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  1. gian

    Why would you have the title of the article “Guest Warns Others Against This Disney Genie+ “Scam Alert”” when you then point out multiple times “Again, please note this is a complete joke and no one was scammed”? This is just deception of your readers.

  2. Candy

    One of the most stupidest articles I’ve read in a while. Thanks for basically NOT doing your job 🙄
    When in fact Genie+ is a huge scam. They charge for the service with an option for a la cart options. And over-inflate the numbers to get more but in. We are locals and have seen it far too many times. For instance the standby line is super short and it says 90+ minutes. We know where the line goes and looks like for that timeframe but no one is around. And the line for lightning is like 20 minutes. This is what a true journalist should be looking into instead of the garbage. 💩

    1. Candy

      Sorry for the typos, I just woke up and haven’t had my coffee yet.

      The line I was referencing as an example is Peter Pan

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