Comments for Universal Teases “Shrek” Replacement With Secret Video

Shrek and Donkey

Credit: DreamWorks


  1. Cameron

    For everyone who gets annoyed with disney using ip literally, universal new ip is next to the same ip.

  2. Doug

    Don’t believe it. Universal won’t give it away

  3. CJ

    The only thing tragic was the outdated 4-D effects (lol!) … parental units with toddlers in strollers will have to go somewhere else inside Universal Orlando.

    1. Melinda

      They just need to make the old Minions attraction 3D again. The ride was great fun before they took out the glasses.

      Shrek was fun for kids I suppose, but I only went into it once and couldn’t wait for it to be over.

  4. Mike

    It’s a complete swerve. They are going to open a Shrek 5G.

  5. Jen

    Do the minions even have that much longer of relevancy to warrant another minion ride? Hoping they do better than a second minions ride.

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