Comments for Universal Animal Actor Restrained After Going Rogue

Animal Actors Live On Location

Credit: Universal


  1. rich

    restrained after going rogue? your article has nothing to do with that title. should be more like “animal actor showed restraint when her doggy wanted to sniff butt of service doggy”

    1. Shell

      The animal actor was the dog not the trainer. Though he wasn’t restrained so the title is still off.

  2. Paul

    Lol @ the title of this “story”

  3. CJ

    Here we go with another article based upon another TikTok video 🙄

  4. pbergonzi

    Cute incident.
    I’m sure it’s a typo, and they meant for the title to say, “Retrained.”

  5. Mouse Supporter

    ITM is run by a bunch of Misfits!!!!

  6. Sigurther

    Heh, that good boy was so excited to see another dog that he pulled out every trick in the book. Looks like part collie, they’re a smart breed! 😅

    1. Abby

      It’s a bernese mountain dog

  7. Me

    What a joke these Disney sites have become. Mildly entertaining videos meant for TikTok #FYP, not a news site. And, the writing is middle school-level, at best.

  8. Julian H

    Well the title may be off, but the clip was lovely.

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