Comments for Guests Left Stuck in Huge COVID-19 Testing Line at Universal

Universal Covid testing Lines

Credit: @motu_209


  1. Ryan

    You know how you can avoid that line? Get vaccinated, dummies.

    1. Chris

      Well, likely some of the people in the line are already vaccinated and don’t understand that they don’t need to test if they are fully vaccinated. So, that is something that should be clearly posted.

    2. James

      Some people don’t want to and that is their choice. I’m vaccinated with 3 shots but am still a believer in personal choice. It should not be forced on people nor should people be fired for not getting it. And as we’ve seen mandates do not stop the spread

  2. Dan

    Sorry, I’m not afraid of the Omnicold…this new state of the pandemic is so ridiculous. I cannot believe people STILL wear a facemask in their personal vehicle, ALONE with windows up…what freaks!!!

    1. Giespot

      They are wearing them in vehicles because they often need it to places where they’re are going. Instead of taking it off putting it back on and the possibly forgetting it.. they would rather just keep it on til they done with the errands. You might not believe but doesn’t mean people didn’t actually died from it. Just let them be.

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