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  1. Zach, PHD

    Yikes, this reminds me of flying home from WDW in 2016. Our trip was just ending a Hurricane Matthew was about a day away. On this trip I spent quite a bit of extra money on holiday scented gingerbread mickey soap from Basin White. I was afraid the bars would crack in my checked bags, and I bought them as small Christmas gifts. So I had a few pounds of the soap in my carry-on. To make matters worse, I went through the wrong security line, rushed to a second security line. At the second security point, I was pulled to the side. My husband is a medical provider and he was scheduled to work the next day and boarding was scheduled to begin in 30 minutes. I was told something had alerted the screening device, and they asked me if I had any explosives! My bag was a small messenger style and I asked them to search. They swabbed everything, and my hands. I got a rather thorough search off to the side in an office. My husband went on to catch the flight. Eventually a supervisor let me. Go abs explained the large amount of soap containing glycerin was to blame. 🤦‍♂️ I was able travel, and I ran Home Alone style through the airport to catch my flight just in time!

  2. Celie

    Ì was born and raised in NOLA.
    Cafe Du Monde was a favorite as kids. Still a favorite, though I prefer the outlet cafes. (It’s sad to say, but, the city I grew up in no longer exist. The city, except fo the Garden District, where the rich people live, reminds me of the movie Escape from New York.)
    Anyhow, I digress.
    One of my most rememberable experiences with beignets was when I was nine or 10- years old.
    My uptight Girl Scout leader, with a few chaperones, including my mother, took our troop on a walking tour of the French Quarter for a badge or something.
    We were in our full uniforms, green dresses with dark green sashes.
    Before stopping at the Cafe Du Monde for milk, coffee and beignets, our leader gave us this long lecture about using our “lady-like” manners and decorum. (The most lady-like manners we had at that age was yes sir, no mam, please, may I, thank you, you’re welcome, and not climbing the big oak trees in City Park while wearing a dress.)
    So, there we are, chaperones at one table, the rest of us, about 10 or 12, squeezing into three small round tables.
    We order. As we’re waiting for our “treats” as it was put, out leader walks to our table and reminds us that we are young ladies and she expects as to act as such and NOT make as mess while eating. I looked at my mom, who was trying not to laugh. I’m sure she knew how this was going to play out.
    They older couple next to us, too, who had sugar everywhere was smiling.
    Our beignets come out, and we topped the with extra powdered sugar. We WERE kids after all. But we were doing our best not to breath, talk or laugh while eating.
    That all came crashing down when the older gentle man and his wife, looked at our table, winked, and started to fake sneezing, sending a sugar cloud up.
    We all started laughing, which sent a mushroom up at our table. Our chaperones were beside themselves laughing at us, while out leader went crazy, shouting at us to “cease your laughter.”
    I though sure our parents were going to flip, when the man stood up and said something like “For God’s sake woman! Let the kids have fun. Beignets are SUPPOSE to be MESSY! That’s part of the enjoyment of them.”
    Our leader sat down, pouting, mumbling about how we disappointed her. That’s when my mom and the other parents told her she disappointed them. First for being a tyrant and second by her unladylike display of screaming at the kids, in public, like we were animals, causing a public scene.
    Everyone in the restaurant clapped before returning to their own beginners.
    Our leader grabbed her kid and left. The assistant leader took charge and we continue our tour resembling the ghosts for which the city is famous.
    Side note: our assistant leader became or new leader and we had a much better troop.
    Apparently, several customers called the GS Headquarters to report the incident using our troop number.
    I heard the original leader tried to form a new troop, but was denied. Leadership of another troop due to unacceptable previous behavior unbecoming to the GS image.
    Most of us from that troop have remained best friends to this day. We still make a mess with beignets, especially laughing about the great powder sugar catastrophy of the 1970s.
    Only now, we offer to clean up after ourselves. We’ve never been taken up on the offer, though. But, we still clean the best we can. And leave a BIG tip.

  3. Trent

    Wow! Real deep trouble! Surprised they didn’t immediately get throw in jail!

    1. Engine Joe

      More clicbait from this site… they really can’t print a realistic title.

  4. Ladies and Gentlemen Boys and Girls for the safety of our guest we kindly ask you to refrain from eating our Beignet near other guest. Kindly take your delicacy over to the Epcot Pavilion or ratatouille attraction. We thank you and have a wonderful day here at the Walt Disney World Resort.

  5. Engine Joe

    As a reader who only reads the titles I’m shocked that Al-Quada tried to smuggle a bomb in the park in a beignet!

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