Comments for Tom Hanks’s Son Says He Didn’t Have a “Strong Male Role Model” Growing Up

chet hanks (left) tom hanks (right)


  1. Mia

    Not surprised. I understand that Tom was an Epstein buddy. He should be grateful his dad left him alone

  2. kim gray

    You do not have to be or act like an A%% becausse your parents are actors

  3. SusieQ

    I haven’t walked a day in his shoes, but it’s hard to respect a person who has to air his laundry in order to get publicity. I’d rather see him working with with organizations and doing good. I don’t doubt that as a kid, his parents careers left him feeling this way. But all I’ve ever about this guy is his drug led life. At one point you become an adult and are in control of your own life. You need to stop blaming others for the way you are. I know THIS from experience.

    BTW I thought Tim had a son named Colin that was an actor?

    1. Beth W.

      I totally agree with you. He needs to grow up and accept that no one “makes” you one way or the other. Yes, you can be influenced as a child, but once you get to a certain age, you can see for yourself that you’re screwing up your own life, and that no one else is to blame. Get a hold of yourself son, and start doing something constructive with your life!

  4. Terry

    Tom and Rita were married in 1988, not 1998, which would kind of make sense given that Chet is 31. While I understand that the article is about Chet and his parents, Tom does have two other children by his first wife and one of these children is the actor Colin Hanks.

  5. CJA

    I’d like to know how Chet’s older brother and younger brother somehow came out all right without a strong male presence. Or is Chet’s viewpoint of a strong male being a macho sheethead?

    Don’t blame your upbringing on the bad decisions you’ve been making, Chet. You’re a grown a$$ man now – take charge of your own life!

  6. Kenr

    Poor baby! Life must be really hard.

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