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  1. Mike Jefferson

    Screw them. Disney has gone woke, I hope they go broke. This latest misstep is unforgivable. Message to the imagineers-you’ve tinkered so much with the experience people will stop coming to see Tink, who I hear is really a transgendered BIPOC.

    1. Dave


      1. Dave


    2. JustJessee

      Somebody got themselves a manufactured culture war buzzwords bingo!

      Good job Mikey, hope that dopamine kick you got out of proudly displaying your inner hate keeps you nice and warm through the night.

      1. Kelly

        I am not a fan of this thing at all! it is so expensive to get into the park, then you pay for Genie and then you pay for lightening lanes. I have been going to the park for over 50 years and this is the first time I can say I feel soured and am in no hurry to go back. Thank goodness we didnt buy season passes in oct like we were thinking. those people got screwed with the reservation system.

    3. VDog

      Oh, shuuuuuut up! Archie freakin Bunker was a saint compared to some of you sad ass geezers. Get over it and live a happy life instead of being a miserable fart every waking Moment of your life!

    4. VDog

      Oh, and by the way, Mike, I don’t think you actually know what BIPOC stands for, but what would I expect… anyhoo, enjoy your TV dinner. We won’t miss you at the parks one bit. ✌️👋

      1. Julian H

        VDog – I guess your parents are still paying for you?

        You clearly do not know the value of money and the fact is Disney is ripping you off. But if your Mum and Dad pay for you how would you know.

        1. Marvin

          Huh? ripping you off? The Health Care system is ripping you off. You don’t have a choice in the matter.
          Disney? You choose and vote with your wallet. No one NEEDS Disney.

          1. Julian H

            Hi Marvin, you are crazy, the NHS is the best thing on earth, someone you know or yourself will need it one day, in the UK we are extremely proud to have it, and the cost is minimal, you guys are missing out big time. NHS is not ripping you off it will save your life. Disney Greedy Gits.

          2. BeverBeverly

            They are charging too much a family of four or five cannot afford to go with all the extra costs now first they started charging for parking your car at the resort you are at I know hotels do that too but I guess I don’t get it why Pat extra when you are giving them your business by staying at the place even value resorts add up without the fee for parking your car then they took away the free shuttle bus which people loved that now you pay another small fortune to get to a resort took away the fast pass which worked great I loved the hopper plan now no dining plan but they raise all the park food in place of that so they make out not a family really disappointed in them

            1. Marvin

              Yeah, I know what you mean. I really want to go to Tahiti, but like it’s SOOOO expensive. It’s not really fair to people like me. And I’d really like to try those overwater bungalows, but do you know how much they charge for them? It’s just greed, is what it is. And all the excursions are EXTRA. At those prices, you’d think they’d be included.

    5. Julie Kramer

      I absolutely dispise the Genie system. It’s ridiculous and so expensive on top of everything else that is so expensive. It’s greedy and it’s wrong! Walt would be appalled.

      1. POed

        Julie, first of all Walt was a business man. he did stuff that most of the public will never here about. witch is fine, most would not understand how a business works as most younger people have no idea how life and the world works. what gets me is how this article is so about Disneyland Paris, not the parks that matter. stop misleading the people and write the truth for once. and by the list for single ride Lightning Lane or what every Paris is calling it, is so long that it does look like nothing but a money grab. Here at Disneyland USA, there is only 1 Single attraction Lightning Lane and DCA has 2. so as of February 2022 is only costs a max of $ 40 to use Genie+ with Disneyland’s only LL ride. and you can ride all the rides in standby in less then a full day.

    6. LG

      What’s woke about this lol?

    7. Jo

      I miss the days you could go to the park an enjoy your time. Now you have every second planned and no time to take everything in!

  2. Mimeme

    We are paying ridiculous prices to get into the parks, besides the hotel, food etc. now they want to make you pay more to get on rides! Walt would have fit if he saw what was going on at the parks. I am not going anytime soon with the way Disney’s CEO is jacking up prices.

  3. Disney Girl

    Bring back FASTPASS!!!

    1. POed

      they did, it’s called Lightning Lane. Just like MaxPass this is what we have. MaxPass was in-service for a couple of years before the pandemic. yes it cost 20 bucks but you did it all on your phone just like we do with genie Plus. it is a marketing tool for a name genie is automatically associated with Disney.

    2. Joseph

      Or just modify the new system to be a little more like fastpass… Nothing wrong with making adjustments to a system that is pretty new.

  4. Bill Murray

    this article misleads the reader from the subject of the title!

    1. Monica Pajcic

      Right! I kept rereading it looking for the drop! There are so many awesome theme parks around we can just go elsewhere.

      1. Fishface55

        I cannot understand paying astronomical amount to get in the park and then paying per ride! Total Stupidity. I think I’m done.

  5. Greed

    Chappie can stuff the genie+ up his backside

  6. Pogo Line

    Disney never met a dollar they did not want to exploit nor have they ever met a wallet they did not want to empty.

    1. Meagan

      That wasn’t Walt. Walt Disney wanted to build a place that everyone could come to full of magic and wonder and just escape the real world for awhile. All of this greed you see is what Disney has become since Walt’s passing and it’s against his character. Which is why so many people are angry and upset with what’s going on with Disney, because it’s not just another billion dollar company. It’s a piece of all of our childhoods their taking too.

    2. Tom Wade

      Guess, I missed something. Where is the drop? I have always loved Disney, but who can afford these prices on top of prices. Guess, I’ll enjoy my memories.

  7. Jnm


    1. Jnm

      Then we saw the prices increase. For example, Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain then costed €18, which is approximately $20 USD.

      1. AllisonWonderland

        (That derailed me, too.) 🤦‍♀️

        1. Ree

          Coming to say the same thing. Do you even English bro?

      2. Elaine E Carey

        Outright greed. They could go back to the ticket books & people would have an equal chance at all rides. Once the A B C D & E tickets are gone. That’s it. No long lines. One price entry for all. The system as it is now, is too confusing, restrictive to people with less money to spend, and just not worth it. I and my kids got to see WDW in it’s hayday. Always fun & manageable on a budget. Now it’s priced to keep out lower income families. Sad.

        1. Meagan

          Exactly. “Priced to keep out lower income families”. I believe Walt wanted it to be affordable and open to everyone, and you’re right, it is sad.

  8. Whitney

    The new system is a way to nickel and dime the guests even more than they already were. It’s now a game of the have and have nots. A lot of people have to budget for a trip to the parks and can’t afford the extra $80+ for 4 people per day. The fast pass/max pass system was an equal opportunity system for all attending the parks. I really think Walt would be ashamed of what they are doing to their guests.

    1. Elaine E Carey

      Outright greed. They could go back to the ticket books & people would have an equal chance at all rides. Once the A B C D & E tickets are gone. That’s it. No long lines. One price entry for all. The system as it is now, is too confusing, restrictive to people with less money to spend, and just not worth it. I and my kids got to see WDW in it’s hayday. Always fun & manageable on a budget. Now it’s priced to keep out lower income families. Sad.

  9. James

    Renting a wheelchair is cheaper

  10. Julian H

    Disney are just Greedy – Plain and Simple, they don’t care about the customer anymore just your cash.

  11. At WDW and have been on every ride, at every park and have NOT paid one dime extra- if idiots continue to pay for rides,qhat do you think will happen in a year to those costs? They will rise, the food is outrageously expensive for basically cafeteria food, it really is sad since ive seen the decline of so many things here other than the atmosphere itself over the 25 years of coming here atleast 1 or 2 times a year..sad. find a way to get around the costs other than park tickets and if you want to attend then attend and if not than dont…its simple.

  12. Mike

    Just got back from Disney world. Parks were packed 1.5 hours wait to ride the rat. Genie is terrible fast past was great. Checked my final bill $24.43 a day to park my car at the hotel. Didn’t have a car, called two hour wait to talk to someone so called credit card company to stop payment. I’m done with Disney. If I want to see drunk people I can go to a bar instead of Disney. Too much alcohol at parks.

  13. Bob Cheaphack

    Call me when the price drops to “0” and they change the name back to Fastpass.

  14. Ninja Gamer

    You know what the most hated parts of modern video games are? “Pay to win” and “Microtransactions”… what did Disney think was the best move for the parks? Pay to win and microtransactions….

  15. ThatOtherGuy

    “€9 per Guest (which equals just over $14)”
    “€13 per Guest (which equals just over $14)”
    Well, the grammar of the article might be horrible, but at least the math is accurate.

  16. DeLaun Fifield

    I have been blessed to have been to Disney World here in Orlando ENUMERABLE TIMES as a many time annual passholder and even before then since my teens. I remember the days of the A,B,C,D,E ticketed rides and I LOVED IT when they went to the pay one admission price and ride all day system. (Even before the fast passes)

    Well this whole “Genie+” system has Disney “wishing us away” and thru the gates of Universal Studios instead!! I did the math, and if you wanted to visit all of the above listed rides using the “premier” system you would have to pay AN ADDITIONAL $102 on top of the ALREADY RIDICULOUS admission price-Its like the “worst of BOTH worlds”, combining the A-E ticket system AND an admission price!!

    So although I can afford it-WE ARE GOING TO SKIP!!! If Disney is going to price themselves into a SERIOUSLY PREMIUM Vacation, then I am going to go take one. Like to Hawaii, Africa, Japan-anywhere bu Disney World!!

    Bob “Cheapek” can keep ripping off other “Disney Fools” as they up the prices while downgrading the experience. Its not what ya make but what you keep and we are going to keep our entertainment dollars away from BOTH their WOKE movies, and their WAAAAYAYYYYY OVERPRICED Theme Parks….

  17. A B Lyne

    I must agree. This entire Disney experience is getting out-of-hand financially for a family to share the “experience of a lifetime.” To work so hard and save for that “magical moment” together and be stripped, nickeled and dimed for everything – food, lodging, merchandise, entry to park and rides, as well as transportation – you will be paying for this one vacation for a “lifetime!” And Disney, this is unfair. The money they are making is fantastic due to great marketing and such. But sucking blood from a stone and the people that stand by you and your product over the years is so wrong.

  18. Ron

    These people have become money hunger vultures, Walt Disney would be so ashamed!

  19. Marvin

    People complain about 2 things at Disney: high prices and long lines. Lower prices won’t fix long lines. The only way to do that would be to limit attendance (let’s say Disney’s OK with the loss of revenue). Then people would complain about having to book years ahead. Annual Passholders would be blocked out of high seasons, or eliminated altogether.
    Disney will continue to ratchet up prices until attendance self-eliminates based on cost. They’ll maximize their profits and lines will be manageable. Based on complaints of wait times, they’re not done yet.
    The only other solution is to expand to more parks and bigger parks. It’s easy to complain. But what’s the alternative?

    1. JN

      Sadly I agree. It doesn’t really matter if Genie+ is fair or not, there just isn’t any viable alternative to solving the problem of long lines

  20. ss

    They’ve figured out how to make extra $ off old s-boxes like Space Mountain – use just one train for all the regulars – charge $15 for access + $7/ride for the 2nd train as a lightning lane…

    Fast pass should be a separate line, to take you to the front of the ride – they should still be operating both trains for all the regular standby guests. It’s logic. You wouldn’t have nearly as much traffic jamming on the rides in general. There’s only a few they do this with – and it’s a well thought plan for extra net – no other believable reason.

  21. Lon

    If a fast food restaurant has too many customers, they open a new store! All this talk about crowds costs really boils down to the fact that more people want to go then there is room in the park. The smartest thing to do is open another Disneyland. The cost would be high at first, but the profits for the company would increase, there would be more attendance, the prices could still be left at a reasonable price. Instead, we are led to believe that the only solution is to raise prices and keep those with lower incomes from coming into the park. That wasn’t what Walt wanted, that isn’t what the visitors want, so it is bad move. There are some people who really don’t need Disneyland because they are in their own world. They are the ones that are willing to pay the higher prices no matter what. Well, I have the money but I will not return to Disney with their outward exhibition of greed. Disney used to have amenities that were free. Not anymore! Bye-bye Disney!

  22. Please go back the way it was before covid. FAST PASS,DINING FAMILY PLAN. KEEP DISNEY BANDS.We go every year. We want it back the way it ran for years. It wasn’t broke So don’t change it 🤔😒😉💞

  23. Put Disney World back the way it was for years PLEASE 🙏

  24. Barb Nelson

    Disney use to be affordable to the common families if they saved for it. Now its impossible to take the family and afford anything. I don’t understand why they are gouging the regular families who just want to take their kids on a special trip. For a family of 5 or more its priced out of reach. We are now senior citizens and wanted to take the 5 grand kids and their parents its going to cost over $10,000 who can afford that except the rich and famous. Walt Disney wanted to make people and children be able to go to a happy place well it’s not that way any longer because prices are above what a family can afford. So sad that a simple fast pass now cost $20.00 its insane.

  25. Gary

    After our last trip to Disney World, we decided that was it for us. We went in Feb/Mar of 2020. We are part of DVC. The stay at the DVC Animal Kingdom lodge was great. The trips to the parks, not so much. We will continue to use DVC, but not the parks. Way too much money for the crowds.

  26. Gary

    It looks like the next move for Disney will be charging for Disney Air. You will be X-rayed at the gate to check your lung capacity. When exiting the park you will be charged for the the amount of Disney Air you used based on the size of your lungs and the time in the park.

  27. Karl Joseph Eichholtz

    That’s cute. But I still wanna go back to the good old days before this plague hit.


    I just went to Disney World last week. The cost to get in is expensive and the lines were so long you can only get on a few rides to charge extra money on the Genie fast pass cost even more. I saw so many kids that looked exhausted in hour or more lines. Also so crowded it’s hard to walk around. I was a big Disney fan years ago but realize it’s too much money for only a few rides and over crowded.

  29. Caleb

    A few months ago I started booking a trip for my family of 8 to WDW. (We had been 3 times in the last 10 years, only 2 of which I had to pay for) But when I saw the latest ticket prices, that you now have to pay for parking, and that they had done away with fast passes, I cancelled. I’m now at the point in my life where I could afford this kind of money, but I didn’t get to this point by spending foolishly. We’ll opt for a trip to the Caribbean instead.

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