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Comments for James Gunn Turns “Justice League Into a Joke,” DC Fans Boycott ‘Peacemaker’ After Controversial Finale

Justice League cameo in Peacemaker

Credit: DC / Warner Bros.


  1. Trevor_Phillips

    People on Twitter don’t matter.

  2. I loved it. It was funny!

  3. Tim

    It was awesome! Loved that bit. People need to lighten up

  4. Joe

    You really want to know why this ended like this? Cause he who cannot control his tongue cannot control anything. Its a kids comic book superheroes movie. This language was totally unacceptable and unnecessary! Weak minded right writing at its best!

    1. My Mental Superior

      Thank you. That’s what I’m saying. 🧐👍

    2. DB

      Clearly you have not read any of the original suicide squad comic books. It’s people like you that get Butt hurt and try to censor everything. Have coke and a smile and shut up.

  5. Ryan

    It was Exactly what it was Supposed to be. Funny!!! Lighten up.

  6. Billy J

    I thought it was awesome! Why people have to make something out of nothing amazes me every time. And is Jason Momoa not a person of color?

  7. Carlito93

    I thought it was hilarious and kudos to Jason and Ezra for making the cameos.

  8. Jeremy

    I just assumed it was because those two characters who spoke have movies coming out in the near future… I assume Batman wasn’t there as a result of the new RP Batman movie coming out. As far as cyborg, not too sure. Maybe WB had a contractual issue with it.

  9. A.L.

    Surprise! Justice League already was a joke. Gunn just made it funny for a change.

  10. My Mental Superior

    Well, THIS comment section is (virtually) inundated with mental midgets (those who’ve the mentality of a 6-year old). 🙄😒 🤨

  11. Dwayne

    Why would they cut batman out doesn’t make sense

  12. I watched only the first episode, it was uncomfortable and boring and poorly acted.

  13. Battlesword2326

    The commenters they are talking about must be all part of the LBGTQ community because they are gay. James Gunn’s versions of DC Comics ROCK! Don’t change James!!

    1. Matt

      Well, Peacemaker is bi and one of the other major characters is a lesbian, so…

  14. Matt

    “This battle is half-and-half with fans, with a clear split down the middle of people who loved this cameo and those who hated it:”

    No it isn’t, these idiots are the extreme minority, they’re just very vocal about it.

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