Comments for Fans Notice Ridiculous, Sloppy Plot Hole in Latest ‘Star Wars’ Show

boba fett post sarlacc pit covered in sand

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Squeegie

    Trauma does nothing to our memories? Mistakes are what makes Boba Fett human.

    1. Emiko

      Agreed! Seeing as how the whole escape from the sarlacc ordeal had exhausted him so much that he just laid face down in the sand while the Jawas we’re taking his armor, it was immediately obvious to me when he wanted to go there that he had no memory of that incident. Which completely tracks with what you’d expect from someone barely conscious and suffering severe injuries/dehydration/acute post-adrenal fatigue.

      1. Wailwulf

        When Boba Fett decided to go get his armor, my first thought was he didn’t remember how he got out due to the trauma of being in the Sarlaac.

  2. Maybe many agree that this is “a huge plot hole,” but I believe I have the reason(s) for this course of action by our hero, and the writers involved. They changed the route from the book which started he fired his rocket to free himself, but their story has other merits. By cutting his way out with the flame thrower, the Sarlacc isn’t left half-dead from an explosion. Boba was badly burned by the acid which eats away “slowly, over a hundred years” all who fall within it’s gullet. When he cut his way out and diff his way to the surface, he was dazed, burned, exhausted, and probably near death. Trauma like this can make one forget how you got out of there. The Jawas saw him as another death in the desert and took the tech which they saw as valuable.
    +It gives our favorite character reasonable doubt enough to go seek his revenge upon that nasty creature as well. Numerous acts of vengeance were enacted once he had reclaimed his “Spitfire Gunship!”
    =Plausible explanations why the story was written this way!

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