Comments for Another Disney Offering Sells Out Just Minutes After Being Made Available

mickey mouse in front of cinderella castle

Credit: Disney


  1. S

    Disney simply doesn’t make enough of the merchandise like they use to. It all on purpose just to charge more.

  2. B Davignon

    Thank goodness for the shoppers and re-sellers for creating the false demand for this nonsense.
    Disney marketing execs will never see the light as long as this practice continues!
    It’s all so silly! 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Ken Brenner

    Agreed with the above comments.
    I also don’t understand why ANYONE would wait in line 4-6 hours for a plastic popcorn holder. Nothing is worth that… Our society is slowly losing its mind.

  4. Jen

    People are going nuts over something that has no use and real value. This is even more ridiculous than cramming your pantry full of plastic popcorn buckets.

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