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cinderella castle at Walt Disney World

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  1. Cheri

    Some of the rides and attractions mentioned in this article can be intense. As an out of State Passholder I’ve ridden most of them numerous times over the years and it’s a “not for the faint of heart” to ride some of them. There are signs of risks and medical disclosures clearly posted on Disney rides and attractions.
    A seizure, myocardial infarction and other medical factors of the guests (may or may not be known by the individual) but that would not be the fault of Disney. Sometimes ppl have an unknown, underlying medical problem and it can manifest anytime and anywhere such as a myocardial infarction, seizure, stroke or other ischemic episodes.
    A person’s health history is legally protected under federal law under HIPPA.

    1. James

      Compared to the number of visitors these numbers across different attractions is not meaningful. Author of original article is just Trying to stir up drama.

      1. Mar

        I agree! Thousands of people wander through those parks each day.. these numbers are not shocking at all. It’s an odd article tbh.. trying to spark controversy or outrage? The numbers are like drops in the ocean

      2. Jaxx

        Truth! The article says NOTHING meaningful!

      3. Qnswmn

        Seriously, they get NO INSPECTIONS because THEY SELF disclose. Sounds like the wolf guarding the hen house!🙄

  2. Taryn

    These people were likely waiting 2+ hours in the hot sun (after walking around for however long in the sun) without adequately hydrating. Disney should be providing free water bottles to guests especially if they are waiting in excessively long lines in hot weather. These incidents are more than likely a result of age, lack of proper hydration, and heat stroke combined.

    1. Diane

      Why would Disney offer free water? You know it’s hot and you can be dehydrated, it’s your responsibility to be préparer.

    2. Barbara

      You are allowed to bring your own water into the park. Also any restaurant offers free water including Starbucks. You have no reason to not take responsibility to hydrate.

    3. ChristinaW

      They do supply free water , if you ask for it at any beverage cart or dining option!

  3. Karen

    Please stop the drama. Information about personal health issues is protected by Federal Law. Disney and other theme parks are not responsible to provide quests with water. People must start accepting responsibility for the choices they make. If you go to the beach and suffer a sunburn who’s responsible for that?

  4. Mary

    During the pandemic, people are more likely to get a Covid vaccination as Disney is so highly populated. These same issues can be a side effect of the vaccination. But the truth is, unless they are going to collect and release such data we will never know the true trigger of these events. Could be so many things. Wish they would release more details. Could they not do so without disclosing the name? It would be nice to understand so that everyone is better protected with such information.

    1. Dl

      Oh we will find out this summer when people are dropping everywhere from cutting grass and doing other normal strenuous activities , people are already dying mysteriously, everyday someone famous is dying , the vaccine damages your heart so does getting COVID so who knows!

      1. Mike

        Agree on false information.

      2. Kamm

        Thank you Lori. It’s ridiculous how people want to blame everything on the vaccine and keep spreading false information.

      3. Jo

        Just because someone has a different opinion does not equate one being a conspiracy theorist.

    2. Marianne C.

      That’s exactly what I was thinking as I read the article; “how many of these people got the jab before going to the Park?” because, I believe, Disney requires covid vaccination for entry…and seizures are a side effect of that particular jab.

      1. Jan

        No jabs required for entry but other wise I agree with you.

    3. Jan


  5. Steven

    Check your LED for emissions of sickening or cancer causing waves. I have always suspected LED lights to be poisons in disguise and a harmless product.

    1. Mike


    2. Barry

      Ans exactly which visible light frequencies from LEDs do you claim are making people ill or causing cancer? Any actual peer-reviewed studies to back that up or just the usual conspiracy-driven drivel on YouTube or Facebook?

  6. Gerald

    Bet they were all vaccinated.

    1. Jewel

      My thoughts exactly

      1. Steph

        This is exactly it! I feel this in my heart and it is so sad! 😢

    2. Truth

      That’s what I suspect as well…

    3. Truthteller

      Hopefully so! That’s why there were just dehydrated and not dead!

  7. Invictus222

    Was 5G up and running at those times?

  8. Mike

    Give out free water? Seriously? Disney is not a charity. There is a thing called personal responsibility.

    1. Dona

      Actually Disney does give water for free. Most every food place will give you a cup of water if you ask for it! We do it all the time.

    2. Grumpy Goofy

      “Disney is not a charity” Understatement of the Year Award!

    3. I would like to see Disney focus more on entertainment then thrill rides.
      But I have that opinion because I’m really not a thrill Ride Rider.
      I was in AP pass holder because of the entertainment that Disney offered.
      I miss all of the entertainment. It would be nice to see the parade again.

  9. Coco

    Sooo… Is this article trying to insinuate that Rob Paychek and Genie+ and the backlash around both are somehow related? Seems like another cheap way to throw a thorn in the side of the Disney corp. Whatever to drive ad revenue!

  10. 3PawDogMom

    It’s probably the stupid masks.

  11. Sue

    People. Why would disney give you water bc you chose to stand in line for hours. That’s you problem and if you go in a ride that makes you sick that’s your problem. Why doesn’t anyone what to take responsibility for there own actions and stop blaming someone or something else. It’s also called common sense which some people don’t have

  12. Mary Calhoon

    I feel with all the people there. It doesn’t sound alarming at all.
    Some people want to do these things but find out it was not a good idea.

  13. James

    I have been to Disney World for 30 years and I believe their rides are tamed compared to other parks in the Country.

  14. Truthteller

    Hopefully so! That’s why there were just dehydrated and not dead!

  15. FatOrangeOverlord

    First, why do you start every article with a history of Disney? I have to scroll 3 screens down to get to the actual story. Second, Disney puts so much salt in the food to get you go buy more over priced water, that’s what put these people over the edge.

    1. Lynn

      They all probably got the rona jab before going. It’s unfortunate but it’s happening everywhere, not just Disney.

  16. Bren

    What the actual heck is wrong with some of you? Okay, first, simply reporting the incidents, which are required. No way did the writer say Disney was at fault. Next, no where is this stating vaccinated or non vaccinated. These are reports which must be filed. Plain and simple. Nothing to do with Covid. Next just because the writer is from the UK does not mean they cannot write about an American park they love to visit. Get off your high horses. You’re the ones stirring controversy and conspiracy, not the writer. Bunch of self served morons on here anymore. Dang, go get a life, or at least find a new hobby others than showing your stupidity.

    1. Happy 2012

      Exactly 💯

    2. Slbno1

      At least somebody else with some common sense, has read this and commented. Thank you! People read what they want to read, then add what delights them.

  17. SallieMcG

    My daughter had special needs. Over the course of 20 visits to WDW she experienced 2 seizures, neither in or after a ride. One was while waiting in a cramped enclosed hallway to see Mickey in Hollywood Studios, the second was also at Hollywood Studios in Galaxy’s Edge. I think in both instances the seizures were triggered primarily by heat. Cast members were very compassionate and supportive after each episode. After a seizure a person goes through a post ichytyl period where they are sleepy and disoriented. Disney members provided a quiet, private place for her to recover in both instances. Emergency services were not called. It is a high stimulus environment with a lot of potential triggers. I didn’t think Disney was in any way responsible for the seizures.

    1. Happy 2012

      Thank you! Very good point! As someone who travels with an individual with special needs Disney is AMAZING which is why we continue to visit!

  18. Happy 2012

    Seriously everyone!
    Have we all forgotten that people get sick? People have always gotten sick and had reactions to medications and vaccines that did not just start! Also people continue to have heart attacks, strokes, motion sickness, seizures, and YES even the common COLD. COVID and the vaccines are not the cause of everything all of a sudden, although I will admit there are issues out there we can’t blame life on COVID! I now I just confused a bunch of you but use your common sense! We are adults (well I am making an assumption) have you never been sick or seen someone sick in your life? If not I think you should be a scientific study.

  19. Happy 2012

    Thank you! Very good point! As someone who travels with an individual with special needs Disney is AMAZING which is why we continue to visit!

  20. Theresa

    Wonder if it could have anything to do with their (orange) essential oils they diffuse into the air. What brand are they using? Is it pure, free from impurities, etc.

  21. Ann

    Maybe it’s because they don’t care what happens to you after. In December 2019 my friend and I got reservations to the Cantina in Star Wars. Anxious to try it we were at the bar and I ordered a Fuzzy Tantun The very second the fuzz on top of the drink touched my lips I went into anaphylactic shock. I barely squeezed in one gasp which everyone heard and then I could not breathe. The bartenders just kept asking questions and my friend was panicking because she didn’t know what was happening. No one was doing anything. I grabbed my throat and shook my head which is the signal for choking and still no one came from behind the bar or anything. I felt my head getting very light at I thought at that moment that I was going to die right there. Then I thought if no one is going to do anything, I have to. I threw myself up on top of the bar so my diaphragm got compressed and I got a quick breath. Then I got another small one and then another. Finally I could breathe. A minute later a man comes up from Disney and asks me about what happened. He didn’t even have any paramedics check me out. As compensation they “bought me a different drink”. After we left, and I thought about it for a while I got angrier and angrier. I knew I was dying. It was not fake in anyway and the people behind that bar had no idea what yo do at all. Next day I went to Customer Relations at EPCOT and filed a formal complaint. From how the girl I spoke with acted I don’t even think they had issued a formal incident report. After taking the report she asked what I wanted for compensation. I told her nothing. I just wanted the people behind that bar that night trained on what to do in an emergency. I never heard anything from Disney again asking how I was or anything.

    1. Pffff….typical of Disney to not ask how you were doing? 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️

  22. A Matt

    I’m intimately aware of multiple incidents at Universal, back in ’05 … involving a 30’s female, who died while riding The Hulk, from an undiagnosed vascular malformation in her.brain.
    As well as giving CPR to an elderly man that went into cardiac arrest.

    I’m proud to be able to say we saved him, and that, when he was transferred to my hospital, I was able to go see him on the floor,, and he was sitting in a chair with his family around. I’ve saved many people, this one touched me. When I walked in the room, his daughter said. “Dad, this is the man who saved your life”
    He jump Ed up and hugged me. I still get teary eyed when I bring it up.

  23. Michael

    Articles like this are not to provide news. Regardless of the number of incidents or the appearance that the author is drumming up drama, all covers up the intent most of you are overlooking.
    This is merely a whiteboard for commercial pop up advertising in an attempt to garner revenue. Surely you’ve noticed all the adds sprinkled throughout the article. The internet or .com is a commercial enterprise and all these articles that catch your interest are only here to catch your potential dollar. They are not here to give you the latest news.
    May have been in the early days of the internet but through the years the wide world web has just become a money making venture.

  24. Rsm

    So, is this below or above average for the number of people in the park? We’re they wearing masks? Vaccinated? Outdoor Temps during these events?
    Useless article without anything to compare to, or any other details

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