Sawyers Island alone. There’s enough princess theming as is.

        1. Kenr

          I concur. Leave Splash and Tom Sawyer alone. They can redo Figment in Epcot with Tiana or something better. That ride needs help big time.

          1. Yes it’s just the way figment stares into your soul

    5. SaveSpashMountain

      I keep on saying this!

  3. Cal

    Princess and the Frog ride would be fun just not in place of Splash Mountain! The ride itself is not racist and more accurately no where near being racist. I hope the bologna that was conjured up about Splash Mountain being offensive has finally worn off.

    1. Kohl

      Considering that the ride was protested by the NAACP when it was originally built i’d say the controversy is not new. The movie it was based on was also protested at the time for the racist stereotypes present in the cartoon portions as well as for the former slave character who was telling stories to what were probably the children of his former master as if everything is all good now that he is free. The problem is that the movie portrays that time period as idyllic which is far from the truth.

      1. KenSaysNo

        You have some great points, however canceling out both the film and perhaps Splash Mountain (as it is) also cancels out the African American Disney Legned animator Floyd Norman who worked on the film and has stated many times he wants that movie to be shown again. It also cancels out James Basket who played Uncle Remus.
        I think it would be much better to keep Splash how it is and have a backstory at the exit area about the film and these guys. Otherwise both of them will be lost to history and cancelation!

        1. Jimbo_48

          Floyd Norman did not work on Song of the South; he was 11 years old when the film was released in 1946. He worked on a number of other projects that are represented in the parks, so Floyd will not be “cancelled” because of this, which I hope calms the folks who worry about fake buzzwords like that.

          1. Br

            But James Basket who was the first African American to receive an honorary Oscar would be canceled. And you’re cool with that? Hmm. 🤔

          2. KenSaysNo

            Yes you are right. I stand corrected. However he has been outspoken about Song of the South should be shown again (probably now on Disney+) and has lobbied Disney over there years about it being made available on DVD (again, now that would be streaming).

      2. Ken Brenner

        Negative! No one complained until June 1, 2020 and the WOKE/Cancelers all started their stuff. Leave Splash Mountain alone, unless you can prove those animals told someone at the veterinarins to prove thier racists beliefs… And, that goes for Tom Sawyer Island. These are traditional Disney attractions that need to be left alone, especially by the LEFT.

        1. Matt Lange

          Just want to point out that it’s the Twitter mob that is for this, I guarantee that there are more LEFTISTS annoyed about this than there are pro-retheme.
          I haven’t been able to find ardent supporter for it outside of Twitter and Reddit (and even the anti voices get drowned out on those platforms by the whiners).

          1. Alex

            I SOOOO agree

        2. Jordan

          It’s not the animals, it’s the movie it’s based on that people have a problem with. They were thinking of changing the ride before all this happened. Hence why they had concept art shortly after the events that took place. The only thing that stopped them from working on it was the 50th and then covid.
          They are just taking a racial slur off, no need to get bent out of shape. Disney was all for change, if you don’t like that, then you aren’t a Disney fan

          1. S1

            No they weren’t thinking of changing it before. There will be no change to Splash Mountain and the movie it’s based. on is NOT racist. When Walt died the idea of Disney changing died with him. When I take over Disney and make it great again, the parks will ultimately be locked in place and frozen in time for good. And it’s you who isn’t a Disney fan. Only purists matter and I will treat Disney theme parks like private clubs. You’d do better to think of Disney like the Augusta National Golf Club, the home of The Masters.

      3. Bobert

        The ride was never protested. NAACP had words to say about the film, Song of the South, when it was originally released, but not the ride. In fact, I don’t think the ride has ever been protested.

  4. Mimi

    In all honesty, there is so much room at Animal Kingdom & that park does not get much as far as crowds like the other parks .

    They could make an entire princess & the Frog area there! As well, by adding more rides there would be good, since it only has a few rides worth going on.

    We Don’t even bother going there anymore it’s so big over there, but needs something new !

    Imagine merging in a Bayou setting/theme for princess & the frog, it would work !

    1. Kohl

      Yes, let’s put one of the only black characters in the animal themed park because that makes sense!

      1. Mctm

        Tiana would theme way better on Toms island turn into a bayou with a ride her restaurant and other attractions and with the steam boat going around its perfect that space is such a waste right now if they feel they have to change splash I think Pocahontas theme would go better with frontier land theming change the fumes slightly to look like camped the outside wouldn’t need much alterations

        1. Jimbo_48

          Pocahontas is even more out of place in Frontierland than Princess & the Frog; honestly, Splash Mountain doesn’t fit in there thematically, either.

          I wish that when people said things like, “Oh, this is a MUCH better fit than that,” and point to theming, they’d d have an understanding of how theming worked.

      2. Kevin M Sharkey

        Do you wake up every morning just to find new things to be ‘offended’ about, Kohl?

        1. Kohl

          Lol, new things? Black people have been compared to animals for a long time in this country.

          1. Ken Brenner

            This kind of discussion is the reason we are and continue to be heavily divided. The truth is, the Lord is no respecter of persons (regardless of their race, nationality, etc.).
            This is what happens when a society gets away from God’s Word.

          2. fkohl

            stfu you dam porch monkey

            1. Dawn

              That is extremely rude and uncalled for!

            2. Lol your right. Haha

              1. That was ment for fkohl

          3. Wait didn’t Disney say say they were closing the ride because it had something to do with black people? THEN WHY ARE THEY REPLACING IT WITH A RIDE THAT THE MAIN CHARACTER IS BLACK?! (I am not radio I respect everyone equally)

          4. I ment rasict not radio Dam auto correct

    2. R

      @ Mimi I totally agree with you. A bayou is a complete eco system it deserves its own mini world, loads of fun rides could be imagined. Disney has more land in FL. than they know what to do with. AK would be great.

    3. KenR

      The Jungle Book would work way better in the Animal Kingdom. I am kind of surprised that it is not there already. Not sure that a New Orleans based attraction fits in AK. But then, I did not think that Pandora did either.

  5. John

    Leave Splash Mountain alone. That goes as well for Tom Sawyers Island. Tiana can go somewhere else. She doesn’t belong in Frontierland.

    1. JC

      Absolutely agree!

    2. Ken Brenner

      Agree John – thank you.
      This is all WOKE-inspired nonsense.

  6. M

    Pretty obvious. No one wants Splash Mountain to go except twitter crazies. Why waste millions on re-theming the most popular attraction no one wants? Leave Splash alone. Build Princess Tiana somewhere else.

    1. I agree with you. Other than that this Splash Mountain re theme is not going to share the success as the Tower of Terror re theme.
      Everyone is not liking it. Hopefully it will be canceled and we won’t have to hear about it anymore.

  7. S1

    There will not be any change and I look forward to enjoying Splash Mountain in 2042 for WDW’s 75th anniversary and in 2055 for Disneyland’s centennial long after the company has been De-Chapefied and been made great again.

  8. Ernest Joy

    I just find it strange they would take a risk like this on a ride that always has the line out the door and wrapped around to the front. You don’t RETHEME a A Attraction.

    1. david

      Tower of Terror got reskinned into the Guardians of the Galaxy and it doesn’t seem to have hurt ridership all that much. I say that as a DLR passholder for over 10 years. Whenever we walk by that part of DCA there is/was a pretty decent line for the ride both as ToT and now Guardians.

  9. APK

    Princess and the Frog is a welcome addition to the WDW attraction line-up; however, please do not replace the existing Splash Mountain. There is plenty of land to create a unique attraction for this very deserving and entertaining movie.

    1. Ken Brenner

      Honestly, I’d never heard of the Princess and the Frog until all of this nonsens about Splash Mountain being racist. Certainly never heard of it before June 1, 2020. Ridiculous…

  10. A Thiel

    That is a great idea!

    1. This Splash Mountain re theme is not going to share the success as the Tower of Terror re theme.
      Everyone is not liking it. Hopefully it will be canceled and we won’t have to hear about it anymore.

  11. Larry

    Leave Splash Mountain as is … Leave Carousal of Progress as is … You are building a jillion new things … stay away from the great, older attractions that have been around for years …

    1. I agree with you. Other than that this Splash Mountain re theme is not going to share the success as the Tower of Terror re theme.
      Everyone is not liking it. Hopefully it will be canceled and we won’t have to hear about it anymore.

      1. Jimbo_48

        “Everyone is not liking it.”

        Please define “everyone”. If you mean people on DIS Twitter and other DIS-focused social platforms, who represent a fraction of a percent of the millions of guests who visit each year, then OK.

        If they do the re-theme justice, then it’ll be just as busy as Splash always was…and the folks complaining now will get their rides in on it, too, the next time they’re at MK.

        1. Ken Brenner

          Part of the problem here is the reasoning. We’re just tired of all the WOKE-inspired changes. There’s nothing wrong with Splash Mountain.

  12. Bern

    I would recommend keeping it as it is. This ride is very upbeat and everyone loves it. Why fix it if it isn’t broke.

  13. Love Splash Mountain it needs to stay the way it is!

    1. Yes you are right! Splash mountain needs to be left alone!

  14. Rob

    The Princess and the Frog should be more of a restaurant rather than a ride. LEAVE SPLASH MOUNTAIN ALONE ALREADY! There is absolutely nothing wrong with the ride. If you don’t like it, leave your thoughts to yourself and quit putting your leftist ideology on everyone.

    1. I agree with you. Other than that this Splash Mountain re theme is not going to share the success as the Tower of Terror re theme.
      Everyone is not liking it. Hopefully it will be canceled and we won’t have to hear about it anymore.

  15. Ron Kirsch

    I just rode this great attraction last December. It was heartwarming to see it pretty much the same as it was. Having experienced it when it first opened to now i did see a lot of original parts of it not working. The biggest disappointment was the jumping streams of water leading you through the ride. Many are not working. Most people will not notice but i sure did.
    The classic story of animals should not be offensive to people. Who ever came up with that has too much time on their hands. Leave a classic alone. No change is good change.

    How can you have an issue with a song that says ‘plenty of sunshine coming my way zipidy do da zipidy ah’. I listened harder to the song this time and found not an ounce of it offensive. This is supposed to be Disney World with the legacy of Walt Disney. It was not created as a politically diverse forum. Not everything is political especially Disney World. If you love it go there. If not stay home. There are plenty of attractions for everyone. I don’t go on some for various reasons but never with political stuff in mind.


    and bring back the origianl Figment ride. It was much better than the current skunk scented remake. I still.remember the rose water scent that filled the ride.

  16. KenR

    A couple of things on my mind.
    1) the present theme is not controversial to any reasonable person. and has not bothered anyone for 2+ decades. It’s one of the best rides on property.
    2) They should spend the money on a night-time parade. That is something that Magic Kingdom fans really want.
    3) There are better and more popular movies that “deserves a ride” more so than Tiana. Jungle Book, Dalmatians, Sleeping Beauty, Tangled, Pinocchio, Pocahontas, are a few that come to mind that did better at the box office and are more popular than Princess and the Frog too.

    1. Ken Brenner

      Good idea Kenr. Never heard of the Princess and the Frog until the Wokers started using it as a reason for an unnecessary change.

  17. Jimbo_74

    What is the point of an article like this? I mean, other than to rile up people who want to get their hopes up?

    Splash is going, like it or not; the message was clear that Disney is finally, officially ready to cut ties with SotS and its problematic history, and that’s not something that they can simply make disappear like a Mary Poppins section at Epcot. I’m shocked they haven’t already bitten the bullet and closed it by this point; once 10/1/21 hit and the 50th kicked off, I figured it was on borrowed time.

    1. Ken Brenner

      Well, I’ve ridden Splash Mountain many times and I never heard the animals say anything racist…

    2. S1

      Because it is not going. Disney has lost billions that will take years to recover, nobody cares about Princess and the Frog, there is nothing wrong with Splash or SOTS, and nothing is problematic. That word should be stricken from the English language. Disney will not be allowed to cut ties with SOTS and will one day be forced by law to release it. Splash will still be there when WDW celebrates its 75th.

  18. James

    I think Pocahontas deserves to be represented somewhere in Frontierland. I know that the movie wasn’t well received by critics and audiences due to being historically inaccurate but the music and animation won the film Academy Awards and the lead character is one of the best heroines in animation history!

    1. Jimbo_74

      Frontierland is set in the Old West during the mid-to-late 19th century; Pocahontas is set in the woods of Virginia during the early 17th century. It’s really not a match at all.

  19. Hunter

    It’s not happening. Poseidon Entertainment predicted this WELL OVER A YEAR AGO after the Disney Parks Blog post. Everyone needs to watch his amazing video on YouTube “Why Splash Mountain is Not Getting a Retheme”. His channel is called “Poseidon Entertainment” and he called Disney’s bluff almost immediately.

    1. Jordan

      Time will only tell since they are still talking about it. Claiming they won’t do it when they haven’t said they aren’t going to do it makes no sense

  20. Okay so disney is making a bad mistake because SOONER IT LATER THERE IS GOING TO BE RIOTING ABOUT “Keep splash mountain! Keep splash mountain!” AND DISNEY IS GONNA BE SUED LIKE 50 TIMES. And also should ent you just replace the princess Fairy tale meet and greet with a tiana ride she does not belong in frontier land! Leave splash mountain alone!

  21. Just replace the princess fairy tale meet and greet with Tiana because it serves no purpose anymore all it is princesses just stand at the front waving to guests. It’s not even a meeting greet! And it’s so big you could fit a ride there. So Disney make the tiana ride there and not at the beloved splash mountain

  22. Caleb

    I have been going on splash mountain since I was born. It holds a lot of sentimental value to myself and others. It’s my favorite ride in the theme park not just because of the drop at the end but because of the warm zipidee doo da day song and theme. I really hope they decide not to change it. It would break my heart

  23. M

    They better be. Just end this stupid re-theme idea. No one wanted this except twitter crazies. Leave it alone.

  24. #savesplashmountain

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