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Credit: Universal (Left)


  1. Cameron Debartolo

    Yeah because everyone’s at disney, and that’s literally just a coaster no theming can go to six flag for coaster.

    1. Lauren Jen

      You clearly haven’t ridden the ride or gone in the que. They have the dinos in the line with you…. Sound like a Disney simp to me.

      1. Cameron Debartolo

        I was just on it a week ago not a Disney simp just a theme park junkir who is super underwhelmed by Universal in florida, and visited both parks recently and noticed disney was packed and universal wasn’t. Also they literally have them at the end of the que only half there bodies. Most of the line is just outside accept for the small part where there is that dinosaur video that pops out. Just saying nothing impressive. I love hagrids thought they were on the right path there. But maybe relax don’t sounds so defensive towards universal sound like a shill yourself.

      2. Cameron Debartolo

        That’s not to say that there’s not good universal parks the Japan one is good, just the parks here in Florida rely to much on thrill without innovation, there greatest creating was harry potter, but the rides Even there fell short simply just moving u from one screen to the next. Everyone thinks if you don’t like universal you must be a Disney shill but the realty is I have a wife and a daughter and love theme parks in a realistic way, not the obsession that most people on this sight have for either side. If you spend anytime talking to actual families universal is difficult they don’t want o spend all there time going on 60mph rides with no where to just relax and enjoy the scenery. I think maybe there new park might offer that but I don’t think there current parks ever will.

      3. SG

        Rode it after Christmas, 2 hour wait! Excellent theming felt like I was in the movie. Wish I had ridden it in the daylight, after the rattling cages on both sides it took off and everything was blurry! I love coasters but this one was too shakey for me, although I’d ride it again in daylight, I loved that it lasted a while, most are too short. The kids loved it.

    2. Big Guy

      They throw shade on their sister parks… it’s Twitter. I love following them. Their Social media team deserves a raise.

      1. Jaxx


    3. Jake

      Gotta love when people try to be contrarian just to try to feel special. Literally in just about every review, one of the things most praised is the theming.

  2. Sue

    I would rather go to universal then Disney any day. Parks are cleaner they treat there employees better. And not a lot on construction going on.

  3. Tonj

    If you think Disney is going to “run out” of those buckets you are mad. DISNEY makes everything they sell. They would never “run out”. It may be a limited time offer during the Food & Wine festival but we definitely know how to plan for masses.

  4. Anita

    It’s so sad, ya’ll stand in line for hours for a bucket of popcorn. People are struggling to pay rent/mortgage or put food on the table (Disney employees)
    I don’t expect selfish people to understand we’re dealing with hatred, racism, homelessnes, sexual orientation , etc. At the end of the day , we’re all going to breathe our last breath. Karen and Ken, you’re no different. I’m just saying 🤷

    1. Doug

      Why are you on this thread? People can spend their time in the park however they want. It has nothing to do with income inequality, racism, etc. Go take an edible, sip some tequila, and chill.

      Love Universal’s tweets! Kinda like how Wendy’s has great witty responses! Love a little friendly rivalry.

    2. Mark

      It’s just so sad that you’re just so sad. The world is what you make it. You live your depressing life and we’re going to Disney World!!! Yea!!!!!!!!!

  5. Caroline RN

    Doug, good one! Hahahaha.
    Now for the two above arguing? simmer down.

    Also, while I’m at it, I never thought Id heard someone say anywhere is cleaner than Disney? Whaaat? That’s sad.
    Haven’t been in a few years so, well just probably go to Disneyland and love seeing all the vintage scenery and rides.
    If we do go to Disneyworld I hope they do keep selling all those buckets so we can have some space to walk around and get on some rides!

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