Comments for Universal’s Epic Universe Takes Shape as New Construction Picks Up

Epic Universe Rumor Map

Credit: Alicia Stella (@AliciaStella) Orlando Park Stop


  1. Jeffrey Klotz

    MEGAMIND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mige

    Are the hotel resort guests going to have to walk through the park to check in or will there be parking nearer to the hotel resort? If there is not parking near the hotel resort, it will be weird for guest staying there to walk through the park after it closes to get to their room.

  3. Trent

    The planning, precision and completion of a project this large and complex always amazes me.

  4. Jeff

    If you look to the bottom left of that aerial shot, you’ll notice the park is being built right next to a water treatment facility. Let me, a local, tell you… That thing STINKS something awful. It is horrible. Now, I don’t want to criticize, but I’m not sure what Universal was thinking with this decision. Maybe they were hoping for real ambiance for their Mario Sewers?

    1. Greg

      This has to be the most stupid comment I’ve ever read! Do you honestly believe that they will spend close to a billion dollars on a part next to a sewer treatment? As a local you don’t kno much!!

      1. george

        that is a chiller plant built for the new park derp derp

  5. Christina

    Really truly hoping for STAR TREK rides/attractions in Epic Universe!!

  6. CJ

    I’ll reserve judgment for when this project is completed, but so far everything Universal Studios does (with the exception of that Fast and Furious experience) is great ….. and I hope this Expansion is a winner! 🏆

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