Comments for Universal Guest Charged With Felony For Bizarre ‘Harry Potter’ Shoplifting Spree

hogwarts express at universal studios florida

Credit: Universal Orlando Resort


  1. Sara Andrews

    Umm…New Jersey is definitely NOT part of New England.

    1. Steven Eldredge

      I came here to write the same thing!

  2. Rickey Rifton

    You pay $700 to get in and you can’t have a pair of free socks? Jesus….

  3. Debby Rusovick

    If you shoplift, you should pay the price! And Ricky, it wasn’t just a pair of socks. The State of Florida considers over $400 in theft to be a felony. He deserves to be prosecuted!!!

  4. Tammi

    I want to know why it’s been labeled as “bizarre.” It’s shoplifting. What makes it bizarre? Sensationalizing maybe? . . .

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