Comments for Woman Caught Dancing Inappropriately, Bent Over at Disney World Entrance

woman dancing disney entrance


  1. Step

    How can a women moving her body be “inappropriate”? Neither adult or child will ever be harmed by viewing a raw human body. The more people conceal – the more people are attracted. Never claim the human body is “dirty” or moving it is inappropriate.

    1. Virtue

      “Step” is obviously blinded by his or her own depravity.

    2. Billy

      So a 25 year old teacher twerking on a 15 year old student during a school band trip to Disney won’t be considered inappropriate. Mmm 0kay!

    3. Keil

      Hey fam, I found your moral compass. I think you dropped it about 20 years back.

      The human body is dirty. Sexual and provocative dance does not belong at a family resort. Go live in a strip club if that’s how you feel. I bet you wouldn’t bring your children to a strip club, would you? What’s the problem? It’s just human bodies?

      The reality is radical leftists and the media have perverted and desensitized this generation. No one has any sense of decency.

      Oe who does not feel shame for their human body knows not the truth, the knowledge of good and evil. Those who understand and comprehend the difference between right and wrong understand why nakedness and crass suggestions of libido are an embarrassment.


  2. Not a sheep

    Welcome to Six Flags Disney. When you hire Carnies you get the Carny crowd.

  3. Benjamin Collins

    Where is that pole? I know that tik tok has different dancing styles to imitate from other people. I don’t use this app, I do watch the videos on You Tubes platform instead of Tik Tok.

  4. Sue

    Disney needs to serve more alcohol. .

  5. No name

    She wasn’t at the entrance to any park. She was near Disney Spring but she is clearly on a public road.

  6. Sleepy joe

    A lot of the young women dress in the parks today I wouldn’t let her in through my front door they look nasty spandex with no underwear on no bras

    1. Ur_gross

      Something tells me you don’t have to worry about any women ever coming to your front door.

      1. GLR

        Any woman who approves of this depravity, is not a woman at all. Something tells me you have no values or morals.

  7. Shane

    I wish you would post the videos instead of the links, they are always gone when I try to view them.

  8. Doozey ditz

    Yes can’t wait till gay days. Seeing them sashay around shrieking loudly, making vulgar comments and gestures and making out on park benches is much more acceptable. Much easier to explain that to kids.
    Gee…. can’t wait.

    1. Ur_gross

      Maybe don’t visit the parks on gay days? Unless you secretly like watching that sort of thing… maybe they’d even let you join in if you’re hot enough (but you probably aren’t.)

      1. Dr. Gonzo

        Maybe they could have some fn respect for others like they like to whine and b*tch about not getting themselves?

        Novel concept, I know. Give respect, get respect.

    2. Willie Maikit

      You are So rite. I’d so rather see a dancer outside than gays making out on their benches

  9. Janet Floyd

    Girl is obviously just happy to be there, and can’t contain her excitement

  10. Doug

    Well, at least she is wearing a mask so….

  11. Just a little dog

    Somehow I think this was either a bet or a dare. Since it was near Disney Springs, I also bet alcohol was involved.

    As for those who think it’s vulgar, they have pole dancing classes at gyms and I’ve seen worse on prime time TV.

    1. Hypocrite killer

      Have seen alot worse on Fox News.

  12. Dr. Gonzo

    So it’s “inappropriate” because she’s white, I’m guessing?

    African Americans dance like that all the time in public, yet nobody calls it “inappropriate”.

  13. Savannah

    She was out there at the corner of palm parkway and apokok Vineland parkway meets,

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