Comments for Guests Beg Disney World to Bring Back “Normal” Park Hopping

Cinderella Castle

Credit: Disney


  1. Park hopping after 2 does take away the freedom of movement element. I purchased park hopper in case a favorite ride breaks down and we have to go back. Rides breaking down is quite common as Disney does not invest in ride maintenance anymore (glad no one has been killed).

  2. John

    We would like to the freedom to park hope before 2pm. But like everything else Disney has implemented we have adjusted. Not happy about all the changes but we adjusted. We often leave the park for nice lunch outside the bubble. It is after 3 before we head to a new park. Not only do save a bunch but the food quality is significantly better.

    1. Bob

      The 2 pm limit on park hopping has been designed by Disney management as a way to control crowds. It can take several hours to parkhop at 2 pm and Disney has planned this. The 2 pm limit is also against the existing annual pass agreement, but Disney ignores this agreement.

    2. Zachary Sanders

      I believe that the threat if covid has dissipated, and is safe enough to allow park hopping. In doing so may increase attendance and maintain a reputable standing with increasing value and fun. These restrictions being lifted or adapted to better suit today’s current standards of safety, is needed.

  3. JJ

    The park hopping restriction is horrible. We had one day to go to two parks and had to be back at the hotel by 5. Why restrict park hopping at all when you purchase the pass? We wanted to go to a LESS populated park then where we came from and couldn’t get in for 2 hours. Unacceptable and will not return until they make some major changes.

  4. Charli D'Amilio

    Yo I park hopped right to Universal and never looked back lololololol.

  5. Frank Pedigo

    We are at Epcot right now . I can tell you watch your money. They tried to overcharge me and I was lucky enough to catch them . Then they argued about the posted price . I made them gove me my money back . This is our last trip to any Disney properties.

    1. Travis Weberling

      I wonder how many people have been overcharged lately at Disney & Epcot?

  6. Me myself

    You should really write a full article on “Disappointed in Disney” as someone who loved the Disney. Its sad to see the path they have taken

  7. Kasey

    At least drop it back to something like noon or 11am.

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