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The Family Madrigal in 'Encanto'

Credit: Disney


  1. Kristen

    Isabela is not the one who can heal. She controls the growth of flowers and other plants. Their mom, Julieta, is the one who can heal using food.

    1. Tiffany

      I came to say this too. Haha!

  2. Star

    I wish they would make Mirabel an official Disney Princess but I’m guessing this means she won’t be. I just really wanted her to be added because the lineup could always use more diversity and I thought it’d be cool for her to shake things up by joining Mulan as another Disney Princess who isn’t actually royalty. It also still feels really weird to me that Elsa and Anna aren’t technically part of it. This is still cool though, I’d love to see an Encanto Broadway musical someday.

  3. Vedah Ann Charley

    I love to see encanto

  4. Carlos

    Excellent!! i can t wait

  5. Zara

    I would love Colombia to come to world showcase with a magical Encanto ride where each player is gifted like the characters which enables you to change the course of the ride

  6. Atarah Derekh

    Unfortunately for those itching for a Latina Disney princess, they’ll have to continue to wait. If a heroine is part of her own franchise, she’s disqualified from the official Disney Princess lineup. This is why Anna and Elsa are only “honorary” princesses and not official.

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