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twilek character at galactic starcruiser bar

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  1. Bob Chapek

    Mark my words. It’s going to be expensive and lame. Thats the new Chapek business model.

  2. DonB

    Well I believe the experience could be worth it for those who are die hard fans of Star Wars , but it is concerning that Disney is already changing some aspects. I’m a passionate fan of the Disney “ magic “ and I hope when Chapek’s rein of penny pinching is over , some of Walt’s vision and magic is still visible.

    1. Jeff

      die hard fans are the least likely to like this crap, they are the most betrayed by lucasfilms

  3. Francine Miller

    This is pure speculation on my part, but what if they are trying to be more inclusive? Some people with anxiety or social disorders may not want to feel put on the spot, but might still want to feel like they are there. Not everyone wants to be a part of the adventure, some people just want to observe and get away for a bit.

    1. that guy

      why would you go to a fully immersive in character c vacation if you are suffering from an illness that makes that kind of thing bad for you? im afraid of heights im not going to the top of the empire state building, im not going to demand they chop it down for me.

  4. Michael Smith

    They lost me the moment they said we can’t buy the retractable lightsabers. Why they don’t have those for sale is mind blowing.

    1. AH

      Probably because the slaves in China have not be whipped enough to increase production.

    2. Gern Blanston


      Nobody said you can’t buy one. Look around and find another seller.

      Or figure out how to build on yourself.

      I see no issue with keeping them as a show prop only.


      1. Trent

        To paraphrase: “You can buy them! I see no issue with you not being able to buy them.”

        Seems to me like you just wanted to say something.

  5. Grant

    That’s hilarious alcoholic beverages and specialty drinks aren’t included with the absurd price tag. For the 5k stay you could stay 2 weeks all inclusive in Mexico or the Caribbean with food and alchohol included. Maybe if you’re wasted on the ship the story line would seem more realistic, and would be a better experience. I see this is going to be a massive failure. Maybe it could be worth it if when you stay you got 2 hours after hours in the starwars land and a back entrance to the land. Still probably not worth the price tag. Looks very cheap

  6. I think there are a lot of people who can’t afford this themselves, so they are hoping this fails miserably. Im not sure if I would spend the money or not for this experience, but for those who do I say enjoy and pay no attention to all the haters.

    1. John Scarfi

      I was at the park year one for Christmas, 10 years old book of tickets in hand. Best days of my childhood were in that park. That place is gone and forgotten. The execution of the product is just like everywhere else now. Heading to Universal going forward. Truly sad.

    2. FL-Dad

      Afford, or Not Want to Waste money? Words matter. Context matters.

      If I could afford to spend $6K on a two day vacation, something really worth it, like a super luxurious superyacht in the Caribbean, I would do it. But to blow $6K for two nights in an extreme-themed Value Resort is foolish. Before I became an Orlando local, we would spend $6K for a family of 3 staying on property in a Moderate resort for a week, Dining Plan, and Park Hopper tickets.

      You can’t even dress-up like your favorite character, per Disney’s costume regulations. How “immersive” is that?

      If you can afford to blow $6K for a two-day experience, just to say you’ve done it, go ahead. I’ll save my money for something worth it.

  7. Michelle D

    Simple fact – The food in Docking Bay 7 used to only have “immersive labels” such as Tip Yip. However, many guests to the land, especially those not die-hard SW fans, had no idea what they were ordering so the CMs had to take a lot of time to explain the menu. Then *Poof* the menu gets additional “on planet” language to help guests know what to order. My guess is that people were thinking they were getting one thing (data pad = iPad to many non-WDW fans??) and Disney needed to clarify the details to help guests understand the language.

    1. BJL

      Michelle nailed it.

  8. Backcountry164

    The Galaxy’s Edge was supposed to be this incredible emersive experience. Much of that was stripped away and locked behind this pay-wall. And now even this has been wateted down.
    The new Disney model is pretty easy to comprehend. Price out the plebs so Richy Rich can have a better experience. The days of Disney being an experience for everyone are LONG GONE…

  9. Cheryl

    I grew up with the original SW, and when the big D announced this, I started saving $ like crazy! I can’t tell you how many thousands I’ve spent on Disney vacations but this WAS going to be the best! The mock up, concept drawings and themes made me want it more. THEN I saw what I was going to get for my $ and cancelled with my heart broken! I’ll extend my stay at another WDW resort and save $. My ability to afford WDW vacations is comming to an end and sadly it won’t include the cruiser. My lightsabers will stay in their cases, and my costumes will be passed along

  10. Disney could not pay me to be interested. Their food looks bizarre. I’m not interested in the activities, and I happen to be a Star Wars fan. I saw New Hope when I was 6. I would find it a waste of my time and money. I prefer the parks.

  11. Quinn

    The immersion was the only thing going for it. No matter how rich you are, without the immersive experience, this is a bad deal. For a 24/7 experience this might be worth the money as a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But it’s not worth it for anything less.

  12. GrabYourAnkles

    Anyone who pays this absurd price for a Chapek attraction is a moron. BOHICA.

  13. that guy

    the real reason this failed is no true star wars fan ( most of us are older) wants to go in character with a a mom karen, her partner, and three kids who could care less about the lore and characters and immersion, and just want to play with crap, and make noise. People i know that have gone said the kids on board were horribly out of control and ruined the entire experience.

    1. kyloben

      People you know… who have gone? It doesn’t open until March!

      1. Bob C.

        They have been having test “cruises”

  14. Mickeymouse3

    If you think about the total 2 night package, most will only experience 1 day immersion, if that.
    Day 1 – Check in…after 4pm…and hopefully your room will be ready. Night 1.
    Day 2 – Most guests will probably want to spend the day at Galaxy Edge. Night 2.
    Day 3 – Check out by 11 am.
    So when exactly will the “immersion” happen? I’ve read the rooms are “sterile” by design, so people will want to spend time away from their room, so no “immersion” there.
    Sorry. $6k is just too much of a waste for two nights.

    1. CM

      TLDR; “I don’t know what it is but my uneducated guess says I’ll hate it”

  15. George Lewkus

    This is fanboy nitpicking. Enjoy your circle jerk. Unsubscribing.

  16. Bob C.

    Have a very magical day!

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