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mickey and minnie at disneyland

Credit: Disney


  1. Kevin M Sharkey

    Damn. Disney people will complain about ANYTHING!!! Then rush right over to social media to post about it.

  2. Michelle

    We used Genie + on our trip to Disneyland last weekend. It was totally worth the $20!! We got to do everything we wanted at both parks in one incredible epic day! Would get Genie + again for sure. It worked great all day!

  3. James

    I cannot believe the trivia that some people concern themselves with. They seem so negative and sad. Life is good…enjoy it. Be slow to criticize others. Jeez

  4. James

    Wow, they are really griping about the color of the signs? That’s ridiculous. As far as Genie+, we have avoided at this point. We were at Disney World 2 weekends ago and decided to rope drop Hollywood Studios on Saturday and Epcot on Sunday. It was great, we walked right on Rise of the Resistance and finished all we wanted to do by Noon. On Sunday, we waited maybe 10 minutes for Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure so we had no need for the Lightning Lane individual ride fees or Genie+.

  5. JC

    As a retired CM, Disney may have painted that sign different because guests don’t pay attention and don’t read and get in the wrong lines. This way with them being different may prevent this….and then…maybe not. You have to work there to understand the things CM’s see…and just when you think you’ve seen it all…nope, you haven’t.

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