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  1. Walt

    Unfortunately this kind of behavior has become a more regular occurrence. My wife and for years attended a Disney park at least twice a year. Now there we live in Florida and are annual pass holders we go twice a month. We have seen unacceptable behavior like this almost every trip this year.

    We’ve seen guests yell and cuss at cast members because a ride breaks while we’ve been standing in line. We’ve seen guests argue and almost get physical because 1 person from the parts saves a spot in line and the rest go get snacks and drinks and then cut back into the line.

    It’s funny the article says it’s a zero tolerance but it seems likes this happens so much lately either guests aren’t aware or the consequences aren’t severe enough. Maybe a blacklist for a couple months would help.

    1. Lynn

      Im afraid that we did not get the whole story here! Why would that man pick that particular family to start a fight with? Something else happened first. Did he cut in line with his wife and child? Just sounds alittle one sided!

  2. Sue

    The problem is alcohol I can remember when there was no alcohol at magic kingdom only in the sit down restaurants. Epcot is full of drunks. See it all the time. Drinking leads to being loud and ignorant. Sorry but it does. But the sad thing is it’s done in front of kids. And there own kids.

    1. Chon Wang

      I am. You done wronged my woman cowpoke! *falls into the eggroll cart*

    2. Mouse Supporter

      What’s really bothersome on Disney Property is that Children are allowed to sit at Bars with an Adult!!! I complained about this so many times and Disney says it’s allowed because it’s om their property. So if you bring your kids to Disney and there are no tables available well you can sit at the Bar with them and watch people drink and listen to adult conversations!! DISGUSTING!

      1. Nathan

        Yeah and? Oh my gosh an adult conversation…watching them drink…say it ain’t so? What kind of adult conversations do you think happens at the “bar seats” versus a table in a restaurant? Yes, some people get in over their head with intoxication but I would say that is few and far between at Disney.

    3. Mike G

      If you actually read the article, you would realize this didn’t occur at Epcot

  3. Joan

    A couple years ago, I had a knee replacement and couldn’t do all the walking at the parks so we rented a wheel chair. As I am heavy, we got a wide wheel chair. I was on the haunted mansion ride, came off to find that someone had switched my wheelchair with a regular one and took off with my belongings in the pocket in the back. So, bad behavior has been going on for a long time.

    1. Sue

      Disney treatment of handicapped people has been declining for years. I am wheelchair bound myself at the parks. They use to take you in through the exit or had a special line for wheelchairs; not anymore. I get way better treatment at Universal.

      1. sneakertinker

        You can blame all the people who were taking advantage of the system Disney put in place…Once upon a time, back before Disney got tighter with handicap access to the rides, there was a thriving behind the scenes business where handicap people would actually sell their time to others looking to bypass ride lines…

        By that I mean they would actually charge and escort complete strangers through the parks to get through lines…

        It wasn’t Disney who changed the policy just out of thin air…As is usually the case it’s some other idiots / idiots that ruin things for people who are legitimately trying to do things the right way…

        On the plus side however, Disney outright charges to bypass the lines themselves now (Insert sarcastic tone here)…

  4. lorraine

    Disney needs to hire more security for their parks. I am sure the security there does the best they can but when people are assaulting people like they have been lately, there needs to be more done……….Hopefully this person is not ever going to be let in a park again.

  5. lorraine

    I notice lately that more and more people just cut ahead of us in line. It should be, once you are in line, you cannot move ahead of anyone elce……Yesterday we were in line for soaring. There were several people at different times that just walked by us. I dont want to start anything and said nothing , and I believe thats how the rest felt too………Now I had ( quite a few yrs ago) had a man come up behind my husband and myself and say “you are in my families seats” I said no , these seats were empty……..he put his hand on my shoulder and said “please leave or I will get security?” I said go ahead and get them, he left and I never saw him again……I guess being a blonde He thought he could push me around

  6. R

    How “magical”. . .

  7. R

    Ah so much “magic”. . .

  8. Lee H

    Part of the problem is , the CM’s tell everyone to move up and fill in all available space. Now as locals we watch all the tourists just stand there , so we move and they automatically think we are cutting the line. No, we are listening and following the instructions being given ….. pay attention

    1. Erjen

      Yes! This! Or the people may have been paying attention to the length of the lines at the touch points and changed to a shorter, quicker moving line.

    2. Flattering Will Get You Nowhere

      Locals entitlement at it’s finest…

      Maybe give the people who haven’t been to a theme park in years the benefit of the doubt and nicely ask them to move forward…You know, since you do this regularly…Never mind that this would likely be the hundredth time you done (insert attraction name here) to their first…AND the fact that you’ll likely experience it a hundred more times before the do…

      The parks were made for tourists just as much as they were made for locals…

      But I digress…Maybe take a break from from one of the largest tourist attractions in the world if your unhappy with tourist behavior…”pay attention” and have so situational awareness…

  9. LizS

    You need to be kicked off these comment boards. This isn’t the first time “Mr. WHITE” that you automatically assume it was a POC.

    1. Ella Harmeyer

      Agree, I started to comment above and then realized he is a troll and just looking for attention. You can’t fix intentional stupidity.

    2. Mike Clinghopper

      He’s absolutely right… the story doesn’t make sense. The only way someone would approach this guy and ask if he was with the family in front of him, then tell him to go to the back of the line is if they had just seen him cut. It doesn’t’ take Sherlock Holmes to figure this out.

  10. Fan of Stitch

    Rude behavior had been a regular occurrence at WDW for a long time, but much worse this last trip.
    On our 1st trip as a family, in 2016, we were standing in line waiting at Columbia Harbor House. My daughters were 3 & 4 at the time. The CM told us to get into a specific line and directed us to the outside lane on the right. In wheels an older lady on a motorized wheelchair. She was directed behind us in line. My 3 yr old was standing next to me, maybe 2 feet to the side. Wheelchair lady whips around her, nearly running her over, if I hadn’t grabbed her, she would have, and cuts in the line. I comment to her and she told me to keep my brats in line! The CM that had just taken our order was so apologetic. She was refused service and we got our dinner free.
    On my trip in 2017 with my friend, we were waiting to watch Wishes, standing on Main Street. We were pushed out of the way by a family of 4, who stood right in front of us and put their kids on their shoulders.
    2020, pre-pandemic, was the 1st time we’d been and didn’t experience outright rude, except getting run over by strollers.
    2022, girls trip again. Saw an entire group cut in line in Star Tours. We were in LL, they were in Standby. The 1st half of the group was ahead of us. The 2nd half jumped in behind us. The tapstile at the top of the ramps wasn’t working, so they weren’t verified. Saw something like this happen a few more times this trip, saw people yelling at each other, teenage groups being rude to guests and CMs, profanity, people in clothes that barely covered anything… 1 woman in a bikini top, several in sports bras. People watching wasn’t as fun as it normally is.

  11. Jill

    If you weren’t allowed to enter the line until your entire party was there a lot of problems would be solved. Two people in front of me turned into eight people. Disney is not the same anymore. Genie + is not working well, long lines, and frustrated guest are the new norm. Disney is no longer the happiest place on earth. Chose how you spend your money wisely.

    1. Jen

      Absolutely agree!! All parties need to be complete before getting into line. Also, if they do not have DAS or lightning lane reservations they should not be given a pass to proceed.

  12. Gina

    I am also wheelchair bound and miss the times when people did not take advantage. It’s a sad thing that people think being a wheelchair is a benefit. Try it for a week no stop and see how much of a benefit you think it is. I have run into this numerous times. I have been bitten by someones child (at the instruction from the parent) so they can get in front of me and my family. It’s really sad what people will do to get one seat ahead. What benefit is it to be one seat ahead when you end up in the same place?

  13. Engine Joe

    Did the person who wrote this actually read what the guy posted? He was never physically assaulted lol… also I’m pretty sure he cut in line and that’s why this happened.

  14. Gina

    Yes I read it. Thank you for clearing that up for me.

  15. Jen

    I actually just dealt with that nonsense at the Magic Kingdom. There was one person that pushed in front of me and my family. All of a sudden 8 people jumped in front of us and joined their line skipping family member. They scanned their ticket and the CM tried to explain to them that they did not have lightning lane but they pushed on and acted like they did not know English. The CM leader was next to the other frustrated CM and said they will just put them all through. The CM leader apologized to me and I thanked her. All of a sudden one of the family members told me that we should go ahead of them because I want to get on a few seconds ahead of them. I was annoyed and told her to just go on and she started cursing at me in Spanish. I am part Spanish so I 🤦‍♀️ told her that I know Spanish and called her something pretty nasty in the language. Not my finest time but I do not cower from jerks. Her whole family was told by her what I said and they got really nasty and tried to get loud at me and my family. In the 35 years going to WDW I have never encountered such a nasty and strange encounter like that. At the end of the day DAS and lightning lane paying customers go into that line and people who are not in either group should absolutely not be allowed in. The CM’s had zero issues being like the “Gestapos’” with masks so they should be just as adamant about line skippers especially in the lightning lanes.

  16. KelKat

    This is nothing new… several years ago at Magic Kingdom, an older white woman with an English accent pushed me to get to what she must have thought was a better parade spot in front of me as a parade was starting. It was pretty crowded and she literally pushed us back to make room for the people she was with; it was unbelievable. I said something, protested, and asked them to go back… a verbal altercation occurred and she ended up hitting my husband in the face pretty hard. It was shocking and there were no Disney employees to help us. By the time we got someone to call security, the crazy lady and her family were lost in a sea of people. Magic Kingdom’s crowd control is bleak.

    1. Jen

      Wow, that is horrible. I am so sorry that happened to you and your husband.

  17. Debbie L Palen

    I was waiting for a child float at the lazy river for my daughter. An adult male came floating by in an adult float and was using a child float for his feet. I asked if I could have that float for my daughter. He shook his head no. WOW!

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