Comments for Actor Convinced “Nobody,” Not Even Thanos, Can Beat the MCU’s New Villain

thanos in avengers endgame

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. C

    A good way to lose any credibility on the topic of anything Marvel is to say that Kingpin could beat Thanos at literally anything lol. Just stop

  2. Tee sto

    So a human can beat Thanos smh that was just crazy to even think

  3. Comic OG

    Yes, this is exactly why Marvel is doing well because they avoid this pathetic, no respectful banter of their comic propties. If you don’t get comics, or if you aren’t a fan from the comics for years then stay Away from stories for the fans. And same goes for all these band wagon actors who niw say they want to be in Marvel movies but don’t even care what character . Prior to the MCU they laughed at comic characters.

    1. Tiredoftherealfakeones

      Amazing you had time to step away from that gate you’re keeping to write this absolute tripe. You clearly haven’t gotten over your school bullies and I suggest therapy.

  4. NB

    Hmmm, I happen to have been reading a Marvel DK publication that pretty much highlights The Hulk as the ultimate in this sort of contest. Thor is said to be the only one who could come close. I’m not getting into Thanos, he’s in the book but I’ve not read his chapter yet.

    Anyway, when Hulk is quoted as being able to lift an actual mountain, I’m struggling to see Frisk lasting more than 5 mins in a Hawkeye episode if Hulk turned up…

    1. Jim Stephens

      True as can be… Hulk is highly regarded and ranked

  5. mike murphy

    Ya he only gets beat by everybody in the comics no different in the movies

  6. Jim Stephens

    There’s no way that Fisk is more powerful than Thanos. Kingpin’s level is below Spider-Man in terms of hanging in a one on one and he loses that one. Daredevil is about his comparison, but Thanos can beat an un-raged Hulk so please stop with the craziness

  7. Arkayne

    Since Guardians of the Galaxy 3, I’m thinking Adam Warlock. However, there’s also a chance of Galactis might be. Again, though as much I didn’t like Eternals – it could possibly be another Celestial? As Thor …

  8. T Ruckspin

    What a pile of crap. It’s Kang the conquerer who would take a lot to beat. Everything we’ve seen so far is because he’s allowed it. Reporter go do some research and write a real story.

    1. Arkayne

      Ha sorry Kang only made slight influence as university”rein” we got Galactic in FF and if … FF remake is coming it’s him. Hang is massive and he deserved (d) but that’s old news .. here comes Galactus

  9. Cj

    Spider man beat kingpin almost to death in a one on one fist fight. Kingpin isn’t even in the top 10 strongest.

  10. Cawk

    This is the most idiotic thing I’ve seen in my entire life

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