Comments for PIXAR’s ‘Turning Red’ Abandons Theaters and Heads Straight to Disney+

turning red

Credit: Pixar


  1. May

    Would have bombed.

  2. I love Disney

    Would have bombed.

  3. Computer glitch

    Looks boring.

  4. Computer glitch

    Looks like Luca.

  5. Donna

    Wow. RED PANDA! Very nice review. Did you know they have red pandas at the Atlanta Zoo?????
    Can’t wait to see this movie.

  6. Sebastian Hale

    I enjoyed watching “Luca” on Disney Plus, but I still want to see “Turning Red” in a movie theater. I don’t want “Turning Red” to go straight to Disney Plus, I wanted it to release in movie theaters first and then go on to Disney Plus three or four months later. If the number of cases of COVID-19 decreases over the next two months, will the people of PIXAR change their minds and release “Turning Red” in movie theaters first and then on to Disney Plus three or four months later.

  7. Thomas

    I can’t say I’m surprised really. With ‘Lightyear’ out later in the year which will probably lend itself more to cinemas than ‘Turning Red’ – which honestly while probably funny doesn’t fill me with much excitement, and I bet to hide their blushes putting it straight on Disney+ saves them the embarrassment of going the way of ‘The Good Dinosaur’. But I still wish that Disney would embrace cinema more and stop relying on Disney+, it forces people who can’t afford a subscription to miss out, but I know that the company is very much in the business of making money rather than promoting the creative history of the company these days. And Covid is never going away, the world is going to have to stop panicking everytime there’s a new variant – Flu has a new variant every year, the common cold does, many die from it but more don’t, less so once vaccinated and if people refuse a vaccination that’s on them, why punish everyone else?

    1. Ken

      Because those who do not Vax help spread diseases like covid, measles, and whooping cough. There are plenty of peer reviewed studies showing this

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