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Poseidon's Fury

Credit: Universal


  1. Dan

    No and saddened that they’re not putting something worthwhile in its place. Went in it years ago and all it was was a load of shouting on muffled radio microphones by the actors, unable to understand what the heck they were saying. Some lights and things flashing and sound effects and then walking through what looked like being on the inside of a washing machine. Also remember waiting in a tunnel for half an hour and being beyond disappointed by the time we saw daylight at the end.

    We hoped and prayed they’d expected Harry Potter but no.

    Hope they’ve done something about the hammy acting and the terrible microphones so the poor mugs who queue up for this cab at least indeed stand what it was all supposed to be about.

  2. Adam M.

    This is not a good attraction. The effects and video are poor quality. I really hope they did more than just refurb the outside of the building.

  3. Lynisa

    Probably the worst thing to do at the park. Don’t waste your time here!!! We actually walked out. Get rid of this Universal!!

  4. Stevie

    When this first opened it was amazing! And the twist ending was really fantastic. If they could restore it to the original show it would be awesome.

  5. Gr8Britton

    I love Universal. I hate this attraction. The outside lures you in only to find out you want to escape 5 min in. I hope they did something very very very different with it.

  6. CJ

    This Attraction was state of the art …. back in the 90’s (I’m sorry but Poseidon’s Fury is just taking up space that could be used for a new Dark Ride!)

    There’s a reason an equivalent IMAX Attraction at Caesars Palace Forum Shops (Las Vegas) finally left the building – it was too dated of a concept to attract paying customers!

    Make my day, put in a Marvel themed Dark Ride (and then lol at WDW!)

    1. I agree with the commenter above who said that if they returned it to the original Poseidon’s Fury with the twist at the end it was actually fun. But when they changed the fight at the end it was rubbish. The best part was being in there because it was really cool temperature wise, and you often. Splashed by the tunnel here’s hoping that they didn’t spend two years revamp in the place just to have it be the same boring retraction it was. I’m going down to the end of February for Mardi Gras hopefully it’ll be open and I can ride it. I really hope they open the Mummy as possible. Has been my favorite ride for years. Even though they took away the videos from the movie set designs from the movie.

  7. Jason

    I always enjoy this experience as long as all the features are working properly, like the water tunnel, the fire and rain. I agree that the first part of the show with the tour guide could be changed. I know it’s meant to take up time while the group ahead of you is in the next room. That part could be made better but let’s not throw out the baby with the bath water. There are enough super hero dark rides.

  8. Chris Kinney

    Sorry, but I don’t know ANYONE who likes this attraction. Re-theme the whole land!

  9. Abs

    Yes, ofcourse Poseidon’s fury is missed. As well as dueling dragons!

  10. Jordi

    The only time I visited in 2006 it was barely good, with the most amazing effect just the suddenly dissapearing wall and aqua tunnel. But it lacks something.. and the CG movie was awful, they can redone with better movie and new theme (Zelda?) and maybe can be better.

  11. I do miss Poseidon’s fury but I wonder why they had to shut it down? 🤷🏻‍♀️ & also I read somewhere online that Epic Universe will be opening in the year of 2025 not 2026! 😲

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