Comments for Fans Say Disney Needs Extra Park Amid Universal’s Uprise

magic kingdom crowds aerial view

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  1. They don’t need an extra park. They are on 4 years for TRON. Disney does not maintain their attractions (multiple breakdowns, closures, and broken audioanimatronics). Currently, the Magic Kingdom is carrying the other 3 parks. The original, the diamond of the crown. EPCOT has been a construction zone for years; Disney needs to finish what they started. Another park? That’s like when that coach in the NFL was screaming this question in disbelief at a presser, “The playoffs? We’re not getting in the playoffs!”

  2. James

    They need to fix what they have FIRST before they actually build something new. As someone that was just here and leaving today… Hollywood Studio is a HOT MESS…rides were in constant state of broken down.

  3. George Hartley

    They should just crazy enhance the other parks. Like add about three new countries to EPCOT..like Greece, India, and Columbia..also Argentina. Forget about country sponsership…its a company that can 7billion in a quater, it can flit the bill..at $200 a ticket its already almost to pricey for an average family, and it’s actually already cheaper to fly from Atlanta to Hawaii and get a room, than it is to drive to Orlando…get a room at Polynesian resort, and get park tickets. Even Europe is cheaper

  4. Michael Pye

    What Disney needs to do is get rid of the Reservation System and the Genie+.

  5. Pete

    They need to finish the work they are doing now at least. Then they should look at expanding the current parks to be able to accommodate the extra crowds. They had some grand opportunity to do that with DHS, but they took down existing attractions and shows for Galaxy’s Edge and Runaway Railway, vs just expanding DHS’ footprint.

    1. Oz

      I agree Disney needs to maintain what they already have far better than we’ve seen. That said, there is an issue popping up with greater frequency – parks reaching visitor capacity. Whether pushing out the boundaries of existing parks or adding a fifth gate, I want to see SOMETHING, but Chapek seems too greedy and inconsiderate of guests, both hardcore fans and occasional or one-time vacationers.

  6. Don west

    The newest themed area, Galaxy’s Edge is awesome. The remaining parks look dated and rather shabby. Time to update, clean up, and spruce up. Universal is on your heels Disney, and soon will be the real boss.

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