Universal Orlando Files Initial Permits For Possible Shrek 4-D Replacement

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Universal Orlando Resort recently filed permits that could give insight into the next plans moving forward.

It has been confirmed by Universal Orlando Resort that Shrek 4-D, the popular theater attraction in Universal Studios Florida, would be closing in January 2022 and there has been plenty of speculation surrounding what might be the replacement for the ride, which opened in 2003.

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Reporter Alicia Stella uncovered the newest permits filed by Universal Orlando, and these are speculated to possibly be the first steps in replacing Shrek 4-D.

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Stella wrote:

Permit posted for new Project 331 at Universal Orlando. Possibly related to one of the upcoming projects at Universal Studios Florida, (like Shrek 4D’s replacement). Describes demolition of partitions and portions of the existing slab, among other changes.

The description for the permit, titled Project 331 in Building 2021-19490, reads:

Application received on 9/21/21 via email. Demolition of some of the existing partitions and protions of existing slab on grade. Demolition of exisiting fire alarm system. Demolition of portions of the existing electrical system. Demolition of portions of the HVAC system. Demolition of portions of the existing plumbing system to accomodate future restrooms and breakroom. Demolition of the existing compressed air system. 

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This permit does not specifically say that the demolition of the listed structures will happen in the building where Shrek 4-D is currently housed, but it would make a lot of sense for that to be the building in question. It’s a permit for Universal Studios and we know that there are only two attractions in this Park– Shrek 4-D and The Revenge of the Mummy–that are set to close in early 2022 currently, (Revenge of the Mummy only for a refurbishment, however).

While this permit does not give any insight as to what will be coming in the place of Shrek 4-D, it does show us that there is planned work to be done to the building, including many updates before any attraction is built in the space.

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There are several speculations as to what might replace Shrek 4-D.

In Universal Studios Hollywood, The DreamWorks Theatre replaced Shrek 4-D. The DreamWorks Theatre features a preshow with many popular DreamWorks characters– including Shrek, Donkey, and Gingy– and then the main show is centered around Kung Fu Panda (2008). There is also speculation that a Secret Life of Pets (2016) or Trolls (2016) ride could become the next attraction to inhabit the building.

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Finally, there have been discussions that the building could be turned into an interactive Despicable Me (2010) attraction featuring the Minions. For now, we will have to wait until Universal can make a confirmation on what will come next!

What do you want to see replace Shrek 4-D? Let us know in the comments.

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