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HOME SWEET HOME -- The Madrigal’s casita in “Encanto” is more than a house—it’s alive—embodying the same magic that has blessed the Madrigal children for two generations. Filmmakers liken the house to a loyal pet—it is part of the family. The love for one another is mutual. Opening in the U.S. on Nov. 24, 2021, “Encanto” features songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda. © 2021 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Lauren

    To add a bit to the story, I have notifications set to let me know when it comes back in stock at Target. I get a notification nearly everyday, sometimes twice a day, but it’s always wrong. I can’t tell if people are just snapping them up that fast, bots are snatching them and reselling them on Amazon, Ebay, and Mercari, or if the Target notification system is having issues. I have experienced other items perpetually being out of stock (one that came out in Nov still can’t the bought at MSRP), so at this point I’m just aiming to have one before my kid’s Encanto birthday party in August.

    1. Nancy

      I had the same experience. I was notified every morning that it was back in stock on the Target site, but it was not available when I tried to order it. I heard the email was sent at 3 am, so I started checking the Target website every half hour, and I got the Encanto casa at 7:30 this morning! So keep checking, especially between 3 and 8 am. It’s arriving Monday, in time for a 3/17 birthday.

  2. Jackie

    The same thing keeps happening to me with the Target out of stock notifications. I don’t think they are being snatched up – I think it’s an error. I actually got one ordered from Amazon for the listed price two days ago. It’s sold by actual Amazon (Not one of the sellers with the $100 markup) and says it will arrive between March 9-30th. I clicked “Buy it Now” as soon as I saw it and after doing a happy dance, went to buy another one for a friend and it was unavailable. It’s my girls St. Patrick’s Day gift so it would be nice if it actually shows up! I have a sneaking suspicion they are about to be in stock everywhere soon. We live 3 hours from a Target and I can’t justify the drive but for a couple weeks, all of the Targets in my state showed that they were out of stock in store. As of a couple days ago, they all show in stock. Online is still out of stock of course though. Who knows! I’m just crossing fingers that my Amazon one arrives in time!

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