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Kilimanjaro Safari with a jeep with a giraffe nearby

Credit: Disney


  1. Courtney

    We were on the safari at the beginning of February and saw the lions “having some extra fun” on top of their rock.

    1. Don B

      On one of our visits there was a bit of “Flamingo Love” going on. The driver attempted to divert everyone’s attention to the opposite side of the truck

      1. Mike

        Life finds a way!

    2. Maria

      Saw 2 bears at it. Great adventure.

  2. Mr. S

    Its called mating, learn how2 do ur job!- writers cant write, if u dont know wat words to use!!

    1. David

      Well at least she wrote the article in coherent English instead of typing a comment in short hand “texting English” and she knows how to use apostrophes. (It’s not Its and can’t not cant).

      1. Donna S

        There’s always one goofball on every post 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      2. Cathy

        Animals don’t have “intercourse”. It’s called mating. And it’s not “making love” either. What’s wrong with you people?

    2. Timothy L Yarbro

      I saw wild boar making the love in October. I thought they were just celebrating the 50th Anniversary by making the next generation.

  3. Jerry Seinfeld

    WHO CARES! Why is this “NEWS” Worthy! This is how we get more animals in the Safari! Do you think Animals are Gender Neutral ?? Or Same Sex? I bet all the Parents on the truck said “OMG! Johnny and Janie Close Your Eyes! You have the most Absurd Articles! They make me laugh if anything!! Write something worth reading about!!

    1. Pam

      I agree…it’s nature! give me a break…and like one’s called mating.

    2. Mike Clinghopper

      I’m not sure which I liked more this or “Cast member caught picking their nose!”.

    3. Thank you, Jerry!!! Absolutely, totally frickin’ normal animal behavior! People should learn to deal with it rather than shy away from it and pretend it doesn’t exist! ‘Nuff said! AMEN!

      1. Kymber

        Actually, Disney should be happy this is happening. If it wasn’t than there would be issues with the conditions at the park.

  4. Gaby

    Pigs too outside pur balcony. Natural that is.

  5. Sue

    That’s better then people having sex at Disney. Lol

  6. DeAnna

    They are animals and behaving as such. They are not having fun,
    but doing what animals do. Sounds like a 15 year old boy wrote this article.

    1. Except that they ARE having fun.
      It’s not like they’re thinking, “If we do this horrible thing, we can get a new tax deduction at the end of the year.” Only humans plan ahead like THAT.

    2. John Nianouris

      Totally agree. How did she get hired in the first place?

  7. Amy

    Wow! That’s all they saw! I used to be a safari guide there and we saw this and more all the time. Take the mandril monkeys for instance. They were constantly mating and sometimes they would even fling poo toward the trucks. Its natural and nothing big. This wasn’t really article worthy.

    1. Dr. Ruth

      Animals are allowed to have ” Sexy time ” during the day too. We all love morning nookie, and so do they apparently.

  8. Thomas

    Lets the Bongos bongo! So long as it isn’t one of the park guests bonging the bongos then no harm done, and I look forward to it being reported of baby bongos being born. This is the most I have ever used the word bongo in my life at any one time.

  9. Rox

    Spring! When a young animal’s fancy turns to thoughts of love! LOL

  10. Azza

    Disney mad that the sex isn’t gay sex.

  11. JoeBryant

    Brown, chicken, brown cow. Sorry I had to go there.

  12. Danrar

    How has NOBODY made a Circle of Life joke/reference?

  13. Dawn

    That is nature! Better than what my friend experienced on Spaceship Earth. The people in the front seat of her vehicle had a man giving his boyfriend a good time.

    1. Mason

      Reminds me of when me and my sister were kids when we went on the Three Cabarellos ride. We sat behind this couple that didn’t know kids were sitting behind them. Since they locked lips half the ride.

  14. Sharon

    Yes. We saw mandrills mating on the safari quite a few years ago. We also saw butterflies mating when they had the butterfly tent set up.

  15. Mike G

    That’s awesome! Nothing wrong with the animals getting theirs

  16. Kelly Connerton


    1. Maria

      So the evangelicals won’t approve. It’s dirty

      1. Badmonkey30

        Oh please people there is nothing wrong with animals mating to make babies. It is called the circle of life.

        1. Mark

          They still probably wouldn’t like having their kids see that (seriously, I grew up around people like that) I’d think they would have enough sense to not complain to the park over something so un-controlable though.

  17. Benjamin Collins

    I guess the pongo got tired of standing by itself, or the animal thought this is a cool picture moment.

  18. Mickeymouse3

    Sheldon plays the bongos……

    They should have put a tie on the entry gate or a scarf on the lamp post before starting coitus.

  19. Ingrid

    Maybe a couple of years ago, we saw the same with giraffes. We had several children in our vehicle. The cat member said we were moving on and that they didn’t pay her enough to explain that!

  20. John M

    If you go to the zoo you are almost guaranteed to see a monkey loving himself.

  21. Lynn

    If you’re going to complain about animals doing what comes naturally, you don’t belong anywhere around wild animals. Keep quiet 🤫

  22. JoMama

    Corcle of life. Don’t like it? Don’t visit!!!

  23. Will

    The United States: Animals bonking in nature is ghastly. Think of the children.

    The rest of the world: What difference does it make? It’s only natural.

  24. Michelle

    These articles are so extra. This site is like a trashy celeb rag. Guess what? Animals have to have sex to make more animals if you want to continue seeing them on this ride! They can’t schedule it like humans! Smh

  25. Philly

    Animals just doing what happens naturally. People should learn from this.

  26. Badmonkey30

    Oh please people there is nothing wrong with animals mating to make babies. It is called the circle of life.

  27. Kymber

    Why is this even “note-worthy?” I’ve been to many a zoo and animal park and aquarium and this is common place. Hell, I’ve seen it in my own house with my cats. There is so much more that goes on at Disney that there have got to be better storied out there. Seriously, this is lame.

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