Comments for Despite Marvel Fan Backlash, Brie Larson Getting Her Own Disney+ Series

Brie Larson as a Star Wars Jedi

Credit: Brie Larson Twitter


  1. Sol

    AWESOME!!! Brie Larson stays winning and getting richer. Love it!

  2. BZemo

    Brie Larson gets so much free publicity and attention. No wonder she keeps working with the biggest names like Marvel, Nintendo, Nissan, Disney, Decorte. You go Girl! Stay Winning!

  3. Windy

    Trolls trying so desperately to keep Brie down but she only keeps getting stronger, wealthier and more iconic .

  4. Eli

    Fun Fact: Brie Larson’s unicorn drinks only the saltiest of haters tears.

  5. Jess


  6. Joey

    I wish I could be a multi millionaire and have jealous haters always giving me free publicity . Brie Larson is my hero

  7. EzmerAyala

    LOL the creeps+lamers must be having meltdowns again seeing Brie making millions and millions .

  8. SamusKnight

    Can’t wait! Love her🥰

    1. RoC

      I thought that if you say controversial things you get fired. ” coming of age” stories mean “I am LGBTQ, and this is how I did it.”

  9. BDub

    Her Oscar made her a household name, not Marvel. 🙄

    1. Rob

      I would be willing to bet that a tremendous amount more people saw ‘Endgme’ than the Oscar’s. Lol

  10. Alvin

    I dont get why people dislike Brie Larson. It is the hate culture that social media has created.

    1. Kevin M Sharkey

      I simply don’t like her because I think her acting is horrible. None of this “hate culture, social media bias” BS you mention. There are plenty of other actors/actresses I don’t like for the same reason. Before you accuse me of being a misogynist, Adam Driver is another I don’t like that comes to mind.

  11. Kevin M Sharkey

    Oh joy more virtue signaling, Lib propaganda BS. Hard pass. And take some acting classes Brie. You are wooden at best.

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