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Kilimanjaro Safaris vehicle

Credit: Disney


  1. Marie

    They have increased prices and charge for things that were previously free, yet the parks are lacking proper maintenance, and are in a state of disrepair.
    It shows the lack of interest on keeping the fantasy but a high interest of filling their pockets.

  2. DJTluvsputin

    Stuff happens… The videographer seemed to be looking for for reasons to commplain.

  3. AlexR

    Wait, I get to walk through the “wild” in a Disney Zoo. I am not so sure I see this as a down side. Those vehicles take a beating, with 2-4 different drivers every day many of whom are under 25. That’s not a dig on young drivers, I just know neither myself or my friends were nice to a vehicle when I was under 40.

    Now on the topic of under maintained Disney, I will agree but things like this break all the time no matter the amount of pre-maintenance. Would I prefer a return to the days of 1996 and clean parks with lots of streetmosphere sure. Only way to get that is to talk with your wallet till they listen.

  4. Dave

    Next to the lions with toddler’s. They walk among use.🤡

  5. Jon

    Disney needs to get rid of Bob C. Out ASAP.

  6. Becca

    Yeah, they wouldn’t have to force me to walk the safari. Honestly, I’d almost rather walk than ride. Then I wouldn’t have to get in different angles to get pictures around people in front of me on the vehicle.
    Im almost hoping this happens during my next ride on the safari

  7. Nick

    You know, we have become a society where we not only look for, but prey like wild animals for things to complain about. You know, sometimes things just happen, unfortunate things just happen… you may be on top of the maintenance of your personal vehicle, but things like this still happen. I’ve been to movies where I hear people just nit picking at every little thing, yet it’s a movie, a fantasy, a non-real method of entertainment. Can we just stop with looking at everything, EVERYTHING so negative, and just enjoy the moments for a change?! Sometimes things happen, & that’s when you make the best of the situation, because complaining is not going to fix or make the situation better in all cases.

    1. Be nice

      Absolutely Thank you I don’t think I could say it any better!

  8. Jon

    I was on this truck that broke. They handled it about a well as they could. They did ask is to not film the behind the scenes part of the walk though.

  9. Disney is out of control yeah trucks break , to go there anymore is no longer fun like it used to be ,and crazy over price for everything just to fill the fat cats Wallets Honestly pound for pound I think you get more for your money at Universal Studios right down the road no wonder why that Mickey Mouse is always smiling and dancing he can’t wait to get back to the room that has all the cash to Count it!

  10. Jo March

    Hysterical! I was in a REAL animal reserve in Kenya when our truck blew a tire. We had to all evacuate the truck and were exposed to the REAL threat of being attacked. No back door! The next day our truck got stuck in the mud and had to be assisted by another truck as well as all of us pushing. Both trucks evacuated so 13 people at the mercy of lions, elephants, hyenas, etc. for over an hour. The Disney guests had a minor inconvenience.

  11. Florence

    Smile. It’s an adventure you won’t soon forget and will talk about for years.
    You got to see some behind the scenes stuff. Count the positive and nothing had you for dinner.

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