Comments for Universal Orlando Shuts Down ‘Jurassic Park’ River Adventure

river adventure

Credit: Universal


  1. Kristina Prewett

    This is some good news, as we were there December 26th-29th. We got some great laughs over the brachiosaurus dinosaur in the beginning looked like it had a broken neck. Instead of looking like it was coming down to check us out; it was laying its neck over sideways. The Raptors towards the end were even more hilarious 😂 They ALL had broken bottom jaws that we just couldnt get over. We rode it twice because of the hilarity of it all, but it definitely needs some updating.

  2. Watkins

    I was just there last week and the t Rex at the end of the ride was broken… If the t Rex isn’t working. Just close the whole damn ride down and fix everything.

  3. Donna Morris

    I would love to see jurrasic park become it’s own theme park it could be one of the coolest parks in all time so many fun attractions I can imagine could be super historic in all time please consider bringing such park to the panhandle I live on Panama City Beach we need something in this area

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