Comments for Woman Turns Universal Theme Park into Full-Time Office and Saves Thousands

Universal Globe

Credit: Bailee A. Inside the Magic


  1. Rachel

    Yup, I love working in Universal Orlando. Nothing says I mean business than having the music from the godfather playing in the background of my zoom meeting. I think my colleagues thought the NY set was a fake Zoom background .😉

    1. Jon V

      But WHAT DO YOU DO ??? Great, I’m glad you’re able to utilize those resources, but what is your job ??? Obviously if you are an appointment scheduler, it might not be the right job, but if you’re a travel agent, you’ve hit the jackpot. So which are you ??

  2. Douglas

    Sooo…you’re allowed to take a LAPTOP into a theme park?? That’s surprising.

  3. Nit

    To echo what someone else said. What is her job? Guessing it’s nothing that requires people meeting with her, and likely she is her own boss. Sounds like she has quite the free time and freedom.

    1. Melancholy

      Yeah and hopefully isn’t handling customer information or anything sensitive. Because using a public Wifi like that is a surefire way to have all that stolen

      1. David

        She can use a VPN. Just like any sales person or consultant does at a hotel or Starbucks.

  4. David

    Sounds like a really fun work environment, MY problem would be getting too easily distracted by EVERYTHING(literally everything!)but it would sure be fun trying😁😂

  5. ABSOLUTELY, I am a Travel Agent and would visit Disneyland often with my laptop. Take pics with characters and the sights, ride rides,, walk around and discover new things post on social media, my office view for the day!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT…

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