Disney Guests Say They Wish It Was More Like Universal Orlando

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There’s a healthy competition that has always existed between Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando Resort.

Disney World, with its four amazing theme parks and vast amount of Resort hotels, has always been the bigger of the two destinations, which draw millions of people from around the world each year.

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But, an interesting thread on Walt Disney World Reddit shows many fans are hoping that Disney could actually become more like Universal Orlando, at least in one respect.

User @ceburton posted a thread on Reddit in which they noted that the Tron Coaster– which has been in construction for four years– still hasn’t finished while at Universal Studios Florida, the Jurassic World Velocicoaster was announced and built in just a little more than a year, despite pandemic delays.

I was in WDW last week and 3 years before that. Only new ride is Remy and Mickey/Minnie Besides Covid delays, how is it taking so long to rebuild a ride that has already been completed in another park? The engineering and design has already been completed for the ride in China. Come On.

Meanwhile, I rode the very enjoyable Velocicoaster on Saturday. Impressive ride, great immersive queue. Now I find out this new, original coaster was dirt-to-ride in less than a year!?

Credit: Universal
Credit: Universal

User @BTZ echoed those sentiments.

You’re absolutely going to get downvoted for saying this in a Disney sub, but you’re right.

And man, Velocicoaster was not only built quickly, it’s one of the best roller coasters in the world

User @Villager723 noted how The Princess and the Frog retheme of Splash Mountain has seemingly gone by the wayside.

Heck they haven’t even started the Princess & The Frog re-theme for Splash Mountain and that was announced over a year and a half ago.

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User @18T15 reasoned that the Disney simply has too many Guests on a daily basis to care if it announces an attraction too early.

Universal doesn’t like to announce attractions too early because they think it depresses attendance (people holding out to visit when the ride opens). Same reason why they won’t really give any details at all about Epic Universe. If they said EU was opening in 2024, anyone with 2023 trips would postpone which hurts cash flow.

I suppose Disney is simply too big and too crowded to care about that.

User @Drapesack said they believe that Universal Orlando Resort could become a threat to Walt Disney World once the Epic Universe opens in just a matter of a few years.

I hate to say it but universal is stepping up their game between velocicoaster and haggrids. Their 3rd gate if themed appropriately could be a threat to Disney.

I do still think Disney far exceeds from an experience stance, but I don’t think their success will be handed to them on a silver platter in the near future

Universal's Epic Universe
Credit: Universal Orlando

Many are excited to see how the Epic Universe and Universal’s new attractions might play into the competition against Disney, but there’s no doubt there’s still plenty of catching up to do.

Disney just announced more than $7 billion in revenue in Parks & Experiences for the past quarter and, despite some construction taking longer than anticipated, millions of Guests are still making their way to Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom in numbers that rival pre-pandemic totals.

What do you think of the competition between Disney and Universal? Let us know in the comments.

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