Did Universal Orlando Just Give Away What Is Replacing Shrek 4-D?

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Universal Orlando Resort is officially saying goodbye to one of its most iconic attractions.

After a run of nearly two decades, Universal Orlando Resort is permanently closing Shrek 4-D beginning January 10. The ride, which is one of the first buildings noticed when you enter the Park, takes Guests on a wild ride with Shrek and Donkey as they race to save Princess Fiona, who had been kidnapped by Ghost Lord Farquaad. The ride was set following the first film, and characters from the sequels– Shrek 2 (2004), Shrek The Third (2007), and Shrek Forever After (2010)— were not mentioned in the attraction.

Universal Orlando Resort
Credit: Universal Twitter

There has been much speculation surrounding what might replace the iconic attraction and while Universal Orlando has not confirmed anything, it seems there may be some slight spoilers coming from the Resort’s official Twitter account.

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Over the past few days, coincidentally right around the time that Shrek 4-D is closing, Universal Orlando Resort has been posting pictures of bananas being left all over Universal Studios Florida.

Ok this is getting bananas 

One of the speculated replacements for Shrek 4-D was a Minions attraction that would go right next door to Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem.

The attraction would be based on the Villain-Con convention that appears in the movie Minions (2015) and would be an interactive walk-through exhibit that would have Guests taking part in an immersive experience trying out different gadgets and enjoying the hilariously playful minions as they make their way through the building.

Credit: Universal Orlando

Nothing has been confirmed as of yet, but these tweets certainly could be a little teaser from Universal Orlando Resort for what could be coming next to Universal Studios Florida.

Just recently, Universal Orlando filed its first permits for the building hat showed initial planned work to be done, including many updates before any attraction is built in the space.

Credit: Universal

If a Minions attraction took over the space that Shrek 4-D once owned, there would be two Despicable Me-themed attractions next to each other right at the entrance of Universal Studios Florida.

Universal Orlando describes Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem like this:

Want To Be A Minion?

Join Gru, his daughters and the mischievous Minions on an unpredictable ride. You’re recruited for Gru’s latest scheme—one where you’ll become an actual Minion. But when things don’t go as planned, you’re launched into an unforgettable trip through his super villain laboratory. It’s heartwarming and humorous family fun for everyone.

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