Comments for Guests Say Disney Genie+ Should Be Even More Expensive

disney genie

Credit: Disney


  1. I love Disney

    Genie+ and LL definitely needs to be more or less expensive based on demand. Otherwise, it doesn’t work properly. You spend money and no fastpass available, or you want to buy a LL and it’s sold out a few seconds after 7am. Only people who wants Genie+ cheap are the locals. For people who only gets to go once a year or once in a lifetime, that is not fun.

    1. Matthew

      I agree; demand is the ULTIMATE deciding factor.

  2. Lisa

    People will pay whatever it takes to get on a new ride especially if this is a once in a lifetime trip and they won’t be back. So now you’ll still have huge lines and will be paying more… I don’t think that’s the answer, but I really don’t KNOW what the answer is.

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